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May 10/00 5:54 am - Online Registration, l'Aude, Alberta Results, Demo Day

Posted by Editor on 05/10/00

Online Registration Additions

We are pleased to announce that online registration for the Canada Cup #1 Cross-country at Hardwood Hills is now available through our race registration service. Click on the Online Event Registration graphic to go directly to the registration page, or on the Schwinn-Toyota graphic for the event site. Registration prior to May 22nd offers a $10 discount per event (downhill and cross-country).

We have also added Accommodation to the Road Nationals registration page, so now you can book your room for the event as well as sign up.

Tour de l'Aude

Team Canada member Leigh Hobson is sending in daily reports from the Tour de l'Aude in France. Here is Day 6 (Today, May 10th).

Before I tell you about the individual time trial held today in Castelnaudary, I'd like to make a special mention about teammate Leah Goldstein's incredible perseverance in yesterday's stage. Athough still recovering from a very bad crash at a French National Cup in April, Leah has given nothing but her all to this race. Yesterday's race split up the group over and over and over...each time Leah time trialed back onto the peloton, got water for her teammates and was able to finish the race with the group. It's great to have her as a teammate!


To some, the individual time trial is a rest day...a time to recover enough so that you can contribute either as a teammate or to secure a good result for youself in the races to come. To others, it is yet another day to give it your all so as to hold fast to your GC position, or better yet, move up and if possible win the race!

In any case, today was a challenging day for everyone. The course was 26.5km with a 2km climb, a winding descent on narrow "goat" roads, a 5km false flat on rough pavement straight into a gale force head wind (I'm not kidding!) and another 1km climb before ripping down the last 5km to the finish. To make things even more "epic" started to thunderstorm for the last half hour of the race!

Hanka Kupfernagel proved once again how strong she truly is by finishing 1 minute and 20 seconds infront of the next closest rider!!!

Stage Results
1st Hanka Kupfernagel (GER) 37:47.47
2nd Lada Kozlikova (CZE) at 1:26
3rd Zoulfia Zabirova (RUS) 1:48
4th Mirjam Melchers (NED) 1:56
5th Dede Demet-Barry (SAT) 1:59
6th Svetlana Samokhvalova (RUS) 2:03
7th Anna Wilson (SAT) 2:07
9th Juanita Feldhahn (AUS) 2:22
10th Heidi VAn De Vijver (BEL) 2:22

Other Canadians:
21st Clara Hughes 3:26
22nd Sandy Espeseth 3:27
33rd Leigh Hobson 4:33
36th Cybil Diguistini 4:44
42nd Annie Gariepy 5:10
44th Leah Goldstein 5:11

Overall GC:
1st Hanka Kupfernagel (GER)
2nd Mirjam Melchers (NED) at 3:56
3rd Geraldine Loewenguth (FRA) 4:28
4th Heidi Van De Vijver (BEL) 5:19
5th Tatiana Stiajkina (UKR) 7:01
6th Madeleine Lindberg (FAR) 12:40
7th Juanita Feldhahn (AUS) 12:50
8th Cindy Pieters (VLA) 13:33
10th Anna Wilson (SAT) 13:57

Other Canadians:
16th Sandy Espeseth 16:27
18th Leigh Hobson 17:42
20th Cybil Diguistini 17:53
27th Clara Hughes 21:03
33rd Annie Gariepy 22:53
56th Leah Goldstein 39:18

Alberta Race Results - Pigeon Lake
(courtesy Mike Haponiuk)

Cat 1/ 2
1Cameron McknightERTC/River Valley3:14:38
2Mike SticklandVelocity Cycling Club3:14:40
3Lloyd KupchankoERTC/River Valley3:14:40
4Robert VerobaBicisport Bicycle Club3:14:40
5Robin BorstmayerJuventus Sports Club3:14:40
6Duncan ClarkeBicisport Bicycle Club3:14:40
7Anthony ArendtERTC/River Valley3:14:40
8Paul MacdonaldJuventus Sports Club3:14:40
9Ted DahmsBow Cycle - CMC3:14:40
10Chris WrightJuventus Sports Club3:14:40
20 starters, 2 dnf
1Joy MekechukJuventus Sports Club1:46:23
2Susan GottschalkERTC/River Valley1:50:35
3Joanne BreauBicisport Bicycle Club1:54:16
4Carrie TuckThe Bike Shop1:59:22
5Colleen BaldwinIndependentdnf
5 starters, 1 dnf
1Rich WegerhoffBicisport Bicycle Club2:20:30
2John BrodaSoma Cycle2:20:30
3Greg MenardJuventus Sports Club2:20:30
4Dave JetzEurotech Cycle2:20:30
5Andrew GageEurotech Cycle2:20:30
6Sean Chann-HugginsBicisport Bicycle Club2:20:30
7Nicholas JendzowskyJuventus Sports Club2:20:30
8Peter YezJuventus Sports Club2:20:30
9Desmond BliekThe Bike Shop2:20:30
10Craig HoronVelocity Cycling Club2:20:30
27 starters, 5 dnf
Cat 4
1Tim CaulfieldERTC/River Valley1:46:23
2Ryan RobinsonBow Cycle - CMC1:46:23
3Craig BorglandBicisport Bicycle Club1:46:23
4David EllisPedalhead Racing Club1:46:23
5Lincoln BergEurotech Cycle1:46:23
6Brent HambletonBicisport Bicycle Club1:46:23
7Justin GullicksonBicisport Bicycle Club1:46:23
8Paul TichelaarERTC/River Valley1:46:23
9Helge HalvorsenEdmonton Masters Club1:46:23
10John ImpeyBicisport Bicycle Club1:46:23
45 starters, 9 dnf
Cat 5
1Charles SinclairBow Cycle - CMC1:29:12
2Csaba HegedusCentral Alberta Bicycle1:29:12
3Corrie HammEurotech Cycle1:40:17
4Melanie St. JeanBlizzard Bicycle Club1:51:28
4 starters

Full results and story can be found at:

MTB Demo Day - Ontario

Hardwood Hills will be hosting a public MTB Demo Day Saturday May 13. Come try bikes and equipment from Schwinn, KHS, Norco, GT, Gary Fisher, Oryx, Smith, USE, Rocky Mountain, Sport Swap, and more. A valid credit card and/or drivers licence are required to obtain a demo card. Regular trail fees apply. Demo's will be available from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Bring your own bike as demo's are for 30 min. each.


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