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December 8/12 20:09 pm - USGP of Cyclo-cross: Deschutes Brewery Cup Day 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 12/8/12

It turned into a battle of the teammates.  In both the Elite Women and Elite Men's races the outcome was decided in a man on man battle between members of the same team.

In the Elite Women's race LUNA teammates Georgia Gould and Katerina Nash attacked the group early and worked together to establish an insurmountable lead on the rest of the field.   Behind them former teammates Caroline Mani (Raleigh Clement) and Nicole Duke (Alchemy) chased hard trying to minimize their losses.   As Duke faded back, Mani surged ahead into a solo third position that she maintained for the duration of the race.   Behind her Duke was joined by a group that contained both Amanda Miller (Optum p/b Kelley Benefit Strategies) and Meredith Miller (Cal. Giant Berries) who was making her return to racing after breaking her hand in October. 

Once Gould and Nash opened a comfortable lead on the field their own truce was canceled and the two took turns attacking each other.   Ultimately Nash struck the winning blow and rapidly opened up an 18 second lead on Gould.   Mani rode 50 seconds behind the LUNA leader and behind her things were fracturing as Kaitlin Antonneau (Cannondale p/b surged out of the group to finish a strong fourth place.

In the Elite Men's race a group of four riders including teammates Ryan Trebon (Cannondale / Clement), Tim Johnson (Cannondale/ People for Bikes/ VW), Danny Summerhill (Garmin / Chipotle) and Yannick Eckmann (Cal. Giant Berries) rapidly established a break on the rest of the field. Summerhill crashed, leaving Eckmann to hold on against the two surging teammates.   Ultimately Eckmann faded back to a chase group that contained Summerhill, Ben Berden (Raleigh Clement), Adam Craig (Rabobank/ Giant) and Jamey Driscoll.   Zach McDonald (Rapha Focus) bridged across to the chase and U23 Series Leader Eckmann.  With a lap remaining Trebon and Johnson were attacking each other and the chase was fracturing.  Trebon got the front on the last half a lap and out-sprinted Johnson in a furious finish to take the win.   Behind them Adam Craig attacked the group and soloed in for a strong third place finish.  McDonald beat Eckmann to the line in the U23 battle.  Cal. Giant Berry rider Cody Kaiser finished third in that contest.

Racing resumes Sunday at 8am with a full schedule of amateur racing.   The Elite Women race at 2:15pm  - where Georgia Gould will attempt the wrest the Series overall title from the shoulders of the absent Katie Compton.   The men's contest begins at 3:30pm in what promises to be a thrilling rematch of today.

Press release


Results from the Deschutes Brewery Cup #1 in Bend Oregon


Elite Women, 18 km
1 Katerina Nash (Cze) Luna Pro Team 46:17
2 Georgia Gould (USA) Luna Pro Team 46:30
3 Caroline Mani (Fra) Raleigh Clement 47:19
4 Kaitlin Antonneau (USA) Exergy Twenty12 47:52
5 Amanda Miller (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 47:56
6 Elle Anderson (USA) LadiesFirst Racing 48:04
7 Mical Dyck (Can) Stan's NoTubes 48:06
8 Teal Stetson-Lee (USA) Luna Pro Team 48:06
9 Meredith Miller (USA) California Giant Berry Farms 48:14
10 Nicole Duke (USA) Alchemy 48:18
11 Julie Krasniak (Fra) Rapha-FOCUS 48:30
12 Pepper Harlton (Can) Juventus Cycling Club 48:32
13 Amanda Carey (USA) Volkswagen Boise 48:33
14 Crystal Anthony (USA) 48:42
15 Jade Wilcoxson (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 48:45
16 Wendy Simms (Can) KONA 48:52
17 Serena Gordon (USA) Silverado p/b Sunnyside Sports 49:51
18 Courtenay Mcfadden (USA) Peterson Racing p/b Spokesowomen 49:59
19 Andrea Smith (USA) LadiesFirst Racing 50:06
20 Rebecca Blatt (USA) Van Dessel 50:12
21 Alice Pennington (USA) Kona 50:16
22 Jenni Gaertner (USA) Motofish Racing 51:04
23 Jayne McLaughlin (GBr) Zuster Cycling 51:43
24 Jessica Cutler (USA) p/b Blue Cycles 51:48
25 Beth Ann Orton (USA) Team S&M 51:52
26 Evelyn Dong (USA) White Pine Touring 52:30
27 Tina Brubaker (USA) Speedvagen Racing Machines 52:58
28 Joele Guynup (USA) Condo Group 53:08
29 Katie J Melena (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster 54:01
30 Natalie Koncz (USA) Zuster Cycling 54:08
31 Shannon Gibson (USA) Stan's NoTubes Elite Cyclocross -2 Laps
32 Shantel Koenig (Can) redbike -2 Laps
33 Jana Repulski (USA) Broken Spoke Cycling -2 Laps
34 Alexandra Burton (USA) Upper Echelon Fitness -2 Laps
35 Sara Fletcher (USA) West Coast Women's Cycling -2 Laps
DNF Ellen Sherrill (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster
DNS Carmen Mcnellis Small (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies
DNS Gabriella Day (GBr) Rapha-FOCUS

