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June 21/14 12:56 pm - Kitchener Twilight Criterium results

Posted by Editoress on 06/21/14

Results from the Downtown Kitchener Twilight Criterium, held in Kitchener ON on June 20th.

Beginner Men & Women, 28 km (avg speed 40.5 kph)
1 Nick Chiappetta (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone) 41:31:00
2 Jim Gantley (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone) at 0:09
3 Garvin Moses (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone)
4 Blake Ellis (Waterloo Cycling Club)
5 David Vincent (Ind.) all s.t.
6 Alan Jones (Ind.) 0:11
7 Darren Johnston (Waterloo Cycling Club)
8 Michael Charland (Waterloo Cycling Club) both s.t.
9 Rob Samide (Ind.) 0:44
10 Rob Mccarty (Waterloo Cycling Club) s.t.
11 John Howison (Waterloo Cycling Club) 0:50
12 Todd Stahley (Ind.) 1:40
13 Malcolm Steven (Waterloo Cycling Club) 2:00
14 Alain Francq (Waterloo Cycling Club) 2:05
15 Peter Lowry (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) 3:39
16 Jeff Heipel (Waterloo Cycling Club)
17 Shane Vandyk (The Hub Race Team)
18 Karen Duquette (Speed River Cycling Club)
19 Chris Ostrowski (Speed River Cycling Club)
20 Larry Duncan (St. Catherines CC)
21 Curtis Bona (Waterloo Cycling Club)
22 Matthew Zammit (Ind.)
23 Natalie Ballach (Ind.)
24 Justen Konst ( Med.)
25 Cameron Brubacher (Ind.)
26 Scott Kemp (Ind.) all s.t.
DNF Ron Ferreiro (Ind.)
DNF Albert Kleinikkink (Waterloo Cycling Club)
Intermediate Men, 35 km (avg speed 42.2 kph)
1 Graydon Staples (Next Wave Cycling Team) 49:45:00
2 Mark Van Doormaal (Lapdogs) at 0:01
3 Scott Elliott (Midweek Cycling Club) s.t.
4 Josh Shenker (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) 0:07
5 Andrew Botterell (Cycles London Racing Team) 0:25
6 James Orton (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
7 Hayden Mayeur (
8 Miles Eastwood (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
9 Angus Botterell (Morning Glory Cycling Club)
10 Philip Sheffield (Waterloo Cycling Club)
11 Chris Vlemmix (Team Type1Cycling/London Honda/Village Cycle)
12 Andy D'angelo (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone)
13 Lucas Taylor (Kallisto-FCV)
14 Denny Saunders (Team Type1Cycling/London Honda/Village Cycle)
15 Rune Schaefer (
16 Garrett Belanger (Tower International Cycling Team)
17 Gunnar Holmgren (Velocity Cycle and Ski, Next Wave)
18 Nick Di Cristofaro (Real Deal Gears p/b Waspcam)
19 Dan Thompson (Midweek Cycling Club)
20 Zachary Peddle (
21 Brody Sanderson (Velocity Cycle and Ski, Next Wave)
22 Adam Myers (Waterloo Cycling Club)
23 Bob Bergman (Canadian Cycling Magazine)
24 Craig Saari (ToWheels/EpicSport/BCC)
25 Jim Schaefer (
26 Bruce Camacho (D'Ornellas CC)
27 Chris Ernst (Kallisto-FCV)
28 Mike Patte (The Hub Race Team)
29 Patrick Desnoyers (Argon 18)
30 Michael Nuttall (Cycles London Racing Team)
31 Marc Joanisse (ToWheels/EpicSport/BCC)
32 Campbell Macmillan (Ind.) all s.t.
DNF Jamie Kecskes (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta)
DNF Rick Bulmann (Forest City Velodrome)
DNF Conrad Mrowiec (Forest City Velodrome)
DNF Aji Dhillon (Forest City Velodrome)
DNF Clint Thompson (Full Throttle Cycling Club)
DNF Enrico Traini (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco Bicycles)
DNF Martin Davis (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone)
DNF Richard Ugalde (La Bicicletta Cycling Club)
DNF Mark Buckaway (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF Philip Gil (Novofit-Compass 360 Racing)
DNF Richard Bartolo (Novofit-Compass 360 Racing)
DNF Matt Thomas (Novofit-Compass 360 Racing)
DNF Jesse Schultz (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Joel Rose (The Hub Race Team)
DNF Jelle Donga (Tower International Cycling Team)
DNF David Pluck (Tower International Cycling Team)
DNF Manuel Gaudario (Tower International Cycling Team)
DNF Jason Woods (Tower International Cycling Team)
DNF Robert Mccarty (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Bryan Maier (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Noah Simms (Ind.)
DNF Adam Enrest (Ind.)
DNS Alex Avdyushin (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNS Joshua Smith (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
Advanced Women, 34 km (avg speed 39.9 kph)
1 Jessica Allen (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) 51:11:00
2 Karlee Gendron (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) at :17
3 Sarah Anne Rasmussen (Real Deal Gears p/b Waspcam)
4 Carrie Cartmill (Stevens - The Cyclery)
5 Katherine Maine (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
6 Amy Mausser (Ind.)
7 Sarah Mason (Kallisto-FCV) all s.t.
8 Antje Thamm (Kallisto-FCV) 0:35
