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August 14/02 16:23 pm - Junior & Master National Road Race Results (Full)

Posted by Editor on 08/14/02

2002 National Road Championships

Full results of the Junior and Master category road races, held August 9, 2002.

Junior Men - 135 km, 5 laps
1Pozniak, MarkTeam Ontario/St. Catharine's Cycling Club3:28:52
2Cooper, MarshDevo/Powerbars.t.
3Evans, CameronBroadmark Capitol/Elite Bicyclesat 0:15
4Vives, MaximeEquipe du Quebec
5Crichton, BrandonTeam Ontario/Independent
6Boucher, CabrelTeam Manitobaall s.t.
7McNamara, RyanPVL/Forte4:21
8Fausse, GuillaumeEquipe du Quebec4:28
9Pilote, Jean-LucEspoirs Laval4:35
10Clarke, DanielTeam Ontario/Newmarket Eagles CC4:40
11Sztuke, FrancoisEquipe du Quebec6:07
12Desrochers, MaximeEspoirs de Laval
14Zandstra, DerekBay Cycle Racing
15Holland, EricTeam Alberta/Bow Cycle
16De Boer, RyanTeam Ontario/M.B.R.C.
17Martineau, CharlesDynamiks de Contrecoeur
18Guse, MatthewWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
19Thuss, AdamFestival City Cycling
20Crump, ShaunLactic Acid Racing British Columbia
21Abbott, PhilippeOlympic Oval
23Meier, ChristianAtlantic Cycling Centre
25Epstein, GavrielCRCA/Miya Shoji
26Thorpe, RyanBay Cycle Racing
27St-Onge, JustinAtlantic Cycling Centre
28Morrison, SteveTeen Speed
29Emery, KirkAtlantic Cycling Centre
30Little, TaylorTeam Alberta/United Cycle
31De Geir, CraigAtlantic Cycling Centre
32Wilson, AndrewTeam Ontario/Midweek Cycling Club
33Sparling, JamieBow Cycle CMC
34Lamb, JamieAtlantic Cycling Centre
35Douglas, KyleBay Cycle Racing
36Lavoie, Jean-SebastienEquipe du Quebec
37Batty, MarkBay Cycle Racing
38Dionne, Jean-FranoisMdico sportif/Cycle Gervais Rious
39Roy, DavidEspoirs Lavalall s.t.
40Scheepers, EricTeam Manitoba22:03
Junior Women - 54 km, 2 laps
1Leblanc, GenevieveEquipe du Quebec1:27:33
2Boulay, MagalieEquipe du Quebec
3Lemieux, AudreyEquipe du Quebecboth s.t.
4Gagnon, GenevieveEquipe du Quebecat 1:57
5Beaulieu, CynthiaSherbrooke
6Hupin Debeurme, MathildeSportif Bromont/Ravito-X-trem bars
7Vipond, CatherineTeam Ontario/Bay Cycle Racing
8Bowe, LisaTeam Alberta/Olympic Oval
9Bedard, Marie-PierEspoirs Laval
10Chenard, KarineEspoirs Laval
11Sandwith, EmilyTeen Speed
12Case, KylieManitoba Cycling Teamall s.t.
13Belanger, JulieNew Brunswick Team15:51
14Morris, RebeccaBow Cycle16:48
Master A Men - 108 km, 4 laps
1Dion, YvanSports Experts/Martin Swiss2:35:59
2Dessureault, CarlIndependent
3Cojan, YannickSports Experts/Martin Swiss
4Makarchuk, EdHalton Road and Trail
5Yeates, GerardPeterborough Racing Club
6Picoux, RgisMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
7Cavanagh, GregCyclepath Oakville Racing Team
8Peck, KeithWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
10Neil, JamesTrek Volkswagen Racing Team
12Fraser, LeeMulti-Laser Racing
13Loeffelholz, HansL.C.W./Racer Sportif London
14Menard, EricMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
15Wood, ChrisWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
16Parnell, MattPeterborough Racing Club
18Manktelow, ScottRundle Mountain Cycling Club
19Robertson, DrewEarl's Cycle
20Chow, JeffreyMaple Leaf Cycling
21Prudhomme, MartinAndre Lalonde Sport
22Hadfield, TimPeterborough Racing Club
23Precious, MarcOakville CC
24Barros, CarlosHalton Road and Trail
27Hinan, DougPeterborough Racing Club
31Kiziak, ChrisHalton Road and Trail
32Vani, RobertoMaple Leaf Cycling Club
33Priebe, BrianWaterloo CC
34Vincze, JasonKHS Bicycles Canada
36Buschlen, ScottBrampton C.C.
37Sandre, JohnHalton Road and Trail
38Moody , EricAndre Lalonde Sport
40Lambert, JayIndependent
41Jorge, JoseSports Experts/Martin Swiss
42Salisbury, DuncanHalton Road and Trail
43Murray, JayTrek Volkswagen Racing Team
