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November 6/10 15:28 pm - National CycloCross Championships: Elite Men UPDATES

Posted by Editoress on 11/6/10

The Elite men are just starting.  They will race for 1 hour


The sun is poking through from time to time and, thankfully, there is no wind.  But it is appreciably cooler (now 3C) than this morning under full sun


Short lap


Aaron Schooler (Team H&R Block) shot to the front leading the bunch over the barricades for the first time.  Schooler was followed by Nathan Chown (Handlebars Cycling Company/Queen City Cyclists)


Lap 1  3:38 pm

Half way into the first full lap there is a group of 4 leading:  Schooler, Chris Sheppard (Rocky Mountain Bicycles p/b Shimano), Tyler Trace (Trek Red Truck Racing p/b Mosaic Homes) and  Mike Garrigan.  at 10 sec is a large chase group being lead by Derrick St. John (Garneau- Club Chaussures- Ogilvy Renault)



Lap 2 (3:48 pm )


Half way into the  2nd lap.  The front group is now 3: Schooler, Sheppard and Garrigan.  Trace has dropped back and now he and St John are riding together at 23 seconds back of the 3 leaders.  With another bunch (getting smaller all the time) a few more seconds behind



Lap 3 (3:55 pm)


Late in lap 3 -   Sheppard has attacked and now has a gap on Garrigan and Schooler.  Schooler is struggling and starting to come off Garrigan's wheel.  St. John and Craig Richey (Blue Competition Cycles) are 4th and 5th but are 30 seconds off the pace of the leader.  Trace is 6th at another 10 seconds back


Lap 4  (4:06 pm)


Sheppard is still away alone at the front, but Garrigan is sea-sawing between 3 and 6 seconds back -  narrowing the gap in the more technical 'turn' sections, but losing time on the straightaways.  Schooler is ~ 5 seconds behind Garrigan.  St John is now alone in 4th having put a small gap between himself and Richey


Lap 5 (4:12pm)


Garrigan has attacked catching and passing Sheppard.  He now has a 5 second lead over Sheppard.  Schooler is still 3rd but fading, and is 30 sec behind.  St Jonhn still 4th but over a minute down.


Lap 6 4:20 pm


With just over a lap and a half to go, Sheppard bridged back up to Garrigan.   Now they are together and taking turns at the front


Schooler still 3rd but over 40 sec back now


Lap 7

4:25 pm


With half a lap to go and Sheppard is out frot with a 10 second lead.  Garrigan has had a mechanical - rolled a tire




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