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July 9/00 11:15 am - Track Nationals, Whistler Gravity Tour, Dayton Pro-Am

Posted by Editoress on 07/9/00

Track Nationals - Bromont Quebec


Junior Women
1. Raphaelle Lemieux 15.350
2. Magali Greaux
3. Mathilde Hup-Debeurne
4. Laura Yoisten

Junior Men
1. Ryan McKenzie 13.430
2. Martin Gilbert
3. Nicholas Jendzjowsky
4. Taras Kleban

Elite Women
1. Tanya Dubnikoff 12.920
2. Lori-Ann Muenzer
3. Krista Svedahl
4. Jenny Trew

Elite Men
1. Doug Baron
2. Lars Madsen
3. Stenn Madsen
4. Kyle Hudson

500 m Time Trial

Junior Women
1. Raphaelle Lemieux 42.358
2.Magali Greaux 43.904
3. Mathilde Hup-Debeurne 44.689
4. Chantal Lachance 45.762

Elite Women
1. Lori-Ann Muenzer 36.435
2. Tanya Dubnikoff 36.827
3. Mandy Poitras 38.499
4. Susan Auch 38.665
5. Krista Svedahl

Points Race

Elite Women
1. Mandy Poitrac 30 pts
2. Andrea Hannos 19 pts
3. Melanie Nadeau 15 pts
4. Stephanie Hannos 12 pts
5. Julia Bradley 1pts
6. Carrie Tuck

Whistler Gravity Tour

Andrew Shandro won the men's elite downhill at today's Whistler Classic Garvity Tour. When asked about today's course... " It's a good course, with a few minor changes it will be a great course for next year's World Cup." Regarding his chances at Nationals he said... " If I'm riding like I know I can ride, no problem. It was nice to see everyone here for this race."

Daamiann Skelton was the winner of the the elite women's downhill. "I'm glad to be here, " she said "I love this course. I wasn't sure I was going to ride, since I've not been racing this year." She went on to say that the new sections added for 2000 made for a technical, but fun course. She will not be doing Nationals, and is not too sure what the future holds for her regarding racing.

Results when available

Dayton Pro/Am
Courtesy Dave Cathcart, Team Elita

Nicole Reinhart of Saturn won the stage.

Final GC was
1. Anna Wilson (Aus) Saturn
2. Annie Gariepy (Can) Elita
3. Elizabeth Emery (USA) Charles Schwab


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