44Harvey, EricBayside Cycling Club/Adidas
45Landry, DavidSports Experts/Martin Swiss
46Cushing, GregPeterborough Racing Club
47Thomlison, BrentWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
48Gloade, CurtisWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
49Wilkinson, PaulPeterborough Racing Cluball s.t.
52Dunphy, RobertCycling PEI5:50
53Helwig, ChrisL.C.W./Racer Sportif London8:39
54Deveau, DarrinAlternatives/iMagicTV15:15
55Blades, DouglasNutristart-Litespeed17:43
Master B Men - 81 km, 3 laps
1Caron, AlainSports Experts/Martin Swiss2:00:14
2Burge, CraigWest Que Wheelers
3Shaw, MarkMidweek Cycling Club
4Borden, GregoryMississauga Bicycle Racing Club
5Pyszczek, MarianSeaco
6Sule, RobertChain Reaction
7Green, BrianTrek Volkswagen Racing Team
8Brehn, RobertHamilton Cycling Club
9D'Agostino, EdwardZiggy's Cycling Club
10Buckley, TimNewmarket Eagles CC
11Abbey, GarnettHamilton Cycling Club
12Farrar, TimVelo Voddo/RBM
13Hendry, NeilNewmarket Eagles CC
14Bernier, GervaisMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
15Steer, BobL.C.W./Racer Sportif London
16Gubala, RaymondBicycles Plus
17Dermont, DavidTrue North Cycles
19Nicol, BradL.C.W./Racer Sportif London
20Smith, WayneTeam Hardwood Hills
21Pepper, FredHamilton Cycling Club
22Pierce, DavidNewmarket Eagles CC
23Murphy, JohnathanHalton Road and Trail
24Elzinga, JimMidweek Cycling Club
25Edwards, GaryFast Old Guys
26Lacoste, Pierre C.Mdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
27Wiseman, DavidSports Experts/Martin Swiss
28Cubello, FulvioNewmarket Eagles CC
30Laird, JimMulti-Laser Racing
31Woolley, DavidHamilton Cycling Club
32Cheskey, RobHamilton Cycling Club
33Ford, ChrisWaterloo C.C./The Flying Dogs
34Smolinski, EdwardMississauga Bicycle Racing Club
35Duncan, JohnIndependent
36Kiriakopoulos, ChrisHamilton Cycling Club
37Campbell, ColinIndependent
38Perrin, PierreMississauga Bicycle Racing Club
39Garzon, LaurentSports Experts/Martin Swiss
40Gammon, PaulPeterborough Racing Club
41Watson, David CVelocity Cycling Club
42Doucet, CraigL.C.W./Racer Sportif London
43Britnell, DaveHummingbirds Intl
44D'Agostino, DavidIndependent
45Dolson, TerryIndependent
46Frost, TonyIndependent
47Wolfe, PaulIndependent
48Polsinelli, MarcPavan/Lindenberg
49Laycock, GlenThe Buttery Bakery
50Gage, AndrewSynergy
51Avann, GordNewmarket Eagles CCall s.t.
52Thompson, AlanIndependent16:03
Master C Men - 54 km, 2 laps
1Squires, CharlieL.C.W./Racer Sportif London1:23:11
2L'Ecuyer, PierreMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
3Dornellas, EonD'Ornella's Racing Team
4Richard, VincentEnsure/Cycles Performance
6Kocemba, JanIndependent
7Robert, Grard LouisMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
8Viney, DaveTeam Hardwood Hills
9Camacho, BruceD'Ornella's Racing Team
10Pinder, DavidBrampton
11Cloutier, PierreMdico Sportif/Cycles Gervais Rioux
12Cluett, GaryZiggy's Cycling Club
13Buckley, BillIndependent
14Kings, DennisHamilton CC
15Strahl, GrantNewmarket Eagles CC
16Clarke, GordonNewmarket
17Desrochers, DesiHamilton Cycling Club
18Lee Shee, DavidIndependant
19Skinner, PaulBay Cycle Racing Canada
20Vanden Elzen, JohnNewmarket Eagles CC
21Bessin, GilbertCycles Bernard Hinault/Svetlana
22Marr, DouglasSudbury Cycle Cluball s.t.
Master D Men - 54 km, 2 laps
1Penman, PeterOakville CC1:23:11
2Hirsch, GaryPavan/Lindenberg
3Parkinson, JohnNewmarket Eagles CCboth s.t.
4Wilson, KennethHorizon 100/Cycledelia5:29
Master Women - 54 km, 2 laps
1Perreault, GaetaneIndependent1:23:11
2Vincze, TracyKHS Bicycles Canada
3Dodman, NanciCervelo Factory Team
4May, DianaL.C.W./Racer Sportif London
5Simonsen, LindaMountain Velo/Supergo Arizonaall s.t.
6Kleppe, SandraSudbury Cycling Club21:52


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