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February 13/12 12:59 pm - Canadian Rider has Close Call at Valley of the Sun Accident

Posted by Editoress on 02/13/12

"It's about the balance", is how Charles Matte, Rider for Team EKOÏ.com / Gaspesien, summed up his race experience over the weekend in

Charles, who is at training camp in the south, took part in the "Valley of the Sun" race. During the second lap, a car unfortunately ventured into the race track, right in front of the pack. For any fan of racing, this is the worst place to see a motorist who does not know what is happening. The peloton, that had just accelerated, was in single file and surrounded the car at a speed of 50 km / h! Hearing the cries of the crowd and seeing the bikes behind, the driver then completely stopped the vehicle!

Several cyclists were unable to avoid the vehicle, and Charles Matte finished his race in the rear windshield of the car! Upon his release from the hospital yesterday Charles explained that he had been very lucky, with only a dislocated finger and some stitches. His Devinci bike has been less fortunate: "It looked like a carbon pretzel!"

Charles will be at the Montreal Bicycle Show at the official launch of the team EKOÏ.com / Gaspesien this weekend. You can meet him there to discuss his experience!

Race results below







Final GC

Pro/1 Men
1 Luis Amaran (Cub) Jamis Sutter Home p/ b Colavita 3:22:10
2 Eric Marcotte (USA) Elbowz Racing at 0:49
3 Andzs Flaksis (Lat) Chipotle Development Team 1:18
4 George W. Cyrus (USA) Landis/Trek 1:36
5 Lucas Binder (USA) Spy- Swamis DET 1:43
6 Chad Hartley (USA) kenda 5hr energy 1:55
7 Shane Buysse (USA) Spy-Swami's 2:06
8 Travis J. Mccabe (USA) Landis/Trek 2:16
9 Christiaan Kriek (USA) Simple Green/Bike Religion pb Cann 2:17
10 Thomas Jondall (USA) Landis/Trek 2:40
11 Jos Le Roux (USA) Simple Green/Bike Religion pb Cann 2:41
12 Michea Grabinger (USA) Bicycle Haus Elite 2:59
13 Brian Forbes (USA) Jetset Racing 3:05
14 Chris Aten (USA) Landis/Trek 3:09
15 Alister Ratcliff (USA) Chipotle Development Team 3:40
16 Cory Greenberg (USA) Get Crackin'-MS Society 4:04
17 Austin Carroll (USA) Simple Green/Bike Religion pb Cann 4:11
18 Rene Corella (Mex) Elecoy 4:22
19 Joshua Berry (USA) Chipotle Development Team 4:26
20 Thorlak Franck (USA) Swamis DET Team 4:54
21 R. Trueheart Brown (USA) Bicycle Haus Elite 5:08
22 Colt Peterson (USA) Get Crackin' - MS Society U23 5:21
23 Colin Don (USA) Landis/Trek 5:27
24 Kyle Colavito (USA) Bicycle Haus Elite 5:28
25 Anton Varabei (Can) Jetfuel/La Bicicletta 6:57
26 Miles Lamon (USA) Clif Bar Cycling Team 7:08
27 Robert Pasco (USA) SAFEWAY/GA PRC Group/Bicycles 7:14
28 Eugene Boronow (USA) Team O2/Maynards 7:37
29 Mike Midlarsky (USA) Chipotle Development Team 7:42
30 Javier Peris Eugenio (Mex) AEG Club Requena 8:22
31 Juan Rivera (Mex) Norson 8:25
32 David Glick (USA) Landis/Trek 9:07
33 Jay Seymoure (USA) Jetset Racing 11:06
34 Kevin Kirkwood (USA) Bicycle Haus Elite 13:14
35 Jamie Riggs (Can) Jetfuel Coffee/La Bicicletta 13:24
36 Tim Carolan (USA) Landis/Trek 13:32
37 Cory Bruno (USA) Spy-Swami's Development Elite Tea 14:27
38 Vasanth Coorg (USA) Velossimo Racing presented by Jack 17:53
39 Marcus Hayward (USA) Jetset Racing 18:44
40 Eric Losak (USA) Team Clif Bar Cycling 26:11
41 Nichola Schreiber (USA) Landis/Trek 26:15
42 Morgan Ryan (USA) Get Crackin'-MS Society 41:21
Pro Women
1 Evelyn Stevens (USA) Team Specialized lululemon 2:23:36
2 Ally Stacher (USA) Specialized Lululemon at 1:33
3 Julie Cutts (USA) Velo Club LaGrange 1:52
4 Marti Shea (USA) Destination Cycling 2:20
5 Kathryn Bertine (USA) St. Kitts and Nevis National Team 2:48
6 Molly Van Houweling (USA) Metromint Cycling 2:54
7 Rikke Preisler (USA) Metromint Cycling 3:03
8 Sabrina Forbes (USA) Two-Wheel Jones Racing 3:13
9 Marily Mcdonald (USA) Ind 3:33
10 Anne Donley (USA) Boulder Orthopedic 3:38
11 Heather Dunphy (USA) TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing 4:18
12 Nichole Wangsgard (USA) Primal/Mapmyride 4:47
13 Natalie Koch (USA) Landis/Trek 4:55
14 Stephanie Skoreyko (Can) Kallisto/Wheels of Oakville 4:55
15 Chloe Black (USA) TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing 5:19
16 Judy Jenkins (USA) Landis/Trek 5:31
17 Tamara Bessette (USA) Northern Rockies Orthopaedic 5:37
18 Beli Eschenwald (USA) Velo Club LaGrange 5:43
19 Jerika Hutchinson (USA) Fremont Bank Cycling Team 6:55
20 Kristen Hetzel (USA) TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing 6:57
21 Ivy Audrain (USA) Keller Rorhback Cycling Team 7:02
22 Lisa Mueller (USA) Metromint Cycling 7:29
23 Rachel Cieslewicz (USA) Canyon Bicycles 7:37
24 Daniela Garcia (USA) Park Place Dealerships /SUN AND S 8:33
25 Abigail Mickey (USA) Panache Horizon Organic 10:02
26 Kimberly Truitt (USA) TriSports Cycling/Eclipse Racing 15:41
27 Ellen Sherrill (USA) Metromint Cycling 19:41

Stage results


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