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October 19/11 21:14 pm - Langkawi International MTB Challenge: Stage 2, Wallace 11th

Posted by Editoress on 10/19/11

Platt turns the table on Stander but Schneitter remains dominant

Amidst the tropical splendour and the traditional haven of Kampung Tok Senik Resort nestled in the heart of Kuah, near here, Germany’s Karl Platt turned the tables on South Africa’s Burry Stander with an emphatic Stage 2 win on Day 2 of the Langkawi International Mountainbike Challenge 2011.

Platt’s bullish effort in the men’s elite category cross country Olympic discipline today allowed him to finish the race two minutes ahead of Stage 1 winner Stander of South Africa.

“I recovered well from yesterday’s race and adopted a cautious approach, but having tested the course earlier, I knew what to expect. I knew it was going to be tough. I practically sat on the bike for the first few laps before upping the tempo in the second round.

“I must congratulate the organisers, the Langkawi guys, for putting up a very good course today, a lot of tight single tracks switchbacks that required good technique,” said 33-year old Platt, a three-time Cape Epic champion and world No 7 in elite marathon. The Team Bulls rider clocked 1:30.26.562, followed by South African champion Stander (1:32.24.68) and Johnny Cattaneo (Italy - Full-Dynamix) (1:32.57.874). The win for Platt came with USD450 cash prize.

Stage 3, a cross country lap race at Telaga Harbour in Pantai Kok shall bear witness to another thrilling race.

In the women’s elite category, Swiss rider Nathalie Schneitter grabbed her second consecutive stage win as she blew her opponents away on the same course, reaching the finish line with a six-minute advantage.

The 25-year old, a member of the Swiss team that bagged the silver medal in the MTB cross country World Championship last month, covered the six-lap race of 4.7km per lap in 1 hour, 53 minutes 03.599 seconds. Second was Jodie Willet from Australia and third Schneitter’s team mate, Vivienne Meyer.

“I’m pleased to earn precious 30 points in my bid to qualify for the Olympic Games. The course was interesting and I rode much to my strength.

“Having had a good rest after the Stage 1 win yesterday, I entered the race today with the right frame of mind. What I will do next is to take a break and go to the beach before thinking of Stage 3,” said the Colnago Fabre Sudtirol cyclist who has taken home USD 960 for her two successive wins so far. From the 27 riders at flag-off today, only eight were classified as official finishers.

Earlier the race was flagged off by General Manager of TM Kedah/Perlis, Pauziah Taib, representative of gold sponsors Telekom Malaysia, at the Kampung Tok Senik resort.


