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August 7/11 12:29 pm - Tour de la Province de Namur: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 08/7/11

Results from the first stage of the Tour de la Province de Namur in Belgium won by Wouter Wippert (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT). Top Canadian was Spencer Smitheman finishing 52nd at 21 seconds back

This is a Team Canada project for its U23 team and there are 5 Canadians competing: Stuart Wight, Pierrick Naud, Garrett McLeod, Spencer Smitheman and Jamie Riggs

Stage 1 (August 6th): Namur to Ciney, 150.5 km
1 Wouter Wippert (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT) 3:35:0
2 Sean De Bie (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
3 Clément Lhotellerie (RPSM Tournai)
4 Boris Dron (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
5 Bob Jungels (Luxembourg National Team)
6 Tanner Putt (US National Team)
7 Eliot Lietaer (EFC Quick Step)
8 Brecht Dhaene (VL Technics Abutriek CT)
9 Daniel Patten (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde)
10 Johnny Van Diermen (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
11 Sergio Ferrari (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
12 Jeroen Vrolijkx (United Cycling Team)
13 Tim De Troyer (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex)
14 Gregory Franckaert (VL Technics Abutriek CT) all s.t.
15 Tom Devriendt (EFC Quick Step) 0:21
16 Dries Depoorter (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
17 Niels Reynvoet (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT)
18 Jelle Mannaerts (Rock Werchter)
19 Kjell Van Driessche (EFC Quick Step)
20 Jeremy Burton (Dunkerque Close 2 Team)
21 Laurent Donnay (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
22 Gerry Druyts (Rock Werchter)
23 Antoine Demoitie (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
24 Jeroen Van Schelven (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
25 Roy Jans (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
26 Dimitri Peyskens (VL Technics Abutriek CT)
27 Tim Haex (Rock Werchter)
28 Michaël Nicolson (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde)
29 Alphonse Vermote (EFC Quick Step)
30 Jeremy Honorez (Dunkerque Close 2 Team)
31 Julien Joiret (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
32 Jorne Carolus (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT)
33 Daniël Mc Lay (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT)
34 Antoine Pirlot (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
35 Sjors Roosen (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
36 Anton Davis (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden)
37 Tim Declercq (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
38 Hannes Depraetere (VL Technics Abutriek CT)
39 Ty Magner (US National Team)
40 Kevin Van Dyck (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
41 Laurent Krauss (RVC Ottignies)
42 Quentin Bertholet (RPSM Tournai)
43 Jasper Stuyven (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
44 Arnaud Geromboux (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes)
45 Joeri Calleeuw (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster)
46 Stijn Van Roy (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
47 Kevin Thome (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
48 Niels Schepmans (United Cycling Team)
49 Tom Thill (Luxembourg National Team)
50 Thomas Ongena (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
51 Wade Mangham (Dunkerque Close 2 Team)
52 Spencer Smitheman (Canadian National Team)
53 Steven Mortier (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg)
54 Bruno Bruwiere (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes)
55 Christopher Deguelle (RPSM Tournai)
56 Bart Kuypers (VL Technics Abutriek CT)
57 Edward Theuns (VL Technics Abutriek CT)
58 Gaëtan Pons (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes)
59 Matthias Allegaert (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
60 Jorn Knops (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
61 Niels Vandyck (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
62 Walt De Winter (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
63 Robin Mertens (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster)
64 Gijs Van Hoecke (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT)
65 Frederik Frison (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
66 Jérôme Gilbert (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
67 Dylan Teuns (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
68 Ludwig De Winter (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
69 Joël Genette (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
70 Sam Lennertz (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
71 Henryk Cardoen (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde)
72 Olivier Poppe (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
73 Dennis Coenen (United Cycling Team)
74 Henk Wildeman (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
