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June 5/00 9:39 am - Quebec Results, B.C. Coaching Service

Posted by Editor on 06/5/00

Grand Prix de l'Amiante, Quebec
(courtesy JL)

Four cyclists in a breakaway went the wrong way and allowed François Lavallée, Espoirs de Laval, to win the GC at the Grand Prix de l'Amiante. Marc-André Salois, Volkswagen team, explained : "For 70 km, the four of us in the break were following a police escort. At a certain point, we were not told to turn right and just kept going. After a while, we were wondering how come we could not see the peloton anymore.."

SENIOR 1-2 -- 127 km
1.- Bruno Langlois (Espoirs de Laval) 3:28.29
2.- Alexandre Lavallée (Espoirs de Laval) s.t.
3.- Charles Dionne (Volkswagen) 3:30.32
4.- Paulo Saldanah (Martin Swiss) s.t.
5.- Jean-Sébastien Béland (André Lalonde Sport) s.t.

1.- Alexandre Lavallée (Espoirs de Laval) 4:40.15
2.- Bruno Langlois (Espoirs de Laval) 4:40.41
3.- Charles Dionne (Volkswagen) 4:42.18

JUNIOR MEN - 110 km
1.- Dominique Rollin (Espoirs de Laval) 2:58.13
2.- Martin Gilbert (V.B. Saeco)
3.- François Parisien (V.B. Saeco)
4.- Philippe Viau-Dupuis (Oerlikon)
5.- Jean-Sébastien Maheux (Espoirs de Laval) all s.t.

1.- Dominique Rollin (Espoirs de Laval) 4:12.13
2.- Martin Gilbert (V.B. Saeco)
3.- François Parisien (V.B. Saeco)
4.- Philippe Viau-Dupuis (Oerlikon)
5.- Jean-Sébastien Maheux (Espoirs de Laval) all s.t.

International Cycling Coaches Makes Its Official Debut

Former National Team Coach Steve Lund of the PacificSport National Cycling Center announced a new concept in cycling coaching at last Sunday's Bastion Square Criterium in Victoria. International Cycling Coaches will offer coaching programs to athletes in Victoria as well as worldwide via the website, expected to be fully operational by the first week of June. The website will offer a lot more than just a link for athletes and coaching, it will include an up to date Tips section with helpful race and training tips from top coaches, nutritionists, sport physiologists and pro racers. Also featured will be a Research section with some of the hottest new sport science information, tailored to the needs of cyclists and coaches.

"International Cycling Coaches is not a solo effort", says founder Steve Lund, "I am assembling the ICC Team of Experts, a group of dedicated professionals specializing an a number of sport science fields to ensure every athlete we coach gets the best possible program and advice. The website will be updated regularly with tips and advice from the ICC Team of Experts, and top athletes. My goal is to make International Cycling Coaches the number one source of information for athletes and coaches in cycling". Steve Lund and International Cycling Coaches can be contacted via e-mail at or by phone at 250-883-1949


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