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December 21/11 18:01 pm - Important Safety Reminder for All Cyclists

Posted by Editor on 12/21/11

Greg Cushing has sent along a link to news item detailing how Cobourg Cycling Club rider Stewart Syrett was hit by a car on Monday (December 19th), suffering a broken pelvis among other injuries (see Before that, former national team member Mark Berger was hit from behind by a truck's side mirror, suffering cracked ribs.

Greg provides a very relevant warning: "I hate to hear about any type of incident because of the general ignorance of northern climate drivers to the concept of bikes in 4 seasons.

I wanted to share the news link more for a "heads up" for folks. A few weeks ago, Mark Berger was hit from behind by a truck's side mirror. His ribs were cracked. [The] point in sending the note out was to alert people to the dangers of riding in the mild weather. People at this time of year are in la-la land. They are not thinking about bikes.

The cycling community, for all its quirks, has sharing the road in common. We need to be vigilant I think about protecting one another. Even if it is only a reminder about some of the forces working against us all.


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