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February 10/10 16:01 pm - Chris Carmichael Launches 10@50 Challenge

Posted by Editoress on 02/10/10

Chris Carmichael, personal coach to Lance Armstrong and founder of Carmichael Training Systems, today officially launched Chris Carmichael's 10@50 . To celebrate Carmichael Training Systems 10th Anniversary and Chris's 50th birthday, he has decided to compete in La Ruta de los Conquistadores and offer a $10,000 package of race entry, 7 months of CTS coaching, 3 training camps, and full race support at La Ruta to 10 qualified athletes. To qualify, athletes must submit applications and commit to attending all three training camps, including one recon camp in Costa Rica.

La Ruta has earned a reputation for being the world's toughest mountain bike race. Held November 17-20, 2010, the 4-day race travels from Costa Rica's Pacific coast, through the mountains, to the Caribbean Sea. But the beauty of Costa Rica's rain forest belies the danger and adversity riders must face. Steep terrain, deep mud, deteriorated train trestles, and sweltering heat and humidity are just some of what riders need to conquer. Only about half who start reach the finish line.

Asked why he chose La Ruta, Chris commented, "The 10th Anniversary of CTS and my 50th birthday are significant milestones in my life. Some people buy cars or boats to celebrate; I choose to go complete the biggest physical and mental challenge I ve faced since preparing to race the Tour de France 24 years ago. When it comes to finding an authentic challenge, La Ruta is the real deal."

Chris's familiarity with La Ruta developed through long talks with 2009 La Ruta champion Manuel Prado, a CTS Athlete who works with coach Adam Pulford. Prado will play an instrumental role in the reconnaissance training camp in Costa Rica. When asked about his rationale for including 10 everyday athletes in his 10@50 challenge, Chris said, "In the lives many of us lead, we face stress from work, family, and even fitness goals, but we have few opportunities to truly discover how deep we can dig. La Ruta offers that, and the 10 people who come with me to Costa Rica will return with a new perspective on stress, adversity, and accomplishment."

The application process will have two phases. The initial phase is an online questionnaire available at In the second phase, video submissions will be required from selected athletes. The application deadline for Phase 1 will be February 28, 2010. Finalists will be notified March 5th, and will need to submit a video application by March 26th. Final selection of the 10 athletes will take place by March 29. The 10@50 coaching program will commence on April 1.

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