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April 15/14 1:00 am - Barrys Roubaix and Airport TT report and results

Posted by Editoress on 04/15/14

Barry’s Roubaix and Airport TT Draw Top Cyclists to Pitt Meadows
Spring Bike Races in Pitt Meadows Continue to Prove Popular

Local Ride’s spring road cycling races drew nearly 200 competitors, including some of Canada’s top cyclists, to Pitt Meadows this past sunny weekend to contest the popular Barry’s Roubaix and Airport TT.
“Racers and volunteers were loving the heat and sunshine in Pitt Meadows this weekend, especially after last year’s frigid April rainstorm,” said event organizer Barry Lyster of Maple Ridge. “It didn’t quite have the same epic factor that Roubaix is known for, but we were more than happy with what we got.”



Jasmin Glaesser (file photo 2013 Road Nationals)


The Airport TT, a 12.5-kilometre individual time trial, featured a flat out-and-back course along some the most popular and scenic cycling roads in Pitt Meadows. Olympic Bronze Medalist Jasmin Glaesser (Team TIBCO) of Coquitlam unsurprisingly threw down the fastest elite women’s time, completing the course in 17 minutes and two seconds, setting an average speed of a blistering 43.12 kilometres per hour. Justine Clift (Glotman Simpson Cycling) of Vancouver finished second, followed by teammate Morgan Cabot, also of Vancouver, in third.



Curtis Dearden (file photo 2013 Road Nationals)

In the elite men’s race, it was Canadian Time Trial Champion Curtis Dearden (Accent Inns/Russ Hays presented by Scotia Bank) of Victoria who claimed victory in a time of 15 minutes and 37 seconds. Jordan Landolt of Victoria snapped up second place, with Dylan Davies (Accent Inns/Russ Hays presented by Scotia Bank) of Newmarket, Ontario in third.
“We were thrilled to have such high-calibre riders come out and race,” said Lyster. “Having an Olympic medalist and a National Champion was a great opportunity for young developing racers in BC to rub elbows with the best of the best and learn from them.”
Local Ride Racing’s Maggie Coles-Lyster of Maple Ridge logged the top result in the Open Women’s category with a time of 19 minutes and five seconds, followed by teammate Kelsey MacDonald of Pitt Meadows in second place.
Kelly Jablonski (Just Giver 4PD) of Richmond took the win in the Open Men’s race in a time of 17 minutes and six seconds, while Local Ride Racing’s Brett Wakefield of Maple Ridge finished a scant two seconds behind for second place.
Local Ride Racing's Sandra Walter of Coquitlam leads into a turn in the Cat 1/2/3 women's race. Photo: Susan Weston
Sunday’s Barry’s Roubaix road race, the weekend’s main event, was uncharacteristically mild, and riders crossed the finish line sweating and scorched with sunburn as opposed to shivering and caked in grime as is often the case. The unique road race, which uses a large portion of the community’s beautiful dyke network, has a strong 13-year history in Pitt Meadows.
Riders raced laps of the 9.16-kilometre course, with the number of loops dependent on category, which ranged from Novice and Youth to Elite.
The event paid homage to a historic spring cycling classic in France that saw its 112th edition happen on the same day as its Pitt Meadows tribute. The gravel dykes mimicked the bone-jarring sections of cobblestone for which the French event, Paris-Roubaix, is infamous.


Cat 1/2/3 Women's podium (l-r): Allie Guenther, Sandra Walter, Claire Cameron. Photo: Paul Craig

Local Ride Racing came out on top in the Cat 1/2/3 women’s race on Sunday, courtesy of Coquitlam’s Sandra Walter, 2012 and 2013 Canada Cup Mountain Bike Champion, whose late race attack was just enough to deliver her to the finish line first. Allie Guenther (Accent Inns/Russ Hays presented by Scotia Bank) of Victoria sprinted to second place, followed by Claire Cameron (Glotman Simpson Cycling) of Vancouver in third.


Cat 1/2 Men's podium (l-r): Curtis Dearden, Greg Christian, Dylan Davies. Photo: Paul Craig

The Accent Inns/Russ Hays presented by Scotia Bank squad dominated the Cat 1/2 men’s competition, sweeping the top three spots, led by race winner Greg Christian of Saint Simons Island, Georgia, USA. He and second place finisher Dearden arrived at the line together in a two-man breakaway, while third place, Davies, rolled across in third place, alone, more than four-and-a-half minutes later. The rest of the field was similarly splintered after 12 laps of intense racing.

