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May 11/00 3:17 am - Montreal World Cup, Race Cancellation, N.S. Results & Lots More!

Posted by Editor on 05/11/00

Montreal Women's World Cup

We have added an updated race bible to the World Cup website (under Race Information). Below is the list of teams registered up to May 10, 2000.

Acea Due-o-Lorena
Diana Ziliute Lituanie
Tatiana Stajkina Ukreine
Jolanta Poliviciute Lituanie
Zita Urbanaite Lituanie
Rasa Poliviciute Lituanie
Marion Clignet France

Auto Trader
Pamela Schuster Etats-Unis
Kimberly Bruckner Etats-Unis
Anke Erlank Etats-Unis
Andrea Ratkovic Etats-Unis
Laura Shuford Etats-Unis
Julie Young Etats-Unis

Sophie St-Jacques Canada
Cybil DiGuistini Canada
Kimberly Davidge Canada
Karen Dunne Etats-Unis
Annie Gariepy Canada
Erin Carter Canada

Gaz Sport Team
Alessandra Cappelotto Italie
Valaria Cappellotto Italie
Fabiana Luperini Italie
Roberta Bonanomi Italie
Pia Sundstedt Finlande
Luisiana Pegoraro Italie

Intersports Inc. RacingTeam
Samplonius Ann Canada
Darnelle Moore Canada
Ann Turin Canada
Andrea Hannos Canada
Chloe Black Canada
Sandy Espeseth Canada

Master-Team-Carpe Diem
Ljudmila Corneo Italie
Sigrid Corneo Italie
Katia Longhin Italie
Marcia Eicher Suisse
Kerry Hellmuth Etats-Unis
Bridget Evans Australie

Saturn Cycling Team
Lyne Bessette Canada
Susy Pride Nouvelle-Zélande
Julie Hanson Etats-Unis
Anna Wilson Australie
Deirdre Demet-Barry (Spare) Etats-Unis

Timex Team
Mari Holden Etats-Unis
Tracey Gaudry Australie
Kim Smith Etats-Unis
Odessa Gun Canada
Sanna Lehtimaki Finlande

Belgian National Team
Heidi Vande Vijvier Belgique
Cindy Pieters Belgique
Vanja Vonckx Belgique
Vanessa Cheatley Belgique

British National Team
Magan Hughes Grande-Bretagne
Ceris Gilfillan Grande-Bretagne
Yvonne McGregor Grande-Bretagne
Sara Symington Grande-Bretagne
Susan Carter Grande-Bretagne
Melanie Sears Grande-Bretagne

Netherlands National Team
Ghita Beltma Pays-Bas
Mirjam Melchers Pays-Bas
Arenda Grimberg Pays-Bas
Mariëlle Scheppingen Van Pays-Bas
Mirella Van Melis Pays-Bas
Chantal Betman Pays-Bas

Bermuda/Ireland National Team
Melanie Claude Bermudes
Julia Hawley Bermudes
Jeana Godfrey Bermudes
Deirdre Murphy Irlande

Team Ontario
Kate Archibald Canada
Julia Bradley Canada
Julia Farell Canada
Tara Mulder Canada
Allyson Fox Canada
Sophia Radeck Canada

Ontario Race Cancellation

Due to circumstances beyond our control, we regret that we must cancel the Mansfield Spring Fling MTB Points Race on Sunday, May 14. We are sorry for the inconvenience. The Mansfield Outdoor Centre will be open for public riding this weekend. For more information please contact us at 705-435-4479 or visit on the web at

Cyclesmith Big Ring, Big Tide Road Race- Maitland, N.S. May 7th.

Conditions: Windy,Rainy, 9deg. C
Total Entrants: 90 riders

Senior 1/2/3 Men- 96k
1. Terry Tomlin- Cyclesmith, 2:33:08
2. Steve Irvine- Independant, 2:33:19
3. Pat Collins- Bike People, 2:34:46

Senior Women- 72k
1. Karen Murphy- Metro C.C.,2:27:46
2. Kate O'Connor- Ind.2:28:24
3.tie! Sherry Huybers, Bike People and Marieke Wiersma, Cyclesmith-

Vet Men- 72k
1. Jim Bratrud- Greenwood C.C
2. Rick Devine- Bike People
3. Tim Mollins- Metro C.C.

Senior 4 Men- 72k
1. Steve Couse, Spokebenders
2. James Bugden, Ind.
3. Jodi Isenor, Metro C.C.

Junior Men- 72k
1. Chris Price, Lunenburg C.C
2. Andrew Scott, Ind.
3. Craig Beaton, Ind.

Cadet Men- 48 k
1.Ryan Dooley, Cyclesmith
2. Jeff Lee, Ind.
3. Jamie Lamb, Ind

PeeWee Women- 24k
1. Christine Angelidis, Metro C.C.

Novice Men- 48k
1. John Barrett, Ind.

Tour of Slovenia
(courtesy national coach Jacques Landry)

Hi to all,

I am leaving today to direct the elite men's team in the Tour of Slovenia a 6 day race that starts on May 16th and finishes on Sunday the 21st. As usual I will try to submit daily reports on the team's accomplishments but because of the country where the event is taking place I'm not positive that all servers will be functioning at 100% all the time.