Women, 6 laps
1 Nathalie Schneitter (Sui) 1:53:03
2 Jodie Willett (Aus) 1:59:31
3 Vivienne Meyer (Sui) 2:01:55
4 Katherine O'shea (Aus) 2:05:15
5 Michela Benzoni (Ita) 2:06:38
6 Ikumi Tajika (Jpn) 2:08:12
7 Yolande Speedy (Rsa) 2:09:05
8 Erin Greene (Nzl) 2:11:49
9 Eszter Dosa (Hun)
10 Masiyaton Mohd Radzi (Mas)
11 Naomi Hansen (Aus)
12 Juss Junaidah (Mas)
13 Vanina Vergoz (Fra)
14 Alessia Ghezzo (Ita)
15 Helen Julia Beswick (Mas)
16 Salim Musliha (Mas)
17 Rebecca Henderson (Aus)
18 Laura Liong (Sin)
19 Lisa Jacobs (Aus)
20 Jacklyn Diana Andrew (Mas)
21 Aida Hanim Binti Mohamad Ali (Mas)
22 Domingas Catavina Guterres (Tls)
23 Ena Aminah (Mas)
24 Norazita Binti Mohamad Taib (Mas)
25 Zahraa Binti Anuwar (Mas)
26 Jo Nie Sua (Mas)
Elite Men, 7 laps
1 Karl Platt (Ger) 1:30:26
2 Burry Stander (RSA) 1:32:24
3 Johnny Cattaneo (Ita) 1:32:57
4 Lachlan Norris (Aus) 1:34:09
5 Thomas Dietsch (Fra) 1:35:13
6 Szilard Buruczki (Hun) 1:35:26
7 Bartosz Banach (Pol) 1:35:50
8 Ben Henderson (Aus) 1:36:23
9 Thomas Turner (USA) 1:36:36
10 Jason Sager (USA) 1:36:55
11 Cory Wallace (Can) 1:37:09
12 Kazuhiro Yamamoto (Jpn) 1:37:25
13 Kris Sneddon (Can) 1:37:30
14 Wojciech Halejak (Pol) 1:37:49
15 Kohei Yamamoto (Jpn) 1:38:39
16 Andrew Fellows (Aus) 1:39:14
17 Daniel Gathof (Ger) 1:40:17
18 March Mcquinn Flores Aleonar (Phi) 1:40:37
19 Seiya Hirano (Jpn) 1:43:46
20 Russell Finsterwald (USA) 1:43:54
21 Blake Harlan (USA) 1:45:47
22 Nino Surban (Phi) 1:46:03
23 Mohd Fauzan Ahmad Lutfi (Mas) 1:46:59
24 Alvin Benosa (Phi) 1:47:10
25 Adrian Jackson (Aus) 1:47:53
26 Eusesio Quinones (Phi) 1:48:12
27 Shahrin Amir (Mas) 1:48:35
28 Mudh Raihan Abd Aziz (Bru)
29 Nurhaimin Awang (Bru)
30 Mohd Rossaimi Bin Sulaiman (Mas)
31 Hafiz Rozli Mohd (Mas)
32 P.J.M Jayasinghe Silva (Sri)
33 Mohd Nor Rizuan Zainal (Mas)
34 Matthew Zagorski (Aus)
35 Sian Cien Lim (Mas)
36 Nor Izwan Bin Ibrahim (Mas)
37 Nasir Bin Abdullah (Mas)
38 Saifullah Jamal Alias (Mas)
39 Kyle Ward (Aus)
40 Muhamad Ayub Radzi (Mas)
41 Keiichi Tsujiura (Jpn)
42 Mohd Shahrulnizam Che Samsudin (Mas)
43 Anthony Sinyard (USA)
44 Azizul Azli Shaari (Mas)
45 Yew Meng Lim (Mas)
46 Saiful Khohar Bin Abdul Halim (Mas)
47 Erick Feliciano (Phi)
48 Hadziq Syahir Bin Khafirruddin (Mas)
49 Saijod Lau Tze (Mas)
50 Muhammad Hazwan Bin Azmen (Mas)
51 Wan Mohammed Najmee Wan Mohammed (Mas)
52 Mohammed Omar Khaniz (Sin)
53 Zamzi Mohamad (Mas)
54 Mohd Shafari Abd Malik (Mas)
55 Muhd Nurjamri Johari (Bru)
56 Mohd Jumaat Bin Kariman (Mas)
57 Ahmad Tarmizi Bin Abdul Rahman (Mas)
58 Amiruddin Bin Jaafar (Mas)
59 Mohd Pakhrurazi Bin Abdul Razid (Mas)
60 Mohd Rhazif Mohd Salleh (Mas)
61 Craig Johns (NZl)
62 Mohd Zamri Saleh (Mas)
63 Suhardi Hassan (Mas)
64 Yong Choon Goh (Mas)
65 Muhammad Emir Shafiq Bin Zainal Abidin (Mas)
66 Mohammad Khairul Aziz Abdullah (Mas)
67 Rodney Farrell (Aus)
68 Morgan Pilley (Aus)
69 Antonio Almeida Pereira Matins (Tls)
70 Louis Ferreira (RSA)
71 Muhammad Aim Muhammad Fauzi (Mas)
72 Faris Abdul Razak Md (Mas)
73 Chin Hong Lim (Mas)
74 Hasan Kerim (Mas)
75 Mohd Arif Bin Che Awang (Mas)
76 Erich Felbabel (Fra)
77 Wasantha Harisc Thelikada Palliya (Sri)
78 Jacinto De Jesus Da Costa (Tls)
79 Amirul Ariff Bin Zakaria (Mas)
80 Braden Kappius (USA)
81 Mohamad Syafiq Bin Abidin (Mas)
82 Paul Cordes (RSA)
83 Chris Jenkins (Aus)
84 Siu Man Lau (Hkg)
85 Sheng Hui Alex Lim (Mas)
86 I.A Gayan Sanjeewa (Sri)
87 Muhammad Izad Bin Idrus (Mas)
88 Mohammad Omar Rosli (Mas)
89 Mohd Khir Bin Isyak (Mas)
90 Anthony Shippard (GBr)
91 Mark Sandon (Aus)
92 Khairul Amin Ahmad Ridzuan (Mas)
93 Kamaroazuan Abd Rohim (Mas)
94 Shahairul Izam Bin Hayon (Mas)
95 Chi Ming Jacky Kong (Hkg)
96 Noor Hafizi Bin Uzairi (Mas)
97 Hendrik Winarso (Ina)
98 Muhammad Firdaus Bin Masuri (Mas)
99 Shaiful Adli Bin Mohamad Zin (Mas)
100 Paul Van Der Ploeg (Aus)
101 Daniel Mcconnell (Aus)
102 Andrew Mock (Aus)
103 Ridzuan Abd Rahim (Mas)
104 Weng Seah Tan (Mas)
105 Mohd Khaidzir Bin Mohd Taha (Mas)



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