Local Ride Racing’s Jackson Pickell, 17, of Port Coquitlam powered to a stellar 10th-place in the top ranks. The young up-and-comer chose to compete with the big guns in order to gain valuable high-level race experience. Fellow teammates, Rich Machhein of Maple Ridge and Julian Base of Vancouver were also amongst the fray.

Another promising young Local Ride Racing crew member, MacDonald, used home turf advantage to reach the top of the podium in the seven-lap Cat 3/4 women’s race. Vancouver’s Heidi Manicke (Giant Vancouver) rode to second spot, followed by Local Ride Racing’s Coles-Lyster in third, despite a nasty tumble in a gravel corner.

The eight-lap Cat 3 men’s competition saw a heated battle filled with attacks and counterattacks that whittled the peloton down to a hardy few. Seventeen-year-old Max Duso (TAG Cycling) of Vancouver grabbed victory in a bunch sprint finish, followed by Alex Langley of Vernon in second and Local Ride Racing’s Wakefied third.
Fellow Local Ride Racing teammate Carsten Ivany of Abbotsford finished hot on his heels in fourth, while the squad’s Ryan Newsome of Port Moody crossed the line in 16th.
Vancouver’s Jeff Gardner (Triple Crown Racing) won the Cat 4 men’s event, while Jack McKillop (Escape Velocity p/b Catalyst Kinetics) of North Vancouver sprinted to second place. Fifteen-year-old James Grant (VIPYRS) of Merville won the bunch sprint for third.
Andrew Kerr of Pitt Meadows delivered Local Ride Racing’s top result in 17th, followed by Team Manager Paul Craig, also of Pitt Meadows, in 22nd.

Conor Martin (Norco) of Kelowna was the top finisher in the U19/U17/U15/U13 category. North Vancouver's Eric Inkster (DEVO) pulled into second spot, while Ethan Pauly (Tripleshot Cycling) of Victoria grabbed the final podium spot. Sarah Van Dam (Tripleshot Cycling), also of Victoria, was the top female finisher in the category.
This fantastic weekend of cycling events was made possible with the generous support of Local Ride Racing, Kicking Horse Coffee, Q Energy Drink, Golden Ears Physiotherapy, Superior Glass, Power 2 Max, Cycling BC, City of Pitt Meadows, Pitt Meadows BMX, and Cycles Lambert.