9 Julia Gibson (Ottawa Bicycle Club) s.t.
DNF Ashley Barson ( Med.)
DNF Connie Verhaeghe (Hamilton Cycling Club)
DNF Suzie Brown (Holiday Inn / P-K Express)
DNF Kassandra Kriarakis (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Ali Van Yzendoorn (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Candice Vermeulen (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Charlotte Creswicke (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Farleigh Creswicke (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Chantal Thompson (Midweek Cycling Club)
DNF Shelly Mckee (Novofit-Compass 360 Racing)
DNF Alexandra Morley (Real Deal Gears p/b Waspcam)
DNF Hillary Lowry (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Naomi Desousa (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Lara Lee (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Maddison Vit (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Amelia Bell (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Kaitlyn Steeves (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Saskia Kowalchuk (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Carolyn Smith (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Tabi Ferguson (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Kari Hueber (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Nia Byway (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNF Kelly Ellis (Waterloo Cycling Club)
DNF Chris Brown (Novofit-Compass 360 Racing)
DNS Erin Donohue (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
Advanced Men, 53 km (avg speed 45.6 kph)
1 Jeff Schiller (ToWheels/EpicSport/BCC) 1:09:40
2 Ed Veal (Real Deal Gears p/b Waspcam)
3 Shannon Johnson (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
4 Jacob Restall (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
5 Ryan Aitcheson (Astellas Pro Cycling )
6 Ryan Roth (Silber Pro Cycling) all s.t.
7 Will Elliott (Team NCCH p/b Decexpress) 0:04
8 Gaelen Merritt (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Developments) 0:07
9 Benjamin Perry (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) 0:09
10 Anton Varabei (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco Bicycles)
11 Peter Morse (OCTTO-Cervélo)
12 Martin Rupes (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
13 Niles Vaivars (Real Deal Gears p/b Waspcam) all s.t.
14 Simon Fothergill (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) 1:20
15 Matthias Schmidt (Ind.)
16 Jason Valenti (B1 Cipollini Racing)
17 Jay Lamoureux (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
18 Aaron Thomas (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
19 Eric Johnston (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
20 Daniele Defranceschi (OCTTO-Cervélo)
21 Luke Vanlauwe (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express) all s.t.
22 Christopher Rowley ( Med.) 1:55
23 Chris Firek (Racer Sportif/Mattamy Homes)
24 Justin Rogers ( Norco)
25 Patrick Kings (Sound Solutions)
26 Jacques Cormier (Bikes On Wheels)
27 Michael Ybanez (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta)
28 Marco Li (ToWheels/EpicSport/BCC)
29 Robert Gutgesell (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco Bicycles)
30 Aaron Hamill (Waterloo Cycling Club)
31 Andrew House ( Med.)
32 James Keezer (Midweek Cycling Club)
33 Phill Hodgkinson (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Developments)
34 Christian Ricci (Kallisto-FCV)
35 Stanislav Blazek (Kurzawinski Coach - Bike Zone)
36 Brian Poel (Speed River Cycling Club)
37 Ed Makarchuk (Sound Solutions) all s.t.
38 Bayden Pritchard (OCTTO-Cervélo) 3:00
DNF Chris Freeland (Jet Fuel Coffee/Norco Bicycles)
DNF Edgars Apse (Blacksmith Cycle)
DNF Christopher Rowley ( Med.)
DNF Steve Smith (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta)
DNF Peter Kofman (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta)
DNF Garnett Abbey (Erace Cancer Cycling Team p/b La Bicicletta)
DNF Trevor Doyle (Hitch/Blatant Fabrication)
DNF Trevor O'donnell (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Cameron Mason (Kallisto-FCV)
DNF Gerard Yeates (Norco Evolution)
DNF Ross Graham (Ottawa Bicycle Club)
DNF Walid El-Sayed (Pedalinx Zuck Bikes)
DNF Scott Bentley (Sound Solutions)
DNF Andy Mill (Speed River Cycling Club)
DNF Mark Palma (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Jordan Broad (Team NCCH p/b Dec Express)
DNF Michael Jaffray (ToWheels/EpicSport/BCC)
DNF Steve Mckee (Wheels Of Bloor/Graywood Developments)
DNF Chris Kirk (Ind.)
DNF Gregory T. Cushing (Pedalinx Zuck Bikes)
DNF Roger Waithe (B1 Cipollini Racing)
DNS Bayley Simpson (Kallisto-FCV)


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