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May 1/00 5:16 am - Bellefeuille Quebec Results, New Team Sponsorship

Posted by Editor on 05/1/00

Bellefeuille Road Race , Quebec
(Courtesy Michel Bourgault)

Results for this race can be found Here.

For those of you who enjoyed the Bellefeuille race of the past week-end, the same organizer is presenting the second race of the year on May 7 in St-Jerome, Qc. This time it will be a 2km criterium, 2nd stage of Quebec Cup for Elite cat. and 2nd stage of Super Prestige for the Masters cat.

Here's the schedule:

09h00 Masters C-D, W + Jr W 20 laps/40km
10h15 Masters B + Sr W 25 laps/50km
12h00 Masters A 25 laps/50km
13h00 Citizen race 5 laps/10km
14h00 Tandem (Handisport) 15 laps/30km
14h01 Cerebral Palsy Athletes 3 laps/6km
15h00 Senior 3-4 27 laps/54km
Junior Men 23 laps/46km
16h30 Senior 1-2 30 laps/60km

From Ontario, take Highway 40 East to junction to Highway 15 North exit 43E St-Jerome, keep going on De Martigny, then turn right on Labelle, turn left on Du Palais until you get to Melançon. The start/finish area will be in front of the Arena.

Registration fees: 11$ for Masters and 12$ for all other cat.
Registration 1hr before your race start at 8:00h a.m. Make sure you hold a valid 2000 National
Licence otherwise you will have to purchase a 10$ one day licence. The organizer may be reached at (450) 438-8906.

New Sponsor for Radio Energie

Team director Josee Robitaille just dropped us a line to say that she has secured new title sponsorship for her team (formerly Degree-Radio Energie).

VOLKSWAGEN will now be our title sponsor for the year and many other years, I hope. The team name will now be VOLKSWAGEN WEST COAST, (West Coast is the other main sponsor) We are very happy to welcome Volkswagen on the team, their sponsorship is mainly in cash and will provide us with 3 cars.

We started our season yesterday in Bellefeuille. Charles Dionne won the first race for team VOLKSWAGEN WEST COAST and his teammate Alexandre Cloutier got the second position, so it is a really good start for us.

The team will basically be the same bunch of riders (as last year), with some others to be confirmed. VOLKSWAGEN wants to invest mainly in the espoirs category to help in the development of the young talents. But, we'll still have some over 23 year old riders in the team

So far the riders are: Charles Dionne, Martin St-Laurent, Pascal Choquette, Marc Andre Salois, Samuel Thibodeau, Alexandre Cloutier, Fabien Bergeron, and Peter Wedge. The other names will be confirmed soon.

We'll take part in most of the races in Quebec and will be at the Grand Prix de Beauce, at the nationals and probably will be doing the same races in USA as last year (Fitchburg, Killington etc...)

Something new for us this year, we'll also invest in the younger riders. We'll also have a squad of peewee and minimes, our goal is to get 20 new kids on bikes this year and give them proper support at races and make sure they enjoy the sport!


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