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February 22/10 14:30 pm - Vuelta Independencia Nacional: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 02/22/10

Results from yesterday's first stage in the Dominican Republic

Langlois and teammate Eric Boily went away in the 8th lap of the 14 lap race taking only Capellan with them. The 3 stayed away with Langlois taking the win, with the help of Boily, easily crossing with a gap over 2nd place Capellan.


Stage 1: Santo Domingo (independence Square) Circuit, 125 km
1 Bruno Langlois (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy 2:49:13
2 Osvaldo Capellan (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
3 Eric Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy both s.t.
4 Ablay Shgaipov (Kaz) Kazakhstan 1:21
5 Wendy Ramon Cruz (Dom) VCSM-Santiago
6 Adam Pierzga (Fra) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe
7 Kenny Darmin (Fra) Velo Oxigen
8 Jorge Perez (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
9 Jose Ragonessi (Ecu) Ecuador
10 Olivier Curier (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
11 Orellen Moyon (Fra) VCSM-Santiago
12 Garret White (USA) Ten Speed Drive-BH Bicycles
13 Rigoberto Rodriguez (Dom) Asocipe-Moca
14 Deivi Capellan (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
15 Edwin Nicloson (Fra) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe
16 Jose Fran Rodriguez (Dom) Areperos
17 Francois Parisien (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
18 Manuel Antonides (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
19 Diego Milan (Esp) Areperos
20 Gabriel Acaba (PuR) Boriken Velo-Tropigas
21 Elias Gonzalez (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico
22 Nick Kieman (USA) Metro VW Cycling
23 Alexander Suarez (USA) GM-Bikes
24 Josh Libertes (USA) Ten Speed Drive-BH Bicycles
25 Luis Sablon (Fra) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe
26 Rodney Santiago (PuR) Boriken Velo-Tropigas
27 Jean Michel Lachance (Can) Tour de Quebec-Canada
28 William Bondoi (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
29 Raul Vasquez (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico
30 Simon Gagnon Brassa (Can) Tour de Quebec-Canada
31 Juan Carlos Polanco (Dom) La Vega
32 Braulio Garcia (Dom) Asocipe-Moca
33 Edgar Pimentel (Dom) VCSM-Santiago
34 Kevin Pujols (Dom) Arco Iris
35 Osvaldo Villegas (USA) GM-Bikes
36 Bryan Zacarias (Dom) La Vega
37 Byron Guama (Ecu) Ecuador
38 Luis Felipe Rivera (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
39 Miras Bederbekov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
40 Edwardo Qui?onez (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico
41 Marco Migu Delgado (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
42 David Boily (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
43 Juan Felix Salvador (Dom) Aro & Pedal
44 Jaime Colon (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
45 Andrew Dahlheim (USA) Metro VW Cycling
46 Danill Forminikh (Kaz) Kazakhstan
47 Christian Helmig (Ger) Metro VW Cycling
48 Charlie H Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe-Moca
49 Gustavo Mattei (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
50 Jose Cosme (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
51 Yevgenly Pelyaikin (Kaz) Kazakhstan
52 Luis E. Mattei (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
53 George Winterdaal (Aru) GM-Bikes
54 Marvin Guzman (Can) Tour de Quebec-Canada
55 Euris Vidal (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
56 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Areperos
57 Edwin Telenchana (Ecu) Ecuador
58 Julio Cesar Cruz (USA) GM-Bikes
59 Amauris Perez (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
