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August 17/09 15:45 pm - Canada Summer Games: Women's and Men's XC

Posted by Editoress on 08/17/09

Mountain Bike Cross-Country at the Brookvale Provincial Park, Queens County, PEI

Gold Mikaela Kofman (Ontario) 1:22:45
Silver Rébecca Beaumont (Quebec) 1:24:27
Bronze Marie-Claude Surprenant (Quebec) 1:25:57
4 KK Michener (Ontario) 1:29:55
5 Katherine Lea Short (British Columbia) 1:30:50
6 Leah Frances Kirchmann (Manitoba) 1:32:21
7 Laura Bietola (Ontario) 1:33:38
8 Chelsea Ann Bilsbarrow (British Columbia) 1:34:12
9 Caeli Barron (Alberta) 1:34:20
10 Anna Schappert (Manitoba) 1:35:19
11 Krystyn Ong (Alberta) 1:36:05
12 Denise Ramsden (Ontario) 1:36:41
13 Andrea Bunnin (Saskatchewan) 1:37:10
14 Jessica Dahn (New Brunswick) 1:37:45
15 Lex Albrecht (Quebec) 1:39:02
16 Sam Grover (Alberta) 1:40:27
17 Kelly Hall (Alberta) -1lap
18 Katie Lee Spittlehouse (Ontario) -1lap
19 Heather Enders (Yukon) -1lap
20 Lindsay Argue (Manitoba) -1lap
21 Hannah Cooley (Saskatchewan) -2laps
22 Julia Garnet (Saskatchewan) -2laps
23 Caitlin Warkentin (Saskatchewan) -2laps
24 Julia Cormier (New Brunswick) -2laps
25 Kelsey Kabanak (Yukon) -2laps
26 Kaitlyn Mary MacDonald (Yukon) -2laps
27 Karlee Gendron (Manitoba) -2laps
28 Haley Warkentin (Manitoba) -2laps
29 Kim Manuel (Newfoundland and Labrador) -2laps
30 Shanie Bergeron (Quebec) -2laps
31 Véronique Bilodeau (Quebec) -2laps
32 Karol-Ann Canuel (Quebec) -2laps
33 Rachel d'Agincourt Canning (British Columbia) -3laps
34 Annie Ewart Ewart (British Columbia) -3laps
35 Lindsay Aspen (Saskatchewan) -3laps
36 Joanne Traves (Saskatchewan) -4laps
DNS Gillian Carleton (British Columbia)
DNS Naomi Cooper Cooper (British Columbia)
DNS Natalie Cormier (New Brunswick)
DNS Elizabeth Russell (New Brunswick)
DNF Danika Medinski (Alberta)
DNF Rachel O'Reilly (Ontario)
Gold Raphaël Gagné (Quebec) 1:36:25
Silver Evan William Guthrie (British Columbia) 1:37:16
Bronze Léni Trudel (Quebec) 1:38:04
4 Jon Kinsie (Ontario) 1:38:28
5 Cody Canning (Alberta) 1:41:41
6 Andrew L'Esperance (Nova Scotia) 1:42:12
7 Andrew Thomas (Saskatchewan) 1:44:55
8 Guillaume Boivin (Quebec) 1:46:57
9 Daniel Anthony Scott (British Columbia) 1:50:03
10 Jean-Richard Cormier (New Brunswick) 1:51:47
11 Justin Middleton (Alberta) 1:52:06
12 Jason Doverspike (Manitoba) 1:52:30
13 Paul Benson (Manitoba) 1:53:22
14 Owen Geoffrey Harrison (British Columbia) -1lap
15 Matthew Krahn (Alberta) -1lap
16 Duncan Sturz (Prince Edward Island) -1lap
17 Bryson Bowers (Ontario) -1lap
18 Cameron Jette (Ontario) -1lap
19 Justin Theriault (New Brunswick) -1lap
20 Hugo Houle (Quebec) -1lap
21 Dylan Harris (Manitoba) -2laps
22 Dave Brooks (Saskatchewan) -2laps
23 Ryan Burlingame (Yukon) -2laps
24 Éric Boily (Quebec) -2laps
25 Devon Novakowski (Ontario) -2laps
26 Denis Hebert (New Brunswick) -2laps
27 Landon Nicholas Fisher (Newfoundland and Labrador) -2laps
28 philip paul Mcilroy (Newfoundland and Labrador) -2laps
29 Billy Newell (Newfoundland and Labrador) -2laps
30 Pat Mulherin (New Brunswick) -2laps
31 Adam Rose (Newfoundland and Labrador) -2laps
32 Ryan DesRoches (Prince Edward Island) -3laps
33 David Gonda (Yukon) -3laps
34 Ben Bschaden (Nova Scotia) -3laps
35 Matthew Nicholas Potma (British Columbia) -3laps
36 Brad Clifford (Saskatchewan) -3laps
37 Kyle Kneabone (Prince Edward Island) -3laps
38 David Boily (Quebec) -4laps
39 Adrian Huemmer (Manitoba) -4laps
40 Clayton Meisner (Manitoba) -4laps
41 Ryan Shaun MacDonald (Nova Scotia) -4laps
42 Benjamin Rempel (Saskatchewan) -4laps
43 Cuylar Conly (Saskatchewan) -4laps
44 Chris McGarity (Saskatchewan) -4laps
45 Blake MacKay (Manitoba) -4laps
DNS Garrett McLeod (Nova Scotia)
DNS Geoff O'Toole (Nova Scotia)
DNS Spencer Smitheman (Alberta)
DNS Colter Young (Alberta)
DNS Cody Campbell (British Columbia)
DNS Nathan MacDonald (British Columbia)
DNS Michael Casey (Newfoundland and Labrador)
DNS Mitchell Greeley (Newfoundland and Labrador)
DNS Jesse Reams (Yukon)
DNS Stephen Flanagan (Prince Edward Island)
DNS Shane Gill (Prince Edward Island)
DNS Derek Hughes (Prince Edward Island)
DNF Mathew Bell (Ontario)
DNF Jamie Riggs (Ontario)
DNF Dustin Andrews (Alberta)
DNF Troy Henry (Yukon)


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