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October 6/14 12:26 pm - Tobago Cycle Classic: Final GC

Posted by Editoress on 10/6/14

American Winston David won the 2014 Tobago International Cycle Classic overall title after the fourth and final stage at the Market Square Criterium, Scarborough on Saturday October 4th. The Incycle Predator rider clinched the crown with 82 points, two more than Patrik Moren (Sweden/Team Argon 18) -80 pts, Stage three and four winner Yondi Schmidt (Netherlands/Wilton-Diftar AA) 76 pts and home-town star Emile Abraham (Incycle Predator) 70 pts.

The win his the first international triumph for David. The Greenville, South Carolina resident was winner despite finishing well down the field (44th) in the Stage four 50 lap race as Schimdt raced to his second victory of the Classic. The top six all finished as a bunch within a second of each other. Sanchez Tavera (Dominican Republic/Team Foundation) was runner up with Joschka Beck (Germany/Biketempel), 2012 overall winner Darren Matthews (Barbados/Team Coco), Moren and Abraham all following behind.

Stage Four proved to be an exciting one with several riders taking the lead with no clear favourite but Abraham and his Incycle Predator team-mates dominated most of the race. Abraham, David, the English duo of Daniel Pattern, Jamie Wilkins, Canada's Jean Michel Lachance and Americans Michael Olheiser and Andrew Scarano were all prominent in the leading pack.

The Predator team took command in the 2nd and 3rd, 15th to the 19th laps and in the latter stages, the 35th to 39th lap and the 43rd and 44th. Evan Murphy (USA/Team Foundation) tried to break away in the sixth lap before Germany's Bhogal Alex (Wilton Diftar) pedaled to the front in the 7th, 8th and 9th laps but the green of the Predators team was always prominent in the front of the field.

Murphy moved ahead again in the 13th and 14th and the 40th and 41st. Patrick Wachter (Germany/Biketempel) also staked his claim, going ahead in the 22nd and the 23rd with Sweden’s Jake Silverberg (Slipstream) jumping into the mix, getting in front in the 25th and 26th laps. In the closing stage, there were still several cyclists in contention but Schmidt was not one of the front riders. However, as he showed in the Plymouth Criterium in the rain on Friday, he moved to the head of a crowded pack in the final lap to take a narrow victory over Tavera and Beck, this time in blazing sunshine. The Dutch national sprint champion used his finish kick well to cross the Wilson Road finish line leaving his rivals to battle for the minor places.

Lachance took Sprint Primes on Stage Four with 85 to run away with the overall Sprinter title (234) ahead of Abraham (181), David (149) and Schmidt (129).



1 Winston David (USA) Incycle- Predator 82
2 Patrik Moren (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 80
3 Schmidt Yondi (Ned) UW&TC de Volharding 76
4 Emile Abraham (Tri) Incycle- Predator 70
5 Jean Michel Lachance (Can) Incycle- Predator 52
6 Oscar Pachon (Col) Coco's 49
7 Rafael Meran (Dom) Team Foundation 44
8 Darren Matthews (Bar) Coco's 39
9 Evan Murphy (USA) Team Foundation 35
10 Aurelien Daniel (Fra) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 35
11 Sanchez Tavera (Dom) Team Foundation 30
12 Joschka Beck (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 30
13 Patrik Ericsson (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 30
14 Stopler Nick (Ned) UW&TC de Volharding 29
15 Jamol Eastmond (Bar) HeatWave 27
16 Vicente Sanabria (Cuba) The Braves 24
17 Dylan Van Zijl (Ned) PSL Cycling Club of Trinidad and 21
18 Gyasi Sulvaran (Ned) Team Designa Kokken 20
19 Stefan Schnelder (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 19
20 Anton Varabei (Can) Team Rio Grande Cycling 18
21 Max Jenkins (USA) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 17
22 Joshua Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation 14
23 Timothy Rugg (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling 14
24 Patrick Wachter (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 13
25 Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 13
26 Michael Olheiser (USA) Incycle- Predator 12
27 Jesper Hansen (Den) Team Designa Kokken 12
28 Gevan Samuel (Tri) The Braves 11
29 Camilo Ulloa (Col) Coco's 9
30 Wilhelm Felix (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 8
31 Felix Cruz (Dom) Team Foundation 7
32 Kyle Murphy (USA) Team Foundation 7
33 Adam Alexander (Tri) Team Foundation 6
34 Jamie Wilkins (GBr) Incycle- Predator 5
35 Bhogal Alex (Ger) UW&TC de Volharding 5
36 Carlos Ospina (Col) Coco's 5
37 Andrew Scarano (USA) Incycle- Predator 4
38 Teern Jorn (Ned) UW&TC de Volharding 4
39 Peter Carlsson (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 3
40 Jyme Bridges (Ant) SlipStream 3
41 Joshua Huppertz (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 2
42 Trevor Connor (Can) Team Rio Grande Cycling 2
43 Didier Caspers (Ned) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 2
44 Quintel Winkel (AHO) Team Foundation 0
45 Jake Silverberg (USA) SlipStream 0
46 Andre Simon (Ant) The Braves 0
47 Daniel Pattern (GBr) Incycle- Predator 0
48 Denis Bojarkin (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 0
49 Melvin Van Zijl (Ned) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 0
50 Frederick Stormann (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 0
51 Marco Massink (Ned) Team Designa Kokken 0
52 Thibault Jeannes (Fra) PSL/Well Services Petroleum Co. 0
53 Varun Maharajh (Tri) PSL Cycling Club of Trinidad and 0
54 Joaan Leinau (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 0
55 Eric Losak (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling 0
56 Andreas Thell (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 0
57 Marcus Svensson (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 0
58 Gabriel Ossyra (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 0
59 Anders Ekh (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 0
60 Ivan Viglasky (USA) CK Banska Bystrica - Slovakia 0
61 Stefan Bojarkin (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 0
62 Luois Leinau (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 0
63 Roberto Vukovic (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 0
64 Tomas Harag (Slo) CK Banska Bystrica - Slovakia 0
65 Joseph Garcia (USA) Team Rio Grande Cycling 0
66 Ernesto Salazar (Ven) The Braves 0
67 Jovian Gomez (Tri) SlipStream 0
68 Jesse Kelly (Bar) HeatWave 0
69 Alexander Kusters (Ger) NRW Best-Citzenships 0
70 Luca Herbert (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 0
71 Mark Codrington (Tri) SlipStream 0
72 Sheldon Ramjit (Tri) SlipStream 0
73 Joe Wilshire (GBr) SlipStream 0
74 Barry Luces (Tri) PSL Cycling Club of Trinidad and 0
75 Kevin Lynch (Can) Team Rio Grande Cycling 0
76 Hogenboom Niels (Ned) Team Designa Kokken 0
77 Fredrik Olofsson (Swe) Team Argon18 Scandinavia 0
78 Dominik Merseburg (Ger) Biketempel Fachklinik Dr. Herzog 0
79 James Hadeed (Tri) HeatWave 0
80 Marlon Williams (Guy) HeatWave 0


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