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February 18/16 12:26 pm - Cyclists Needed for EPO Study - Race Mont Ventoux!

Posted by Editor on 02/18/16

A Dutch study is looking for 48 male cyclists (18-45) to participate in a study that will investigate the "(EPO) effect of recombinant human erythropoietin [rHuEPO] on the bike performance and potential side effects in well-trained cyclists."

According to the researchers, there has been insufficient scientific study to show that rHuEPO has a performance-enhancing effect on professional cyclists. So, they are going to give half the group (24) rHuEPO and half a placebo. They will monitor the participants through their training and also have them participate in a 150 km race that finishes on top of the legendary Mont Ventoux climb in the French alps.

The full study will last approximately 3 months, beginning in March, and participants will receive 860 Euros compensation plus some travel expenses (0.19 Euros/km, maximum of 125 km). The study also states that you must be able to speak and understand Dutch.

For more information visit Here.


This is your chance to really race like Lance...


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