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February 27/16 21:06 pm - Vuelta Independencia Nacional Republica Dominicana: Stage 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 02/27/16

Results from Stage one of the Vuelta Independencia Nacional Republica Dominicana in the Dominican Republic.

Norco-Premier Tech has 6 riders participating, David Drouin, Kevin Archambault, Simon Ouellet, Etienne Samson, Maxime Lepluart, Samuel Blanchette.



Stage 1: Mirador Sur TTT, 20 km
1 Aero Cicling Team 0:23:37
2 Inteja MMR at 0:05
3 San Luis Somos Todos 0:10
4 Boyaca Raza de Campeones 0:15
5 Lupus Racing Team 0:20
6 Nestle Giant 0:25
7 Ochoa Finauto 0:30
8 Team Ecuador 0:35
9 Norco-Premier Tech 0:40
10 Support Clean Sea Suche 0:45
11 Foothill Cyclery 0:50
12 T Embrace The Word 0:55
13 CRCA Foundation 1:00
14 Team Tachira Concafe 1:05
15 Madinina Bikers 1:10
16 Velo d'Ordu Centre 1:15
17 Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco 1:20
18 La Romana Team 1:25
19 Sudwestteam 1:30
20 Velo Passion Carabais T 1:35
21 Asocipe 1:40
1 Norlandy Taveras (Dom) Aero Cicling Team 0:23:37
2 Ismael Sanchez (Dom) Aero Cicling Team
3 Wellington Canela (Dom) Aero Cicling Team
4 Rafael Meran (Dom) Aero Cicling Team
5 Augusto Sanchez (Dom) Aero Cicling Team
6 Charli Hooj Henandez (Dom) Aero Cicling Team
7 Anthony Js Rodriguez (Dom) Aero Cicling Team all s.t.
8 Rafael Marques (Esp) Inteja MMR 0:05
9 Diego Milan (Dom) Inteja MMR
10 Fernando Perez (Esp) Inteja MMR
11 Ignacio Sarabia (Mex) Inteja MMR
12 Israel Nuño (Esp) Inteja MMR all s.t.
13 Josue Moyano (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos 0:10
14 Sergio Godoy (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos
15 Alfredo Lucero (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos
16 Mauro Richeze (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos all s.t.
17 Rodrigo Parra (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones 0:15
18 Diego A Ochoa (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones
19 Diego G Mancipe (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones
20 Miguel E Flores (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones
21 Camilo Diagama (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones
22 Yeison A Chaparro (Col) Boyaca Raza de Campeones all s.t.
23 Chistopher Hornner (USA) Lupus Racing Team 0:20
24 Bryan Lewis (USA) Lupus Racing Team
25 Thomas Vaubourzeix (Fra) Lupus Racing Team
26 Matthieu Jeannes (Fra) Lupus Racing Team
27 Evan Murphy (USA) Lupus Racing Team
28 Chad Beyer (USA) Lupus Racing Team
29 Michael Olheiser (USA) Lupus Racing Team
30 Barry Miller (USA) Lupus Racing Team all s.t.
31 Gabriel Marin (Crc) Nestle Giant 0:25
32 Jose Vega (Crc) Nestle Giant
33 Jose Irias (Crc) Nestle Giant
34 Elias Vega (Crc) Nestle Giant
35 Daniel Bonilla (Crc) Nestle Giant
36 Joseph Cavarria (Crc) Nestle Giant all s.t.
37 Adderlyn F Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto 0:30
38 Geovanny Garcia (Dom) Ochoa Finauto
39 Enmanuel Nuñez (Dom) Ochoa Finauto
40 Wendy Cruz (Dom) Ochoa Finauto
41 Alberto Ramos (Dom) Ochoa Finauto all s.t.
42 Cristian Pita (Ecu) Team Ecuador 0:35
43 David Villavicencio (Ecu) Team Ecuador
44 Jefferson Cepeda (Ecu) Team Ecuador
45 Henry Velasco (Ecu) Team Ecuador
46 Jorge Montenegro (Ecu) Team Ecuador all s.t.
47 David Drouin (Can) Norco-Premier Tech 0:40
48 Kevin Archambault (Can) Norco-Premier Tech
49 Simon Ouellet (Can) Norco-Premier Tech
50 Etienne Samson (Can) Norco-Premier Tech all s.t.
51 Davis Corry (USA) Support Clean Sea Suche 0:45
52 Coulton Hartrich (USA) Support Clean Sea Suche
53 Stafano Barberi (USA) Support Clean Sea Suche
54 Austin Ullich (USA) Support Clean Sea Suche
55 Braley Shne (USA) Support Clean Sea Suche all s.t.
56 Brock Mason (USA) Foothill Cyclery 0:50
57 Andy Scaramo (USA) Foothill Cyclery
58 Chris Meachan (USA) Foothill Cyclery
59 Quintin Kirby (USA) Foothill Cyclery all s.t.
60 Hutschenreuter Hans (Ger) T Embrace The Word 0:55
