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September 23/99 4:25 am - Ontario Road Points

Posted by Editor on 09/23/99

Ontario Road Upgrading Points - Final
(courtesy OCA)

Juniors and Youth
Race #NameTotal Points
301Chris Reid45
302Peter Sanowar39
101Taras Kleben31
305Mike Edmonds7
312Mark Fert7
304Ryan Smith6
310Matthew Bonin4
306Colin Burn2

Jamie Kerr Memorial Trillium Winners:
Junior - Chris Reid Mississauga/Volvic
Cadet - Taras Kleben Hamilton CC

Senior 3
Race #NameTotal Points
490Charlie Squires - upgraded14
Carter, Paul13
442Michael Moore - upgraded13
512Ben Ayson12
408Chris Paton11
438Brian Turner11
403Mirek Mazur - upgraded10
459David Connell9
418Brendan Duff9
427Friere Mike7
482Jim Kuz7
492Emanuel Martins7
415Duncan Salisbury6
407James Rivet6
449Mark Dwyre6
412Vince Verkerk - upgraded6
448Brown, Travis5
Enrico Triaini5
432Dave Corner5
410McArthur, Stirling5
102Kyle Rothwell4
451Douglas Ritchie4
506Craig Burge4
426Nigel Roberts4
484Toy, Mark4
435Kiziak, Chris4
Salter, Daniel4
444Dwyer, Mark3
415Duncan Salisbury3
403Mirek Mazur3
?James Ritchie3
461Peter Phillips3
437Brooks Rapley3
Tom Gramegna3
409Jeff Archbold2
Paul Paura2
443Greg Palmer2
405Ralph Leies1
491Robert Szdsz1
414John Sandre1
401Riekenbrauck, Norm1

According to the policies published by the ORC in the spring, all riders with 10 points or more will be upgraded to Senior 2 for 2000.

Senior 2
Race #NameTotal Points
207Mike Ybanez - upgraded26
216Kevin Speacht - upgraded22
208Malcolm Munro18
201Bruce Davison15
217David Fry14
Michael Moore9
223Kevin Lehman5
251Stephan Kramer5
224Rob Rice5
237Julian Hine5
211Keith Peck4
230John Rilett4
218Greg Rean4
Scott Buschlen4
227Vincent Verkirk3
Chad Grochowina3
Lyall Beattie1

According to ORC policies published in the Spring, all riders with 20 points or more will be upgraded to Senior 1 for 2000. All riders with less than 3 points will be downgraded to Senior 3 unless they were upgraded during the 1999 season.

Senior 1
Race #NameTotal Points
39Matt Hansen23
43Tim Lefebvre21
21Paul Rego16
27Dan Maggiacomo14
11Ray Duggan13
15Craig DeVeer12
38Joe Guiliano11
16Jeff Hansen10
40Andrew Randall9
68Andrew Pinfold9
45Antoine Varghesse7
13Pat Shea7
6Piers Davidge6
71Damien Matthews5
7Greg Cavanagh5
68Nat Faulkner5
Glen Rendell5
25Bryan Rusche4
17Mathias Schmidt4
78Kevin Speacht4
48Josh Hall4
Heath Cockburn4
Osmond Bakker3
Mike Ybanez3
22Peter Morse2
41Barry Reid2
Paul Spadiccini2
92Darko Ficko2
31James Wadden1
Christian Hansen1

According to ORC policies published in the spring, all riders with 5 points or over will maintain their Ontario Senior 1 status in 2000. Riders with less than 5 points will be downgraded to Senior 2 for 2000 unless they were upgraded during the 1999 season.

Race #NameTotal Points
532Julia Farrell37
542Amy Jarvis24
544Chloe Black23
536Sophie Radecki20
535Julia Bradley18
540Kim Langton14
537Allyson Fox9
560Ann Turrin8
546Kirsten Robbins (3)7
539Linda Simonsen (3)6
576Maureen Neskar5
552Leigh Hobsen5
528Tina Mayberry5
547Pyjor, Magosha4
549Perrier, Michelle3
529Kathleen Miller2
538Archibald, Kate2
Chantal Lemieux2
527Natasha Yaremizuk1
Anita Wayman1

NB - the women's points have not been done by category since the points coordinator does not have that information.


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