Press release

Results from Saturday and Sunday

Airport TT
1/2/3 Women Time Gap
1 Jasmine Glaesser (Tibco Womens Pro Cycling) 00:17:02 0.00
2 Justine Clift 00:17:39 0:37
3 Cabot Morgan (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 00:17:59 0:57
4 Claire Cameron (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 00:18:04 1:02
5 Sara Bergen (Mighty Cycling) 00:18:10 1:08
6 Meghan Grant (Accent Inns Russ Hays p/b Scotiabank) 00:19:14 2:12
7 Alysia Withers 00:19:14 2:12
8 Guenther Allie (Accent Inns Russ Hays p/b Scotiabank) 00:19:25 2:23
Open Women
1 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) 00:19:05 0.00
2 Kelsey Macdonald (Local Ride Racing) 00:20:15 1:10
3 Glier Melissa 00:21:11 2:06
4 Mitchell Sharon 00:23:55 4:50
1/2 Men
1 Curtis Dearden (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 00:15:37 0.00
2 Jordan Landolt 00:15:55 0:18
3 Dylan Davies (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 00:16:19 0:42
4 Nigel Kinney (Musette Racing) 00:16:34 0:57
5 Vincent Marcotte (Musette Racing) 00:16:36 0:59
6 Geoffrey Parslow (Todd's Racing) 00:16:44 1:07
7 Normand Richard (Escape Velocity) 00:16:54 1:17
8 Mike Rothengatter (Accent Inns/Russ hay's p/b Scotiabank) 00:16:55 1:18
9 Dylan Cunningham (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 00:16:59 1:22
10 Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo) 00:17:10 1:33
11 Jackson Pickell (Local Ride Racing) 00:17:13 1:36
12 Sherwood Plant (Musette Racing) 00:17:16 1:39
13 Scott Laliberte (Musette) 00:17:24 1:47
14 Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays/Accent Inns P.B. Scotiabank) 00:17:27 1:50
15 Richard Machhen (Local Ride Racing) 00:18:08 2:31
DNS Robert Hargrove (Musette Racing)
Open Men
1 Kelly Jablonski 00:17:06 0.00
2 Brett Wakefield (Local Ride Racing) 00:17:08 0:02
3 Wilson Tran 00:17:16 0:10
4 Greg Inkster 00:17:16 0:10
5 David Dunnison 00:17:21 0:15
6 Julian Base (Local Ride Racing) 00:17:39 0:33
7 Volker Schneider 00:17:39 0:33
8 Bradley Dean 00:17:54 0:48
9 Mark Clyde 00:18:01 0:55
10 Alex Langley (Local Ride Racing) 00:18:17 1:11
11 Ivo Rytir 00:18:21 1:15
12 Chad Bergen 00:18:24 1:18
13 Steve Maclean (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst) 00:18:32 1:26
14 Paul Craig (Local Ride Racing) 00:19:07 2:01
15 David Lyall (Pacific MultiSport) 00:19:18 2:12
16 Blair Benjamin (Fort Langley Cyclery) 00:19:48 2:42
17 Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing) 00:19:56 2:50
18 Joshua Coulson (Just Giver 4PD) 00:20:28 3:22
19 Keith Ng (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst) 00:21:22 4:16
20 Bill Blonski 00:23:21 6:15
NP Harder Harder (Fort-Langley Cyclery)
NP Garth Braun
NP Alex Melnikov (Glotman Simpson Cycling)
U17 U19
1 Brodie Hay 00:18:35 0.00
2 Finn Blackburn (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 00:19:17 0:42
3 Sean Zoschke 00:19:19 0:44
4 James Grant 00:19:26 0:51
5 Mark Grant 00:19:47 1:12
6 Cameron Wiltshire 00:21:03 2:28
7 Conor Martin (Norco) 00:21:06 2:31
8 Eric Inkster (DEVO) 00:22:13 3:38
9 Sean Richardson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 00:23:01 4:26
10 Lorenzo Bonato (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 00:23:05 4:30
11 Elizabeth Gin (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 00:23:39 5:04
12 Brownen Campbell (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 00:23:40 5:05
13 Reese Critchlow (DEVO) 00:23:46 5:11
14 Rytir Patrik 00:24:16 5:41
15 Adam Uhser 00:25:53 7:18
16 Erin Usher (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 00:26:16 7:41
Barry's Roubaix Road Race
1/2/3 Open Women, 64.6 km
1 Sandra Walter (Live Giant) 2:00:09
2 Allie Guenther (Accent Inns Russ Hays p/b Scotiabank) 0:04
3 Claire Cameron (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 0:05
4 Sara Bergen (Mighty Cycling) 0:08
5 Katie Rushton (Accent Inns Russ Hays p/b Scotiabank) 0:14
6 Kelsey Macdonald (Local Ride Racing) 0:16
7 Meghan Grant (Accent Inns Russ Hays p/b Scotiabank) 0:48
