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January 15/16 1:56 am - Track World Cup #3: Hong Kong Day 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 01/15/16

Canada won its first medal of the final round of the Track World Cup in Hong Kong on Friday, with Jasmin Glaesser taking silver in the women's Points Race.  Glaesser finished with 13 points to Jolien D'Hoore's (Belgium) 17 points.  Glaesser also raced in the women's Scratch Race, finishing 17th.


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In other Canadian opening action, the women's Team Pursuit squad was third in the qualifying round, behind Great Britain and the USA.  Both Great Britain and the USA ran their 'A' squads, while Canada was missing Glaesser, Allison Beveridge and Kirsti Lay from their line-up.  The Canadians finished less then a tenth of a second behind the USA, whom they will face in the First Round on Saturday, to determine which team races for gold.

In the men's Team Pursuit, Canada was 12th, and will not move on to the next round.  In the women's Team Sprint, the Canadian duo of Monique Sullivan and Kate O'Brien were fourth in qualifying, and will race Spain for bronze in the final.

In the men's Points Race, Sean MacKinnon was ninth, and in the men's Scratch Race Aidan Caves did not finish.


"The girls have worked extremely hard to get to this point and I could not be more proud of their focus, fortitude, and grace under pressure in a must-do situation. Our objective for the past year has been to chip away at the points we needed to break into the top nine teams that will qualify for the Olympics," said Erin Hartwell, Canada's track sprint coach.

"Today put us into the driver's seat and one step closer to getting both Monique and Kate to Rio. It's wonderful to be racing for a medal tomorrow, as we've qualified into the top four for the first time. However, regardless of immediate success, we will forge on with the mindset and process-driven approach that has brought us to this position. Under no circumstance will we let our collective guard down in our grind to the Games. Nevertheless, I'll admit I'm somewhat happy today..."



Results from Day one in Hong Kong


Women Team Pursuit
1 Great Britain (Laura Trott/Elinor Barker/Ciara Horne/Joanna Rowsell-Shand) 4:19.369
2 United States (Sarah Hammer/Chloe Dygert/Jennifer Valente/Ruth Winder) 4:23.696
3 Canada (Laura Brown/Annie Foreman-Mackey/Stephanie Roorda/Georgia Simmerling) 4:23.79
4 China (Dong Yan Huang/Yali Jing/Menglu Ma/Baofang Zhao) 4:27.242
5 New Zealand (Holly Edmondston/Bryony Botha/Michaela Drummond/Philippa Sutton) 4:31.287
6 Italy (Simona Frapporti/Elisa Balsamo/Beatrice Bartelloni/Francesca Pattaro) 4:31.498
7 Germany (Stephanie Pohl/Charlotte Becker/Mieke Kroger/Gudrun Stock) 4:32:511
8 Poland (Malgorzata Wojtyra/Edyta Jasinska/Justyna Kaczkowska/Natalia Rutkowska) 4:33.906
9 Belarus (Ina Savenka/Katsiaryna Piatrouskaya/Polina Pivovarova/Marina Shmayankova) 4:34.604
10 Ireland (Caroline Ryan/Lydia Boylan/Josie Knight/Melanie Spath) 4:35.777
11 Hong Kong (Yao Pang/Bo Yee Leung/Zhao Juan Meng/Qianyu Yang) 4:37.53
12 Russia (Evgeniya Romanyuta/Gulnaz Badykova/Alexandra Goncharova/Tamara Balabolina) 4:38.567
13 Australia (Elissa Wundersitz/Nicola Macdonald/Alexandra Manly/Danielle Mckinnirey) 4:38.984
14 Japan (Sakura Tsukagoshi/Minami Uwano/Kisato Nakamura/Kie Furuyama) 4:40.257
 The eight teams recording the best times in the qualifying round will be matched in the First round as follows:
The 6th fastest team against the 7th fastest team.
The 5th fastest team against the 8th fastest team.
The 2nd fastest team against the 3rd fastest team.
The fastest team against the 4th fastest team.


Men Team Pursuit
1 Australia (Sam Welsford/Alexander Porter/Miles Scotson/Rohan Wight) 4:00.947
2 Denmark (Niklas Larsen/Frederik Madsen/Casper Pedersen/Rasmus Pedersen) 4:02.264
3 Italy (Simone Consonni/Michele Scartezzini/Filippo Ganna/Francesco Lamon) 4:02.545
4 Germany (Henning Bommel/Leif Lampater/Leon R. Rohde/Domenic Weinstein) 4:02.687
5 China (Hao Liu/Yang Fan/Chen Lu Qin/Pingan Shen) 4:04.144
6 Great Britain (Mark Cavendish/Oliver Wood/Kian Emadi/Christopher Latham) 4:05.015
7 Netherlands (Jenning Huizenga/Roy Pieters/Nick Stopler/Joost Van Der Burg) 4:05.247
8 Russia (Viktor Manakov/Sergei Shilov/Dmitrii Sokolov/Kirill Sveshnikov) 4:05.405
9 New Zealand (Dylan Kennett/Luke Mudgway/Marc Ryan/Thomas Sexton) 4:06.809
10 Switzerland (Claudio Imhof/Loic Perizzolo/Martin Schappi/Cyrille Thiery) 4:07.033