60 Jose Martinez (PuR) Boriken Velo-Tropigas
61 Mark Batty (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
62 Steeve Grandisson (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
63 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Aro & Pedal
64 Nelson I. Sanchez (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
65 Alexander Gonzalez (Col) VCSM-Santiago
66 Jose Ricardo Payano (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
67 Tedis Vargas (PuR) Boriken Velo-Tropigas
68 Heriberto Pe?a (Dom) San Cristobal
69 Rusian Abdulmanov (Kaz) Kazakhstan
70 Erizon Pe?a (Dom) Aro & Pedal
71 Hubert Krys (Pol) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe
72 Luis Calispa (Ecu) Ecuador
73 Benoit Lussier (Can) Tour de Quebec-Canada
74 Pablo Hidalgo (Ecu) Ecuador
75 Justin Maka (USA) Ten Speed Drive-BH Bicycles
76 Jose Ruiz (Ecu) Ecuador
77 Leonardo Martinez (USA) GM-Bikes
78 Marte Rosservet (USA) Arco Iris
79 Robinson Santos (Dom) Areperos
80 Pavel Stulchek (USA) Ten Speed Drive-BH Bicycles
81 Ramon Meran (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
82 Michael Joanisse (Can) Tour de Quebec-Canada
83 Edwuard Benitez (Dom) VCSM-Santiago
84 Leonardo Grullon (Dom) Tele Cable Central-Bici Centro
85 Arman Kamyshev (Kaz) Kazakhstan
86 Luis Sepulveda (Chi) Aro & Pedal
87 Keran Barolin (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
88 Josú Flober (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
89 Jorge Luis Martinez (Dom) La Vega
90 Fabrice Cornelie (Fra) Club Region Guadaloupe
91 Rafael Sanchez (Dom) La Vega
92 Gaddy Spencer (USA) Tour de Quebec-Canada
93 Jonattan Louis (Fra) Velo Oxigen
94 Jose Coronado (Dom) La Vega
95 Manuel Pe?a (Dom) Arco Iris
96 Efren Ortega (PuR) Suarez-Colon-Puerto Rico
97 Ramon Diaz (Dom) Boriken Velo-Tropigas
98 Franck Pangan (Fra) Velo Oxigen
99 Franck Sartori (Fra) Velo Oxigen
100 Wilmi, Gil (Dom) Aro & Pedal
101 Eric Barillet (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico
102 Patricio Carty (Fra) VCSM-Santiago
103 Benoit Simon (Fra) Velo Oxigen
104 Felix Wilmi (Dom) Areperos
105 Benigno De La Cruz (Dom) La Vega
106 Adellyn Cruz (Dom) Asocipe-Moca
107 Jorge Velez (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico
108 Charly Vives (Can) Spidertech p/b Planet Energy
109 Christian Luce (Fra) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe
110 Vladimir Estevez (Dom) San Pedro de Macoris
111 Ismael Collado (Dom) San Pedro de Macoris
112 Medina Romanosky (Dom) San Pedro de Macoris
113 Norlandys Taveras (Dom) Mauricio Bßez
114 Teddy Landre (Fra) Velo Oxigen
115 Jared Bunde (USA) Arco Iris all s.t.
116 Nelson Trujillo (USA) GM-Bikes 1:43
117 Humberto Medina (Dom) San Cristobal 1:54
118 Hecto De Los Santos (Dom) San Cristobal
119 Rodny Minier (Dom) Areperos both s.t.
120 Javier Cuevas (Dom) Arco Iris 2:00
121 Miguel Angel Sosa (Dom) San Cristobal
122 Gustavo Payano (Dom) San Pedro de Macoris both s.t.
123 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) Asocipe-Moca 2:07
124 Victor Rojas (Dom) Aro & Pedal 2:30
125 Jaime Gardara (USA) Ten Speed Drive-BH Bicycles 3:18
126 Jose Torres (PuR) RG Cycling-Puerto Rico 8:48
127 Jordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe-Moca 0:10:35
128 Leo Frayre (USA) Metro VW Cycling 0:22:56
129 Rafael Encarnacion (Dom) Arco Iris
130 Josú Cartacio (Dom) San Pedro de Macoris
131 Jewel Tyler (USA) Metro VW Cycling
132 Lismarnis Reyes (Dom) San Cristobal
133 Julio Cesar Peralta (Dom) San Cristobal
134 Carlos Grana (PuR) Boriken Velo-Tropigas all s.t.
135 Laurent Ithany (Fra) Gillette Fusion Guadaloupe 35:17
136 Austin Stewart (USA) Metro VW Cycling s.t.


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