8 Heidi Manicke (Giant Vancouver) 5:21
9 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Local Ride Racing) 11:17
10 Margaret Ovenall (EV / DEVO p/b Catalyst) 11:19
1/2 Men, 110.75 km
1 Greg Christian (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 2:46:09
2 Curtis Dearden (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 0:00
3 Dylan Davies (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 4:35
4 Jacob Schwingboth (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 7:14
5 Nigel Kinney (Musette Racing) 7:14
6 Cid Martinez-Arroyo (Accent Inns/Russ hay's p/b Scotiabank) 7:14
7 Jesse Reams (EV / DEVO p/b Catalyst) 8:53
8 Quinn Anderson (Mighty Cycling) 11:48
9 Chris Macdonald (Speed Theory) 12:00
10 Jackson Pickell (Local Ride Racing) 12:00
11 Dylan Cunningham (Accent Inns / Russ Hay's p/b Scotiabank) 15:45
12 Julian Base (Local Ride Racing)
13 Sherwood Plant (Musette Racing) -1 lap
14 Robert Hargrove (Musette Racing) -1 lap
15 Scott Laliberte (Musette) -1 lap
16 Mike Rothengatter (Accent Inns/Russ hay's p/b Scotiabank) -1 lap
DNF Richard Machhen (Local Ride Racing)
DNF Nick Hanni (EV / DEVO p/b Catalyst)
DNF John Perkins (SpeedTheory)
DNF Geoffrey Parslow (Todd's Racing)
DNF Shane Savage
DNF Vincent Marcotte (Musette Racing)
DNF Jonathon Wood
DNF David Gerth (Triple Crown Racing)
DNF Jordan Landolt
DNF Jordan Duncan (Russ Hays/Accent Inns P.B. Scotiabank)
DNF Galen Kehler (Phoenix Velo)
Youth Open
1 Conor Martin (Norco) 0:58:21
2 Eric Inkster (DEVO) 0:21
3 Ethan Pauly (Triple Shot) 0:40
4 Sarah Van Dam (Triple Shot) 0:45
5 Sean Richardson (EV/DEVO pb Catalyst Kinetics) 0:48
6 Reese Critchlow (DEVO) 0:49
7 Tyler Davies 0:56
8 Lorenzo Bonato (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 1:00
9 Bronwyn Campbell (Devo PB Catalyst Kinetics) 1:59
10 Calista Valente (DEVO p/b Catalyst Kinetics) 3:00
NP Margaret Ovenall (EV / DEVO p/b Catalyst)
Cat 3 Men, 73.83 km
1 Max Duso (tag cycling) 1:57:42
2 Alex Langley 0:00
3 Brett Wakefield (Local Ride Racing) 0:01
4 Carsten Ivany 0:02
5 Michael Goodman (Glotman Simpson) 0:03
6 Ian Hoffman 0:03
7 Rowan Morris (TaG Cycling) 0:04
8 Richard Wooles 0:06
9 Michael Parrish (glotman simpson racing) 0:06
10 Keifer Livingstone (Glotman Simpson) 0:10
11 Sean Omahony (Todd's Racing) 0:10
12 Amiel Flett (Musette Racing) 0:12
13 Alex Dove (Lynn Valley Bikes/Marin Bikes) 0:13
14 Fergus Horrobin (DEVO p/b Catalyst Kinetics) 0:15
15 Wai-Ben Wong (Glotman Simpson Cycling) 0:30
16 Ryan Newsome (Local Ride Racing) 6:52
17 Daniel Owsiany 6:54
18 Jay Loder (Bicicletta Proshop) 12:12
19 Ryan Newsome 12:49
20 Edward Argue -1 lap
21 Matan Guttman -1 lap
DNF Jeff Ain
DNF Cameron Fitzmaurice (Tag cycling)
DNF Andrew Yee Fung
DNF Christian Hansen (Escape Velocity p/b Catalyst Kinetics)
Cat 4 Men
1 Jeff Gardner (Triple Crown Racing) 1:32:02
2 Jack Mckillop (Escape Velocity p/b catalyst Kinetics) 0:05
3 James Grant (VIPYRS) 1:31
4 Brodie Hay 1:31
5 Mike Starko 1:32
6 Jesse Klassen 1:33
7 Brian Wong (Escape Velocity pb Catalyst Kinetics) 1:34
8 Robert Reinert 1:34
9 David Gilmour (Atomic) 1:35
10 Blair Benjamin (Fort Langley Cyclery) 1:35
11 Ryan Jones (Echelon Racing) 1:36
12 Ray Lachance (West Coast Cycling/RaceFace/Titus) 1:36
13 Ryan Cousineau (Escape Velocity) 1:38
14 Douglas Paeth (Interior Grasslands Cycling) 1:38
15 Richard Humphries 1:38
16 David Lyall (Pacific MultiSport) 1:41
17 Andrew Kerr (Local Ride Racing) 1:52
18 Adam Davidson (Todd's Racing) 2:29
19 Kellen Viznaugh (Revelstoke Cycling) 5:56
20 Richard Spooner (C4) 5:57
21 Finn Blackburn 5:58
22 Paul Craig (Local Ride Racing) 5:59
23 Mark Grant (VIPYRS) 6:05
24 Cash Johari 6:12
25 David Kozicz (West Lion Cycling Club) 6:17
26 Rob Lang (Independent) 8:42
27 Joshua Coulson (Just Giver 4PD) 11:52
28 Aaron Aquino (n/a) 12:10
29 Randall Cunningham (C4) -1 lap
DNF Phillip Coldrey Lo
DNF Liam Fox (Echelon Racing)
DNF Dave Dufrene
DNF Derrick Lee (Fulgas)


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