61 Mayrhofer Leonard (Ger) T Embrace The Word
62 Becker Phillip (Ger) T Embrace The Word
63 Vogel Kevin (Ger) T Embrace The Word
64 Stegbert Roland (Ger) T Embrace The Word
65 Micha Glowatzki (Ger) T Embrace The Word all s.t.
66 Cristian C Torres (Col) CRCA Foundation 1:00
67 Robinson M Paulino (Dom) CRCA Foundation
68 Quinten Winkel (Ned) CRCA Foundation
69 Alex Sanborn (USA) CRCA Foundation all s.t.
70 Jorge L Abreu (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe 1:05
71 Yosvang A Rojas (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe
72 Carlos E Molina (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe
73 Yeisson R Delgado (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe all s.t.
74 Nerestan Havener (Fra) Madinina Bikers 1:10
75 J Christofer Florimind (Fra) Madinina Bikers
76 Eddy M Cadet (Fra) Madinina Bikers
77 Alexis Villas (Fra) Madinina Bikers
78 Henve Arcade (Fra) Madinina Bikers
79 Marc Favien (Fra) Madinina Bikers all s.t.
80 Damien Garcia (Fra) Velo d'Ordu Centre 1:15
81 Lionel Miny (Fra) Velo d'Ordu Centre
82 Baulio Garcia (Dom) Velo d'Ordu Centre
83 Jean L Damase (Fra) Velo d'Ordu Centre
84 Kerane Barolin (Fra) Velo d'Ordu Centre all s.t.
85 Jonatan Ogando (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco 1:20
86 Enmanuel Sepulveda (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco
87 Rudy A Germoso (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco
88 Amauris Perez (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco
89 Pablo A Reyes (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco
90 Enmanuel Fernandez (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco all s.t.
91 Francisco Muñoz (Dom) La Romana Team 1:25
92 Leonardo Mazara (Dom) La Romana Team
93 Carlos A Cespedes (Dom) La Romana Team
94 Michael Joknson (Dom) La Romana Team
95 Jose Frank Rodriguez (Dom) La Romana Team
96 David Astacio (Dom) La Romana Team all s.t.
97 Marcel Weber (Ger) Sudwestteam 1:30
98 Michael Kyburz (Ger) Sudwestteam
99 Lukas Von Coelin (Ger) Sudwestteam
100 Wolfgang Brandi (Ger) Sudwestteam all s.t.
101 Jocelyn Lemperriere (Fra) Velo Passion Carabais T 1:35
102 Willian Bondot (Fra) Velo Passion Carabais T
103 Chistophe Thibois (Fra) Velo Passion Carabais T
104 Johan Gobin (Fra) Velo Passion Carabais T
105 Cedric Ramothe (Fra) Velo Passion Carabais T all s.t.
106 Jose L Martinez (Dom) Asocipe 1:40
107 Yordalis Hernandez (Dom) Asocipe
108 Greymer Arias (Dom) Asocipe
109 Franklin Bencosme (Dom) Asocipe
110 Melvin Gomez (Dom) Asocipe all s.t.
111 Daniel M Abreu (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe 5:07
112 Xavier A Nieves (Ven) Team Tachira Concafe 7:19
113 Jean C Crispin (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco 11:47
114 Kevin Pujols (Dom) Edenorte-Asocisa-Arco 18:22
115 Jr Juan Pimentel (USA) CRCA Foundation 4:04
116 Sammy Moseley (USA) CRCA Foundation s.t.
117 Alejandro Guzman (USA) CRCA Foundation 5:19
118 Lacasete Stephane (Fra) Velo d'Ordu Centre 6:17
119 Jonatan Encarnacion (Dom) CRCA Foundation 9:17
120 Jean C Tejada (Dom) Asocipe 4:41
121 Allen Santiago (Dom) Asocipe
122 Fausto Leon (Dom) Asocipe both s.t.
123 Blake Anton (USA) Foothill Cyclery 2:25
124 Olson Garret (USA) Foothill Cyclery 2:25
125 Junior Marte (Dom) Ochoa Finauto 5:14
126 Julio C Peralta (Dom) Ochoa Finauto s.t.
127 Rodolfo Puello (Dom) La Romana Team 3:37
128 Marco Delgado (Dom) Ochoa Finauto 6:54
129 Jason J Guzman (Dom) La Romana Team 6:56
130 Maxime Lepluart (Can) Norco-Premier Tech 2:18
131 Samuel Blanchette (Can) Norco-Premier Tech 2:23
132 Eriberto Peña (Dom) Aero Cicling Team 1:53
133 Stefan Mossmann (Ger) Sudwestteam 6:57
134 Mauricio Quiroga (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos 1:04
135 Fernando Murgo (Arg) San Luis Somos Todos s.t.
136 Joaquin Sobrino (Esp) Inteja MMR 1:17
137 Juan Jose Cueto (Dom) Inteja MMR 1:27
138 Joel Garcia (Dom) Inteja MMR 2:29


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