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May 19/10 13:13 pm - Olympia's Tour: Stage 2

Posted by Editoress on 05/19/10

Results from the 3rd day of racing in the Netherlands. Taylor Phinney (Trek-Livestrong U23) won his 3rd straight stage


Stage 2: Meppel to Gendringen, 159.4 km
1 Taylor Phinney (USA) Trek-Livestrong U23 3:21:13
2 Boy van Poppel (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
3 Coen Vermeltfoort (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
4 Jos Pronk (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
5 Remco Te Brake (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
6 Sebastiaan Kamphuis (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
7 Johim Ariesen (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
8 Nick Walker (Aus) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
9 Christer Rake (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
10 Bram Schmitz (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
11 Stanislav Starodubtsev (Rus) Itera - Katusha
12 Alex Dowsett (GBr) Trek-Livestrong U23
13 Bert-Jan Lindeman (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
14 Maarten De Jonge (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
15 Marco Brus (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling
16 Oliver Johr (Ger) Team NRW
17 Thomas Berkhout (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
18 Jesse Sergent (NZl) Trek-Livestrong U23
19 Peter Schulting (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
20 Ronan Van Zandbeek (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
21 Bram Nolten (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
22 Sebastian Balck (Swe) Team Cykelcity all s.t.
23 Joris de Boer (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling 0:06
24 Jeroen Boelen (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
25 Wesley Kreder (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
26 Jetse Bol (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
27 Nick Mulder (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT
28 Rohan Dennis (Aus) Team Jayco Skins
29 Jorne Videler (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling
30 Henk Wildeman (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
31 Matthias Mortka (Ger) Team NRW
32 Timothy Roe (Aus) Trek-Livestrong U23
33 Johnny van Diermen (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
34 Lars Jun (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling
35 Sjoerd Kouwenhoven (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
36 Rudy Vriend (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
37 Jos Harms (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
38 Taylor Shelden (USA) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
39 Maurice Vrijmoed (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
40 Alexander Kholodov (Rus) Itera - Katusha
41 Roy De Waal (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT
42 Jasper Lenferink (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
43 Gerrit Soepenberg (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
44 Sander Oostlander (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
45 Jasper Bovenhuis (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
46 Nikita Novikov (Rus) Itera - Katusha
47 Johan Landstrom (Swe) Team Cykelcity
48 Tom Dumoulin (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT
49 Svein Erik Vold (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
50 Johan Lindgren (Swe) Team Cykelcity
51 Martijn Keizer (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
52 Ramon Sinkeldam (Ned) Rabobank Continental Team
53 Jesse de Haan (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
54 Bouke Kuiper (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
55 Stian Remme (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
56 Caleb Fairly (USA) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
57 Marco Bos (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
58 Sierk Jan De Haan (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
59 Bram de Kort (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
60 Maurits Lammertink (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
61 Danny Summerhill (USA) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
62 Rene Hooghiemster (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
63 Bart Haaren (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
64 Ivor Bruin (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
65 Andrei Krasilnikau (Blr) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
66 Sondre Sørtveit (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
67 Julian Kyer (USA) Trek-Livestrong U23
68 Benjamin King (Aus) Trek-Livestrong U23
69 Andrey Solomennikov (Rus) Itera - Katusha
70 Peter Van Agtmaal (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
71 Dennis Smit (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
72 Rik Kavsek (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT
73 Frank Niewold (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam
74 Cornelius Van Ooijen (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels
75 Peter Schep (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
76 Dion Beukeboom (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
77 Jelmer Asjes (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling all s.t.
78 Erik Van Lakenveld (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam 0:16
79 Vegard Robinson Bugge (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
80 Vegard Laengen (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi both s.t.
81 Tom Relou (Ned) Cycling Team Jo Piels 0:19
82 Patrick Stenberg (Swe) Team Cykelcity 0:21
83 Makoto Shimada (Jpn) ParkHotel Rooding CT
84 Lucas Persson (Swe) Team Cykelcity
85 Niek Basten (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner
86 Maikel Paas (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT all s.t.
87 Peter Koning (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling 0:24
88 Arjen ten Dam (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam
89 Vyacheslav Kuznetsov (Rus) Itera - Katusha
90 Maurice De Bekker (Ned) ParkHotel Rooding CT
91 Sander Kreder (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
92 Jan Oelerich (Ger) Team NRW
93 Petr Ignatenko (Rus) Itera - Katusha all s.t.
94 Jan Deutschmann (Ger) Team NRW 0:33
95 Arne Hassink (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team 0:35
96 Mart van Blanken (Ned) Metec LSE Cycling Team
97 Nathan Brown (USA) Trek-Livestrong U23 both all s.t.
98 Raymond Kreder (Ned) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team 0:06
99 Mitchell Huenders (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam 0:53
100 Dennis Luijt (Ned) Van Hemert Groep - De Jonge Renner 3:13
101 Ruben Dorren (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
102 Daan Rijntjes (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam
103 Nick Borst (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam
104 Cody Campbell (Can) Trek-Livestrong U23
105 Dennis Kreder (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling all s.t.
106 Niels Pieters (Ned) Line Lloyd Footwear Cycling 5:00
107 Jonas Bjellmark (Swe) Team Cykelcity
108 Ingar Stokstad (Nor) Team Joker - Bianchi
109 Luke Durbridge (Aus) Team Jayco Skins
110 Michael Hepburn (Aus) Team Jayco Skins
111 Joachim Tolles (Ger) Team NRW
112 Thomas Koep (Ger) Team NRW
113 Aaron Donnelly (Aus) Team Jayco Skins
114 Roman Maikin (Rus) Itera - Katusha
115 Carl-Henrik Sandell (Swe) Team Cykelcity
116 Sipke Zijlstra (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
117 Nick Stöpler (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
118 Ismael Kip (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
119 Geert van der Horst (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
120 Jonas Ahlstrand (Swe) Team Cykelcity
121 Jeroen Breewel (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
122 Michael Vingerling (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
123 Walker Savidge (USA) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team all s.t.
124 Leander Schreurs (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team 5:05
125 Wouter De Groot (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam s.t.
126 Wim Botman (Ned) Midi Center-Ruiter Wielerteam 5:09
127 Mike Terpstra (Ned) Koga-CreditForce-Ubbink Track Cycling Team
128 Takayuki Abe (Jpn) ParkHotel Rooding CT
129 Robbert Van Andel (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam
130 Alex Howes (USA) Holowesko Partners-Felt-Garmin Development Team
131 Sebastian Sydlik (Ger) Team NRW all s.t.
DNS Yoeri Havik (Ned) Van Vliet EBH Elshof
DNS Malcolm Rudolph (Aus) Team Jayco Skins
DNS Stefano Palu (Ita) Team NRW
DNF Steven Stenekes (Ned) Koopmans-Cube cycling team
DNF Rene Bunnik (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam
DNF Sjoerd Commandeur (Ned) Swabo Cyclingteam


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