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May 9/12 18:44 pm - 'Canada Games Cycling' Spring Classic Road Race (NS)

Posted by Editoress on 05/9/12

Results from the 'Canada Games Cycling' Spring Classic Road Race on May 6th in Falmouth, Nova Scotia


Category F
1 Lisa Bowe (Jave Blend Racing)
2 Kimberlea Fougere (Java Blend Racing)
3 Stacey Taylor (Finbars Cycling Club)
4 Kimberley Hoffman (Independent)
DNS Ali MacDonald (O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)


Category A
1 Andrew L'Esperance (Cyclesmith)
2 Dustin MacBurnie (Louis Garneau)
3 Jeff Muise (Coastal Financial Credit Union)
4 Martin Austin (Louis Garneau)
5 Lorenzo Caterini (Hub Cycle)
6 Jason Grover (Hub Cycle)
7 Scott Clark (Hub Cycle)
8 Shawn Marshall (Velolab)
9 Ambrose Delaney (Framework Racing Team)
10 Jeffrey Simms (Louis Garneau)
11 Chad Lennon (Framework Racing Team)
12 Jon Burgess (Oakley Atlantic Racing)
13 Jamie Lamb (Cyclesmith)
14 Mitchell MacDonald (O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)
15 Terry Steeves (Les Rois Cycling Club)
16 Stephen Flanagan (Independent)
17 Ryan Taylor (
DNF John Newgard (Java Blend Racing)
DNF Zach Steinman (Java Blend Racing)
DNF Stephen Cameron (Oakley Atlantic Racing)
DNF Tyler Darcy (Hub Cycle)
DNF Stephen Fougere (Cyclesmith)
DNF Vincent Scigliano (Java Blend Racing)
DNS Terry Tomlin (Oakley Atlantic Racing)

Category B
1 Edward Walsh (Java Blend Racing)
2 Jamie Haynes (Independent)
3 Gabriel Leblanc (Blue Water Cycling)
4 Chris Price (O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)
5 Gerard Walsh (Bicycles Plus)
6 Chris Hawkins (Independent)
7 Brandon Curry (Valley Stove & Cycle)
8 Jeremy Stewart (Cyclesmith)
9 Wayne Aspinall (Valley Stove & Cycle)
10 Shane Eno (O'regan's Subaru Cycling)
11 Mark MacDonald (Pictou County Cycle)
12 Allan Scott (Pictou County Cycle)
13 Wade Smith (Procity Racing)
14 Sean McDonnell (Independent)
15 Matthew Rockwell (O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)
16 Aaron Neaves (Pictou County Cycle)
17 Lucas McCulloch (Pictou County Cycle)
18 Tim Brooks (O'regan's Subaru Cycling)
19 Peter Martens (Independent)
20 Derek Salley (Independent)
DNF Tim Brooks (DNF)

Category C
1 Jared Dempsey (Jave Blend Racing)
2 Roland Hudson (Independent)
3 Derrick Boyd (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
4 Rod Rawding ( O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)
5 Sean Therien (Independent)
6 Matt Webb (Independent)
7 Bruce MacDonald (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
8 Nathan Bald (O'Regan's Subaru Cycling)
9 Matthew Hartlin (Cyclesmith)
10 Travis Smith (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
11 Darren Scott (Finbars Cycling Club)
12 Mark Bourque (Independent)
13 Patrick Stewart (Independent)
14 Scott Turnbull (Independent)
15 Martin Willett (Pictou County Cycle)
16 Senna Bryden (Savage's Bike Shop)
17 Andre Jarvis (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
18 Matt Bernard (Finbar's Cycling Club)
19 Darren Cottreau (Blue Water Cycling)
20 Dan Spry (Escape Velocity)
21 Alan Avis (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
22 Wayne Titus (Valley Stove & Cycle)
23 Justin Oliver (Cyclesmith)
DNF Nicholas Muise (Coastal Financial Credit Union)
DNF George Clark (Bicycles Plus Cycling Club)
DNF Thomas Tsavos (Cyclesmith)

Category D
1 Brent Wright (Hub Cycle)
2 Graham Oakley (Blue Water Cycling)
3 Cecilia Jacobs (Independent)
4 Oonagh Proudfoot (Independent)

Under 17 (Male)
1 Liam Whiman (Cyclesmith)
2 Luc Comeau (Cyclesmith)
3 Colin Ward (Independent)
4 Matthew Kamermans (Cyclesmith)
5 Elijah Belliveau (Hub Cycle)
6 Clay Bryden (Independent)
Under 17 (Female)
1 Odette Comeau (Cyclesmith)
2 Mackenzie Myatt (Cyclesmith)

Under 15 (Male)
1 Noah Patriquin (Hub Cycle)
2 Iain Myatt (Cyclesmith)
3 Joe Stewart (Independent)

Under 15 (Female)
1 Anya Munro (Cyclesmith)

Under 13 (Male)
1 Jeremy Allen (Cyclesmith)

Under 13 (Female)
1 Maura Whitman (Cyclesmith)
2 Isabelle Allen (Cyclesmith)


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