Junior Men, 18 km
1 Logan Owen (USA) Redline 43:57
2 Maxx Chance (USA) Clif Bar Development Cyclocross 44:58
3 Garrett Gerchar (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 45:03
4 Nathaniel Morse (USA) Hot Tubes Development Cycling T 46:04
5 Spencer Downing (USA) Clif Bar Junior Development Cyc 46:21
6 Ian Mcpherson (USA) Clif Bar Development Cross Team 46:58
7 Nolan Brady (USA) Old Town Bicycle 47:08
8 Trevor Pearson (Can) Escape Velocity 47:24
9 Tyler Schwartz (USA) SDG/Felt 47:28
10 Nicholas Torraca (USA) Mad Duck Racing 47:31
11 Josey Weik (USA) IS CORP 47:34
12 Nevin Whittemore (USA) Boulder Junior Cycling 47:42
13 David Lombardo (USA) Verdigris-Village CX 47:46
14 Stephen Bassett (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross 47:47
15 Anders Nystrom (USA) BYRDS 48:15
16 Javier Colton (USA) Bend Endurance Academy 48:35
17 William Barta (USA) BYRDS (Boise Young Rider Develo 48:56
18 Skyler Mackey (USA) Team Soundpony 49:04
19 Douglas Hall (USA) The TEAM/SoCal Cross 49:17
20 David O'brien (USA) Revel Consulting/Rad Racing NW 49:27
21 Eric Botos (USA) boise young riders develpoment 50:50
22 David Brown (Can) Ind -3 Laps
DNS Jake Perrin (USA) Hutchs/Bend Dental/Lowes
DNS Max Toeldte (Can) BYRDS
DNS Austin Vincent (USA) Ind

