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September 5/00 10:31 am - Dubnicoff in Sydney, Avenir, Quebec News

Posted by Editor on 09/5/00

Dubnicoff Report

Tanya Dubnicoff has sent in a report of her driving experiences in Australia...

Hello everyone!

I was kinda Jealous, Kurt gets to e-mail everyone HIS perspective on our life and its daily events while we are down under in Pre-Olympic training.

I snuck up on him and slammed the laptop down on his fingers, awwwwe!, so he can't write today, I am going to tell you how it is, and how we keep occupied this far away from home and 12 days away from competing. (oh shit 12 days)!

I find it quite amusing when Kurt drives, he is so cautious, making sure he is in the right lane (actually left) safety first with him! It is nice to see. Usually sprinters are always racing to get somewhere. I ride shot gun all the time, it just happens that way. I feel quite comfortable getting in on the left hand side of the car, I still have my arm rest and gear box on my right. The only thing that is missing is the steering wheel. And that is taken care of by "Mr. Safety First" over on the right side (drivers side).

Anyway so we are off, get into the car, me shot gun, Lori-ann (Muenzer) in the back, stretching her long legs so I have to pull the seat up really close. I get comfortable, with my right elbow on the arm rest, and right hand on the gear shift and away we go. I guess I got a little bit too comfortable because when Kurt went to put it into gear we touched hands! AHHHHHHHHHH! eeeek! whew calm down! Ok, lets just try NOT to drive under the minimum speed limit this time, ok Kurt?

I think I am so smart, watching "Mr. Safety First" setting off the windshield wipers every time he tries to activate the turning signals, laughing my guts out. So I get into the car yesterday afternoon, all by myself - I am going on an adventure! I am going shopping. Day off, I needed some retail therapy. I had an excuse; our dollar is better than somebody's! So I get into the car, I actually went to the left side, then I thought, what am I doing. Be cool, be cool no one saw that. I go around to the right hand side, get into the car. And to my amazement, my armrest and gear shift was gone and I had the steering wheel! Wow, the view was different from the other side of the car. I kept repeating to myself: Be cool, be cool.

I get out of the parking lot. And I go to turn right into the far lane of traffic, of course looking the wrong way to see if the traffic was coming. And then what happened......? The wipers came on; I laughed my ass off. Be cool, be cool, no one saw that! I just followed what all the other cars did in front of me. One time I panicked be/c I turned down a road and there were no cars! Ahh what lane do I go in? Be cool, be cool, I'm all right no one saw that.....

That is it for me, I will tell you next time about my own little game I play when I am walking down the street. It is called "fake out the aussie" It is quite amusing.

We are doing great here, The hotel is awesome! Really close to downtown, great friendly staff, awesome food. I never thought I would get sick of fine dining. I have eaten so many scalloped potatoes my belly feels like a bowl of paper mache ready for a piñata making contest!

Thanks for all the support!


Dionne toujours à l'avant. Hors-délai, Saint-Laurent rentre au pays.

St-Amand Montrond, France (DIAPO) - Après trois attaques menées par des groupes différents, seulement deux coureurs ont distancé le peloton à la ligne d'arrivée de la 5e étape du Tour de l'avenir. Le Français Laurent Chotard a battu le Suisse Steve Zampieri au sprint pour gagner l'étape de 172 kilomètres en 3 :48 :25 heures. Zampieri termine à une seconde et 93 concurrents à 14 secondes. Quatrième de ce peloton, Charles Dionne, de St-Rédempteur, termine l'étape en 6e place et occupe le 68e rang du classement général à 5 minutes et 32 secondes du meneur, le Hongrois Laszlo Bodrogi.

"Ce fut une superbe journée", a indiqué, sans détour, Charles Dionne après l'épreuve. "L'étape a été mouvementée avec des côtes et des échappées et j'ai toujours été là. Au début du Tour, je suivais, mais aujourd'hui, j'étais dans le coup. Tout le temps", a poursuivi un Dionne fier de lui. "Nous ne sommes peut-être pas encore dans les Alpes, mais les montées d'aujourd'hui étaient suffisantes pour faire des dommages."

Martin Saint-Laurent, le coéquipier de Dionne dans l'équipe Volkswagen, n'aura pas connu le même succès que son compagnon de voyage. Comme 16 autres coureurs, Saint-Laurent est arrivé hors-délai et est éliminé du Tour. "Comme plusieurs autres, j'ai été largué dans la côte du 68e kilomètre, a-t-il expliqué. Après celle-ci, plusieurs coureurs se sont regroupés et ont rejoint le peloton, mais pas mon petit groupe."

"C'est sûr que j'aurais aimé finir le Tour, mais bon, je n'ai que 20 ans et les gars devant en avaient 24-25 et courent dans des équipes professionnelles à longueur d'été. Je me suis battu très fort. J'ai fait ce que j'ai pu et j'espère revenir l'an prochain. Pour l'instant, je retourne à la maison le plus vite possible pour reprendre mes études en kinésiologie, à l'Université de Montréal."

Pour ce qui est de Dionne, il se dirige vers l'inconnu. "Oui, j'ai bien monté le Mont Mégantic, mais dans les Alpes, les côtes seront très longues. Et ici, je sais que les gars rouleront sur gros plateau tant que l'inclinaison le leur permettra. On verra bien."

Mardi, les 105 coureurs toujours en lice s'attaqueront aux 190 kilomètres séparant St-Amand Montrond et Autun.

Daniel Aucoin
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Mountain Biking Excluded From les Jeux du Québecin 2001

What a shame! Our young sport is still growing up in all the regions of Québec. It is fun and pleasant to see these young riders giving their best at each event. But, those youngsters received a bad news. L'Organisation des Jeux du Québec of Lachine did not included in their program the mountain bike for 2001. They preferred aquatic skiing and hand cycling.

I feel sick and bad about that decision. Is there any hope? May be, may be not... Yes, it is a sad news for all the mountain bikers in Québec.

Carroll Roy, Lafontaine Qc.


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