Here is the race layout:

May 16th 2,5 km prologue in Novo Mesto
May 17th 198 km stage from Catez - Radenci (Fairly Flat)
May 18th 166 km stage form Radenci - Beltinci (Fairly Flat)
May 19th 161 km stage from Slovenska Bistrics - Ljubljana (Hilly with climb up to 900m)
May 20th 204 km stage from Ribnica - Mangart ( 2 hard climbs, 1st up to 1611m and 2nd up to 1906m)
May 20th 185 km stage from Nova Gorica - Novo mesto(Hilly with climb up to 575m)

Road Nationals Trial Run

The Intersports Inc Racing Team is hosting an 80KM training ride that will cover the National Road Race, criterium, and time trial courses in Peterborough. The ride will take place on Sunday May 14th at 10am. Details on starting location and directions are below. For more information contact: Chloe Black: or 705-755-6368 or Ralph Neumann:

The staring point is Dreams and Beans coffee shop on Hunter St.

DIRECTIONS: From Toronto go east on the 401 to the 115 north to Peterborough. Exit at Ashburnham. Turn left on Johnson drive. Turn left on Ashburnham. At the Lift Locks (Hunter St) turn left. Go through 3 sets of lights, across the bridge and park on the street after the Quaker Oats. Dreams and Beans Cafe is on Hunter between Water St. and George St.

Cambridge Tour de Grand - Ontario

Sunday, May 28th. Rides for all levels, from 20 km to 110 km. Day of registration 7:30-10:00 am at the Duncan McIntosh Centre, Churchill Park, 200 Christopher Drive, Cambridge. More information can be found at the website -

Podium Project 2000
(courtesy Dan Proulx)

Calgary retailer The Bike Shop has honoured some of the Olympic Oval, National Cycling Centre's young riders through the 2000 Podium Project. The award honours commitment to sport, community and team.

This year's Podium Project award recipients are:
Laura Yoisten, 16yrs.
Carrie Tuck, 19 yrs.
Jenny Trew, 18 yrs.
Ryan McKenzie, 16 yrs.

The Podium Project provides young riders with tools and support neccesary to compete at the National level.

The Bike Shop has awarded the Podium Project for the past 3 seasons. The award is given to cadets, juniors and espoir members of the Olympic Oval, National Cycling Centre. This year, 40 young riders were eligible for the award. The award is an extension of The Bike Shop's 1999 Podium Project gift of 15 new track bicycles for the Junior cycling program.

Criteria for the Podium Project includes the following:
1) National rankings
2) Contribution to team
3) Leadership on and off the bike.
4) Commitment to personal development
5) Acts as a role model in the sport of cycling.

Laura Yoisten has been an active member of the Centre since its inception in 1997. Laura was National Cadet MTB Champion in 1998 and earned a Bronze medal in the 1999 National championships in Camp Fortune, Quebec. Laura was a member of the Alberta Team at the 1999 Western Canada Games. Laura is active as a leader for both junior male and female athletes. She has a strong commitment to her teammates and her own training. Laura provides her peers with positive energy and endless enthusiasm. Laura was recently named to the Canadian National Development Team for the 2000 season.

Carrie Tuck has returned to Canadian cycling with a commitment to the Olympic dream. As a junior, Carrie competed in the World Mountain Bike Championships twice - placing in the top 8 on each occasion. Carrie brings a competitive drive that forces everyone to strive for their best. Despite a less demanding racing schedule in '99, Carrie has retained her spot on the Canadian National Development team for 2000. Carrie is committed to the Mountain Bike world but has recently given Track cycling a try. Carrie is evolving into a well rounded and successful young cyclist. She has the ability and drive to be one of Canada's best.

Jenny Trew started cycling in 1997 and has discovered a natural talent and competitive drive she never anticipated. In 1999, Jenny won the National Junior Sprint Championship. Jenny also won a silver medal in the time trial and a bronze in the road race at the National Junior Road Championships. Jenny has already won her first senior road event - winning the criterium at the 2000 edition of the Tour de Vine. Jenny has been a consistently strong and positive influence on her teammates. Jenny will focus on track and road events for the 2000 season. She was recently named to the Canadian National Development team.

Ryan McKenzie is a promising young rider who is slowly finding his feet in the world of national calibre sport. Ryan has competed in cycling since 1997 and has shown a great deal of promise as an aspiring track and road athlete. Ryan is discovering a new level of commitment and dedication to the sport of cycling. He is performing better and training more consistently each year. Ryan is aiming at Junior National team projects for the 2000 season. Ryan brings a contagious sense of humour and positive competitive spirit to the sport and his teammates.

All of the Podium Project athletes look forward to a busy racing season. In July they will complete a National Championships triple - competing in Track, Road and Mountain Bike National Championships. They look forward to racing against a quality field of Canada's best young hopefuls. Thanks to corporate supporters like The Bike Shop, Canada will continue to produce a field of riders who are a class act both on and off the bike.


Canadian road racer Odessa Gunn (Timex) and US Postal pro Levy Leipheimer have recently announced their engagement.


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