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April 17/00 10:49 am - Turkey Point (Ontario), Manitoba MTB Results

Posted by Editor on 04/17/00

Turkey Point Road Race - Source for Sports Ontario Cup Road Series #1
(courtesy Brad Day, OCA)

Youth Under-17 Men
1. Daniel Clarke, Newmarket Eagles
2. Ryan Deboer, Mississauga CC
3. Brendan Hurley, D'Ornellas CC

Junior Men
1. Buck Miller, St Catherines CC
2. Thomas Sulatycky, St Catherines CC
3. Ryan Roth, Woodstock CC

Senior 3 Men
1. Michael Kurita, Mississauga CC
2. Enrico Traini, Mississauga CC
3. Kevin Wallace, Gears Racing
4. Stirling McArthur, Mississauga CC
5. Jeffrey Bakal, Kingston Velo
6. Andrew Croutch, Ind.
7. Andrew Hickman, Mississauga CC
8. Dennis Michael, Speed River CC

Master A 30-39 Men
1. Jay Murray, Atomic RT
2. Stefan Kramer, St Catherines CC
3. Chris Wood, Waterloo CC
4. Chrissy Redden (W), Gary Fisher
5. Robert Sule, Ind.
6. Gerard Yeates, RNH Racing
7. Vernon Chant, Speed River
8. Keith Peck, Ziggy's CC
9. David Dermont, Speed River
10. Lee Fraser, Kingston Velo

Master B/C/D 40+ Men
1. Gilbert Marois (B), Ind.
2. Tony Abramavicius (B), Mississauga CC
3. Greg Borden (B), Mississauga CC
4. Desi Desrochers (C), Ind.
Graham Thomas (B), Halton R&T
5. Gordon Clarke (B), Newmarket Eagles
6. Percy Shropshire (C), Newmarket Eagles
7. Rob Cheskey (B), Hamilton CC
8. John Parkinson (D), Newmarket Eagles
J9. ohn Sartori (B), Ziggy's CC

Senior Women
1. Kim Davidge, Elita
2. Leigh Hobson, Charles Schwab
3. Allyson Fox, RNH Racing
4. Chloe Black, Intersports
5. Ann Turrin, Ind.
6. Rosemary Coleman, Genessee Valley CC
7. Sophia Radecki, RNH Racing
8. Susan Portengen, Ind.
9. Tara Mulder, Kiro
10. Catherine Farrel, Trek
11. Amanda Kellett, OGC Fisher
12. Anita Waymann, Ind.

Senior 1/2 Men
1. Ray Duggan, Saeco
2. Josh Hall, Jet Fuel
3. Piers Davidge, Mississauga CC
4. Barry Reid, Maple Leaf CC
5. Paul Rego, Oakville CC
6. Simon Small, Ital Pasta
7. Michael Moore, Mississauga CC
8. Pat Shea, Ital Pasta
9. Tim Oliver, Exit Realty
10. Brian Turner, Kiro
11. Jason Cheney, Intersports
12. Hans Strasser, Queen City CC
13. Lucas Curran, Intersports
14. Matt Hansen, Intersports
15. Charles Gorman, Jet Fuel
16. Craig Deveer, Intersports
17. Maurice Reulland, Maple Leaf CC
18. Chris Paton, Mississauga CC
19. Greg Reain, Sultans of Spin CC
20. Robert Mann, KHS

Manitoba Results

The first Manitoba Mountain Bike Sunlight Cup Race was held at Grand Beach yesterday. Weather conditions were near ideal for the earliest start ever to the Manitoba season. 111 participants were treated to a beautiful course at one of the world's finest silica sand beaches.