Elite Men, 27 km
1 Ryan Trebon (USA) Cannondale/Clement 1:01:21
2 Timothy Johnson (USA) Volkswagen/peopleforbikes/Cannondale 1:01:22
3 Adam Craig (USA) Giant Rabobank Team 1:02:15
4 Daniel Summerhill (USA) Chipotle Development Team 1:02:19
5 Zach McDonald (USA) Rapha-FOCUS 1:02:22
6 Yannick Eckmann (Ger) California Giant/Specialized 1:02:22
7 James Driscoll (USA)  Jamis/Sutter Home 1:02:23
8 Ben Berden (Bel) Raleigh Clement 1:02:37
9 Todd Wells (USA) Specialized Factory Racing 1:02:57
10 Justin Lindine (USA) Redline 1:02:57
11 Allen Krughoff (USA) BOULDER CYCLE SPORT 1:03:10
12 Tristan Schouten (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:03:22
13 Geoff Kabush (Can) Scott-3Rox Racing 1:04:02
14 Brian Matter (USA) RACC p/b GG 1:04:16
15 Spencer Paxson (USA) Kona Factory Team 1:04:19
16 Alex Candelario (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strategies 1:04:26
17 Sean Babcock (USA) Kona 1:04:26
18 Cody Kaiser (USA) California Giant Berry Farms/Specialized 1:04:58
19 Mitchell Hoke (USA) Team Clif Bar 1:05:14
20 Barry Wicks (USA) Kona 1:05:15
21 Troy Wells (USA) Team CLIF Bar 1:05:15
22 Matt Shriver (USA) Ind 1:05:18
23 Chris Jackson (USA) Castex Racing p/b Felt 1:05:28
24 Jake Wells (USA) NoTubes Elite Cyclocross 1:05:30
25 Kevin Noiles (Can) 1:05:37
26 Aaron Schooler (Can) Norco Bicycles - SRI Importing 1:05:41
27 Tobin Ortenblad (USA) California Giant Berry Farms 1:05:42
28 Craig Richey (Can) p/b Ridley 1:05:46
29 Brennan Wodtli (USA) Ind 1:05:53
30 Zane Godby (USA) Clif Bar junior development 1:06:11
31 Braden Kappius (USA) Clif Bar Development Cross Team 1:06:18
32 Mike Sherer (USA) Optum p/b Kelly Benefit Strateg 1:06:22
33 Mark McConnell (Can) Synergy Racing 1:06:28
34 Erik Tonkin (USA) Kona/Team S&M 1:06:36
35 Kevin Bradford-Parish (USA) 1:06:48
36 Eric Thompson (USA) Plan C p/b Challenge Tires 1:06:51
37 Michael van den Ham (Can) Cycle-Smart 1:06:53
38 Giancarlo Dalle Angelini (USA) Don Walker Cycles 1:06:54
39 Kris Sneddon (Can) Kona 1:07:46
40 Patrick Means (USA) Team S&M -2 Laps
41 Chris Brandt (USA) Honey Stinger/Bontrager -2 Laps
42 Aaron Bradford (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster -2 Laps
43 Paul Lacava (USA) Giant Bicycles -2 Laps
44 Damian Schmitt (USA) Silverado Gallery/Sunnyside Sport -2 Laps
45 Josh Kelley (USA) Bailey Bikes SPY -2 Laps
46 Phil Grove (USA) Hammer Nutrition -2 Laps
47 Benjamin Sonntag (Ger) Ind -2 Laps
48 Tyler Coplea (USA) Ind -2 Laps
49 Alex Work (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster -2 Laps
50 Brandon Cross (USA) cole sport -2 Laps
51 Bjorn Selander (USA) Plan C p/b Challenge Tires -2 Laps
52 Scott Chapin (USA) Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster -3 Laps
53 Bjorn Fox (USA) Clif Bar Development Cross Team -3 Laps
54 Kolby Preble (USA) CLIF BAR Development Cyclocross -3 Laps
55 James Williams (USA) Adventures Edge -4 Laps
56 Erik Hamilton (USA) Tokyo Joes/Whole Foods -4 Laps
57 Sean Leader (USA) CycleWorks -4 Laps
58 Nathan Brown (USA) Superfly Cycles -5 Laps
59 Brent Gorman (USA) Volkswagen Boise -5 Laps
60 Donald Reeb (USA) p/b Blue -5 Laps
61 Chris Thibodeau (USA) SHO-AIR/S.E.R.T./ T.O.N.C -5 Laps
62 Kendal Johnson (USA) California Polytechnic -5 Laps
63 Drew Mackenzie (Can) Condo Group/Shimano/Marin -5 Laps
DNF Christopher Jones (USA) Rapha-FOCUS
DNF Shawn Milne (USA) CyclocrossWorld.Com
DNF Shaun Adamson (Can) Velocity Cycling Club
DNF Chris Sheppard (Can) Rocky Mountain Bicycles
DNS Jason Siegle (USA) SDG/Felt
DNS Graham Howard (USA) Ind
DNS David Reyes (USA) SRAM Factory
DNS Luke Haley (USA) Bob's Red Mill Cyclocross Team


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