11 Colombia (Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal/Arles Castro Laverde/Jordan Arley Parra Arias/

Weimar Alfonso Roldan Ortiz)

12 Canada (Remi Pelletier-Roy/Sean Mackinnon/Aidan Caves/Adam Jamieson) 4:07.611
13 France (Benjamin Thomas/Clement Barbeau/Aurelien Costeplane/Florian Maitre) 4:07.877

14 Spain (Julio Alberto Amores Palacios/Xavier Canellas Sanchez/Vicente Garcia De Mateos Rubio/

Illart Zuazubiskar Gallastegi)

15 Ukraine (Vladyslav Kreminskyi/Roman Gladysh/Oleksandr Moshchonskiy/Taras Shevchuk) 4:17.130
16 Hong Kong (King Wai Cheung/Siu Wai Ko/Ka Yu Leung/Maximilian Gil Mitchelmore) 4:17.163
17 Uzbekistan (Ruslan Fedorov/Andrey Izmaylov/Vadim Shaekhov/Roman Shukurov) 4:21.121
 The eight teams recording the best times in the qualifying round will be matched in the First round as follows:
The 6th fastest team against the 7th fastest team.
The 5th fastest team against the 8th fastest team.
The 2nd fastest team against the 3rd fastest team.
The fastest team against the 4th fastest team.


Women Points Race
1 Jolien D'Hoore (Belgium) 17 pts
2 Jasmin Glaesser (Canada) 13
3 Emily Nelson (Great Britain) 11
4 Ina Savenka (Belarus) 8
5 Ganna Solovei (Ukraine) 7
6 Edita Mazureviciute (Lithuania) 7
7 Minami Uwano (Japan) 7
8 Gulnaz Badykova (Russua) 5
9 Caroline Ryan (Ireland) 5
10 Yao Pang (Hong Kong) 5
11 Elena Cecchini (Italy) 2
12 Stephanie Pohl (Germany) 0
DNF Edyta Jasinska (Poland)


Women Team Sprint
1 RusVelo (Daria Shmeleva/Anastasiia Voinova) 32.839
2 Great Britain (Katy Marchant/Jessica Varnish) 33.496
3 Spain (Tania Calvo Barbero/Helena Casas Roige) 33.538
4 Canada (Kate O'Brien/Monique Sullivan) 33.620
5 New Zealand (Natasha Hansen/Katie Schofield) 33.859
6 France (Sandie Clair/Olivia Montauban) 33.914
7 China (Shuang Guo/Lin Junhong) 33.999
8 Australia (Kaarle Mcculloch/Caitlin Ward) 34.121
9 Russia (Ekaterina Gnidenko/Viktoria Tyumneva) 34.369
10 Germany (Pauline Sophie Grabosch/Emma Hinze) 34.495
11 Mexico (Daniela Gaxiola Gonzalez Luz/Jessica Salazar Valles) 34.621
12 Netherlands (Kyra Lamberink/Hetty Van De Wouw) 34.708
13 Ukraine (Liubov Basova/Olena Starikova) 34.795
14 Colombia (Martha Bayona Pineda/Juliana Gaviria Rendon) 34.823
15 Japan (Takako Ishii/Mai Kajita) 35.661
Fastest 2 teams race for Gold and 3rd and 4th teams race for Bronze


Men Points Race
1 Benjamin Thomas (France) 33 pts
2 Julio Alberto Amores Palacios (Spain) 23 (-1 lap)
3 Luke Mudgway (New Zealand) 21 (-1 lap)
4 Jasper De Buyst (Belgium) 17 (-1 lap)
5 Claudio Imhof (Switzerland) 11 (-1 lap)
6 Artur Ershov (RusVelo) 11 (-1 lap)
7 Felix English (Ireland) 10 (-1 lap)
8 King Lok Cheung (Hong Kong) 10 (-1 lap)
9 Sean MacKinnon (Canada) 7 (-1 lap)
10 Juan Esteban Arango Carvajal (Colombia) 4 (-1 lap)
11 Michele Scartezzini (Italy) 4 (-1 lap)
DNF Chao Hua Xue (China)
DNF Vladyslav Kreminskyi (Ukraine)
DNF Ruslan Fedorov (Uzbekistan)


Men Scratch Race
1 Benjamin Thomas (France)
2 Xavier Canellas Sanchez (Spain)
3 Jordan Arley Parra Arias (Colombia)
4 Felix English (Ireland)
5 Chao Hua Xue (China)
6 King Lok Cheung (Hong Kong)
7 Adrian Teklinski (Poland)
8 Ignacio Prado (Mexico)
9 Andrey Sazanov (RusVelo)
10 Campbell Stewart (New Zealand)
11 Germain Burton (Great Britain)
12 Francesco Lamon (Itlay)
13 Daniel Hartvig (Denmark)
14 Loic Perizzolo (Switzerland)
15 Jasper De Buyst (Belgium)
DNF Aidan Caves (Canada)
DNF Roman Gladysh (Ukreaine)
DNF Timur Yambulatov (Uzbekistan)