Dave Benson
Chief Commissaire

Elite Men
1Penner, Greg1:38:19
2Corbeil, GillesOlympia1:43:52
3Anastasiadis, SeanOlympia1:47:45
4Anastasiadis, AndyOlympia1:52:10
Senior Expert Men
1Kaulins, RonA&L1:21:51
2Knievel, JasonOlympia1:23:49
3Humenny, PatrickAlter Ego1:29:02
4Barkett, DallasAlter Ego1:29:30
5Masiuk, GregOlympia1:30:12
6Dyker, JamesAlter Ego1:31:59
7Girman, JordanAlter Ego1:34:18
8Szklarczuk, BrianOlympia1:34:30
9Grover, ColinOlympia1:40:04
10Hall, IanOlympia1:55:15
Senior Expert Women
1McSherry, KarinAlter Ego1:18:02
2Humenny, NaomiAlter Ego1:20:30
Veteran Expert Men
1Hamm, GordOlympia1:17:40
2Corbeil, LouisOlympia1:19:07
3Barclay, DaveBirch1:19:07
4Carriere, DeanBirch1:19:15
5Sissons, DonBirch1:19:35
6Gauld, LindsayOlympia1:25:20
7Matieka, StacyA&L1:33:04
Veteran Expert Women
1Baldwin , SusanneOlympia1:17:43
Junior Expert Men
1Bilesky, AlexOlympia1:23:05
2Hughes, AdamA&L1:25:55
3Clapperton, RichardSteinbach1:30:11
4Davies, MichaelOlympia1:48:30
Makela, RyanWoodcockDNF
Veteran Sport Men
1Verwymeren, PaulOlympia1:04:15
2Dalling, GordonRoadwise1:04:16
3Gobert, GillesBirch1:08:02
4Chabluk, KenOlympia1:08:17
5Baril, RaymondOlympia1:09:16
6Mager, PaulWoodcock1:10:42
7Tilbury, JeffOlympia1:11:42
8Loewen, TimOlympia1:13:21
9Peterman, MarkAlter Ego1:17:52
10Rand, DuncanOlympia1:19:05
11Parker, DaveWoodcock1:20:42
12Koenig, MarkWoodcock1:21:11
13McCarthy, Robert1:21:59
14Adams, GeraldOlympia1:25:54
15Glanfield, RossLifesport1:31:02
16Scheepers, JohnOlympia1:40:07
17Romaniuk, GlennOlympia1:51:30
Fielding, CoryOlympiaDNF
Vet Sport Women
1Adams, AngelaOlympia1:03:01
2Crowell, JackieOlympia1:05:32
Master Sport Men
1Madsen, MikeOlympia1:14:15
2Algeo, BillOlympia1:12:45
3Clapperton, Kevin1:24:34
4Bottomley, Brent1:19:20
5Nagy, RobertWoodcock1:18:07
Senior Sport Men
1Silcox, JeremyLifesport1:09:53
2May, StacyA&L1:09:54
3Rainer, JabsRoadwise1:10:04
4Levine, LeonardOlympia1:12:14
5Senior, GeneAlter Ego1:13:06
6Huebert, ChrisOlympia1:16:19
7Peters, JonOlympia1:17:18
8Kiely, ChrisAlter Ego1:17:31
9Boothe, Vince1:17:59
10Wong, BobOlympia1:19:03
11Zuk, ScottLifesport1:19:09
12Robertson, AllanOlympia1:19:10
13Dragon, Stephane1:19:33
14L'Heureux, DavidAlter Ego1:19:57
15Poitras, JasonOlympia1:20:03
16Wiebe, StevenPrairie Fire1:22:58
17Dyck, CoreyWoodcock1:28:10
18Irvine, SteveOlympia1:37:44
19Kubiik, KyleOlympia1:39:22
20Schennel, DaveAlter Ego1:39:30
Anderson, StephenOlympiaDNF
Simoes, SheldonOlympiaDNF
Tomlinson, PaulOlympiaDNF
Harper, DannoOlympiaDNF
Senior Sport Women
1LeCalir, Melanie0:48:42
Junior Sport Men
1Blanchette, EdmondRoadwise1:06:31
2Lundgren, Rylan1:07:46
3Guertin, SeanAlter Ego1:08:16
4Ashcroft, KevinTread Thunder1:09:59
5Dolinka, PeterOlympia1:11:31
6Hoover, ScottOlympia1:18:42
7Bacler, VarsSecor Jana1:25:27
Staniforth, GrahamSecor JanaDNF
Magat, MichaelOlympiaDNF
Junior Sport Women
1Hardy, Rae-AnnA&L0:50:28
2Cote, Deanne0:55:32
Cadet Men
1Hildebrandt, MichelWarrens0:44:00
2Boucher, CabrelOlympia0:44:35
3Hildebrandt, Cole0:44:40
4Klassen, Gerald0:45:07
5Harris, MikeOlympia0:45:39
6Mohan, LiamKidsMud0:51:36
Mak, ChrisDNF
Wu, BarcieDNF
Minime Men
1Allan, TommyKidsMud
2Harder, LennonOlympia
3Scheepers, EricOlympia
4Hrawanuk, Drew
5Staniforth, ChrisSeacor Jana
6Hrawanuk, Jay
Minime Women
1Case, KylieOlympia
PeeWee Men
1Benson, PaulKidsMud
3Berry, KyleKidsMud
2Dowsett, DarylKidsMud
4McComas, Kyle
1Page, ZachKidsMud
Citizen Open Men
1MKoop, Nolun
2MMoore, Grant
4MMcComas, Brian
3MBerry, David
Citizen Open Women
1WMohan, Pamela
2WClapperton, Gaye
3WSchellenberg, Lynda
4WMacchia, Charlotte
5WPenner, Tracy

Happy Birthday To...

Piers Davidge, Ontario road racer - April 14th.


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