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December 17/09 23:12 pm - Vuelta Ciclista Internacional a Costa Rica - Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 12/17/09

The 149.6 kilometre route linked the capital San José with the rural community of Pital in the northern part of the country. The Russian sprinter Iván Kovalev (Russian National Team) took the victory over a peloton of 60 riders with a time of 3:41:57. Second was his teammate Alexey Schmidt, while local Paulo Vargas (Plycem-JPS-Orbea) finished third.

Young local Fabricio Quirós (BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS) remains the overall leader, however, on the road he temporarily lost his yellow jersey to the Dutch rider Jan Lof, who was in the stage's main breakaway, along with Canadian Jean-Micheal Lachance and Guatemalan Alejandro Padilla. The trio managed to take the gap to nearly six minutes over the peloton, which were forced to speed up to catch the break with only three kilometers to remaining.



Jean-Michel Lachance leading the break


Tomorrow's third stage will stay in the north of Costa Rica, with a 130.3 kilometre circuit that starts and finishes at Ciudad Quesada.

Stage 2: San José-Pital de San Carlos 149.6 Km
1 Iván Kovalev (Rus) Russian National Team 3:41:57
2 Alexey Schmidt (Rus) Russian National Team
3 Paulo Vargas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
4 Douglas Offer (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
5 Steven Villalobos (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
6 Sergey Kolesnikov (Rus) Russian National Team
7 Víctor Smalko (Rus) Russian National Team
8 William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia
9 Jeroen Kers (Ned) Team Ámsterdam
10 Esteban Castro (CRc) Bufete Guzmán y Álvarez-Exeltec
11 Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
12 Juan Carlos Rojas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
13 Carlos Pulgarín (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia
14 Alexander Sánchez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
15 Marco Salas (CRc) Plycem-JPS-Orbea
16 Alfredo Flores (Gua) Guatemalan National Team
38 Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH
59 Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH all s.t.
64 Vincent Veilleux (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 7:23
67 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH s.t.
70 Cody Canning (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 8:54
72 Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 9:50
76 Arnaud Papillon (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 11:35
1 Fabricio Quirós (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS 3:54:25
2 Alexander Sánchez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
3 Guillermo González (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
4 Gregory Brenes (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
5 Federico Ramírez (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
6 José Alberto Montero (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS
7 Allan Morales (CRc) BCR-Pizza Hut-KHS all s.t.
8 Henry Raabe (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue 0:04
9 José Adrián Bonilla (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
10 Josué González (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue
11 Marconi Durán (CRc) Citibank-Economy Rent a Car-Blue all s.t.
12 William Valencia (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia 0:10
13 Janier Acevedo (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia
14 Nicolás Castro (Col) Greatwall-Indeportes Antioquia both s.t
44 Cory Wallace (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 1:26
59 Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 3:26
64 Jean-Michel Lachance (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 8:49
65 Vincent Veilleux (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH s.t.
68 Cody Canning (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 10:20
71 Charles Thibault (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 10:51
73 Arnaud Papillon (Can) Tour D’Quebec-GTH 13:01


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