75 Kess Heytens (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster)
76 Jef Van Meirhaeghe (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
77 Jérôme Giaux (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
78 Tom Dernies (Lotto - Bodysol PCW)
79 Niels Nachtergaele (EFC Quick Step)
80 Bob Michels (United Cycling Team)
81 Jan Bluekens (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
82 Wim Van Huffel (Equipe Nationale Militaire)
83 Wout Franssen (Rock Werchter)
84 Kim Borry (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
85 Gert-Jan Van Immerseel (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
86 Yves Lampaert (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
87 Louis Verhelst (EFC Quick Step)
88 Tom David (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
89 Bjorn Brems (Equipe Nationale Militaire)
90 Maxime Huet (CC Chevigny Team Veranda Wille)
91 Tom Oerlemans (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
92 Cedric Raymackers (United Cycling Team)
93 Jamie Riggs (Canadian National Team)
94 Jake Tanner (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde)
95 Jean-Michel Cominette (RPSM Tournai)
96 Stuart Wight (Canadian National Team)
97 Pit Schlechter (Luxembourg National Team)
98 Rutger Wouters (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg)
99 Ludwig Verstraete (WC Soenens Construct Glas)
100 Stijn Steels (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
101 Lawrence Warbasse (US National Team)
102 Kevin Fouquet (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif)
103 Nick Wynants (Ovyta Eijssen Acrog CT)
104 Thomas Debrabandere (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex)
105 Pierre-Yves Toussaint (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif)
106 Jeff Goossens (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
107 Gaëtan Marion (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes)
108 Yoakim Van Den Abeele (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex)
109 Kevin Deboel (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg)
110 Janis Dakteris (UCS Crabbe Performance Serain)
111 Sibrecht Pieters (Jonge Vlaanderen - Bauknecht)
112 Sven Van Luyck (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde)
113 Guillaume Rase (Profel Bofrost Prorace CT)
114 Nicolas Baiolet (RPSM Tournai)
115 Jeroen Verniers (Scott USA CT)
116 Raf Vanlommel (United Cycling Team)
117 Gilles Derycke (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex)
118 Seppe Odeyn (Scott USA CT)
119 Birger Leys (Scott USA CT)
120 Stijn Cooreman (Scott USA CT)
121 Jonas Smulders (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif)
122 Laurens Poelman (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster)
123 David Desmecht (Omega Pharma Lotto Davo CT)
124 Jonathan Boverie (RVC Ottignies)
125 Kallen Williams (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden)
126 Tom Kohn (Luxembourg National Team)
127 Tom Schanen (Luxembourg National Team)
128 Loïc Pestiaux (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes)
129 Kenny Tamsin (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex)
130 Julien Cousin Saint Remi (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif)
131 Glenn Devadder (KSV Deerlijk Gaverzicht Matex) all s.t.
132 Pedro Schietgat (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster) 0:38
133 Jeffrey Mellemans (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden) s.t.
134 Julien Hastir (RVC Ottignies) 0:52
135 Arne Opsomer (Asfra Racing Team Oudenaarde) 1:17
136 Pieter Oerlemans (Scott USA CT) 2:31
137 Jonas Decouttere (Equipe Nationale Militaire) 3:05
138 Bjorn Reynders (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg)
139 Frederik Decaesteker (Equipe Nationale Militaire)
140 Ben Grenda (Rock Werchter) all s.t.
141 Sven Meeuwens (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif) 3:51
142 Benjamin Vandevelde (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden) 4:13
143 Maxime Delitte (RVC Ottignies) 4:43
144 Sieen Veestraeten (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg) 6:22
145 Pierrick Naud (Canadian National Team) 7:25
146 Bartolo Polizzotto (Lotto - Predictor - VC Ardennes) 11:54
147 Jérôme Theis (Luxembourg National Team)
148 Bram De Kort (Vanhemert Groep - De Jonge Ren)
149 Kjell De Potter (Bioagrico - Curreghem Sportif)
150 Matias Mantilla (RVC Ottignies)
151 Dave De Cleyn (Scott USA CT)
152 Connor O'leary (US National Team)
153 Ludovic Capelle (RPSM Tournai)
154 Adam Leibovitz (US National Team)
155 Jurgen Van Trijp (Rock Werchter)
156 Bram Kerkhofs (Sport en Steun Leopoldsburg)
157 Julian Martinez (RVC Ottignies)
158 Tom De Kort (Equipe Nationale Militaire)
159 Nicky Cocquyt (Equipe Nationale Militaire)
160 Ruaraidh Mcleod (Dunkerque Close 2 Team) all s.t.
DNF Franck Eamon (US National Team)
DNF Garrett Mcleod (Canadian National Team)
DNF Lorenzo Louagie (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden)
DNF Jaco Van Wyk (KZLWC Heylen St Truiden)
DNF Sunny Hoste (Dunkerque Close 2 Team)
DNS Kenzie Boutte (BCV Works CT Ingelmunster)


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