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September 25/00 10:57 am - Olympic Women's Road Race: Lap Reports & Official Final Results

Posted by Editoress on 09/25/00

7:15pm: Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: Lap 1

119.7 km, 7 lps of a 17 km course

Weather overcast, rain threatening

Race started on time and the pack stayed together, anticipating the only major climb on the course. The Canadians could be seen in the centre and at the back of the pack, but then so could Jeannie Longo and many of the other strong contenders.

As the riders started up the climb for the first of 7 times, Clara Hughes goes to the front to lead the group.

7:30pm: Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: Lap 2 starts

The pack is still together. Various riders have taken a turn at the front, including Jeannie Longo.

Genevieve Jeanson had a wee bit of a scare towards the end of lap 1 as she was caught behind a crash. She had to come to a stop, but did not come off her bike. Clara Hughes dropped back to the back of the pack to make sure Jeanson was able to get back on, which she was able to do with 1 km to go to the end of the 1st lap.

Lap 1 completed in 26.41 minutes, 6 laps to go. Average speed 38.45km/hr

8:00pm: Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: 1/2 way through Lap 2

AS the pack went up the climb, 3 riders attacked. Pia Sundstedt (Fin), Chantal Beltman (Ned) and an Italian. The 3 quickly opened a gap up the climb, but as the pack came over the top, the chasers pushing the pace at the front (including Lyne Bessette) quickly reeled them in.

8:30pm: Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: 12 km into Lap 3

The pack is still all together. Clara Hughes is back on after a flat. Karen Kurreck (USA), who had to stop to have a mechanical problem seen to, is also back in the pack.

It has just started to rain.

9pm: Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: Start of Lap 5

The rain has setttled in and become a factor in the race. Lap 4 saw the fasted lap so far with an average speed of 39km per hr. There were a few attacks that attributed to the increase in speed, but as the riders started lap 5, they are back together. Canadian riders have all taken a turn at the front.

Zilute, Longo and some of the other strong contenders are now making a move to the front.

American riders Nicole Freedman and Karen Kurreck have dropped out. 30 riders remain in the race.

Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: End of Lap 5

Diana Ziliute (Ltu)and Mirjam Melchers (Ned) attacked up the climb and split the pack into 2 groups. The 2nd group hammered and caught, but the pack was more of a long string than a pack at this point. As they regrouped, Australian Juanita Feldhahn attacked and was chased down by the pack lead by Lyne Bessette.

The rain and cold are taking a toll on the riders as only 30 remain of 57 starters.

Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: End of Lap 6

Mirjam Melchers (Ned) attacked on the climb and managed to get a good gap on the pack as they were not able to put it together to chase. Finally, Joane Somarriba Arrola (Esp) went off chasing alone, to be joined by Zoulfia Zabirova (Rus) and Anna Wilson (Aus). The 3 closed the gap on Melchers and lit a spark on the pack that also began to chase. Lyne Bessette w/ Genevieve Jeanson on her wheel took a strong pull to bring the pack to within 56 seconds of Melchers at the end of lap 6.

Clara Hughes has dropped of the back.

Olympic Report: Women's Road Race: Last Lap

As they approached thOfficial Top 10

1. Gold Medal ZIJLAARD Leontien (NED) 3:06:31
2. Silver Medal KUPFERNAGEL Hanka (GER)
3. Bronze Medal ZILIUTE Diana (LTU)
4. WILSON Anna (AUS)
6. le FLOC'H Magali (FRA)
7. ZABIROVA Zoulfia (RUS)
8. van de VIJVER Heidi (BEL)
9. SCHNORF Yvonne (SUI)
10. SYMINGTON Sara (GBR) all s.t.e 1/4 way point of the final lap, Joane Somarriba Arrola (Esp) and Pia Sundstedt (Fin) launched an attack that went clear. The 2 stayed away until just before the climb when the pack caught them. The Spanish rider stayed at the front of the pack and lead the pack up the climb. On the climb, Bessette and Jeanson are keeping a strong position near the front of the pack.

It beginning to looks like a sprint finish........and Sunstead has just launched a very strong attack.

Olympic Women's Road Race

Official Results

1. Gold Medal ZIJLAARD Leontien (NED) 3:06:31
2. Silver Medal KUPFERNAGEL Hanka (GER)
3. Bronze Medal ZILIUTE Diana (LTU)
4. WILSON Anna (AUS)
6. le FLOC'H Magali (FRA)
7. ZABIROVA Zoulfia (RUS)
8. van de VIJVER Heidi (BEL)
9. SCHNORF Yvonne (SUI)
11. JEANSON Genevieve (CAN)
12. MELCHERS Mirjam (NED)
15. CAPPELLOTTO Alessandra (ITA)
16. BRAENDLI Nicole (SUI)
17. STIAJKINA Tetyana (UKR)
18. COLEMAN Jacinta (NZL)
19. SAPRYKINA Oksana (UKR)
20. PIETERS Cindy (BEL)
23. GAUDRY Tracey (AUS)
24. McGREGOR Yvonne (GBR) all s.t.
25. PUCINSKAITE Edita (LTU) 0:06
26. LONGO-CIPRELLI Jeannie (FRA) 0:06
27. GILFILLAN Ceris (GBR) 0:06
28. FELDHAHN Juanita (AUS) 0:06
29. VALEN Monica (NOR) 1:31
30. ROSSNER Petra (GER) 2:46
31. CAPPELLOTTO Valeria (ITA) 2:46
32. DOPPMANN Priska (SUI) 3:46
33. KARPENKO Valentyna (UKR) 4:02
34. BLAZQUEZ LOZANO Fatima (ESP) 4:02
35. BOLLERUD Ingunn (NOR) 4:02
36. REEKIE-MAY Roz (NZL) 4:03
37. BELTMAN Chantal (NED) 4:03
38. FLATAAS Solrun (NOR) 4:33
39. MARSAL Catherine (FRA) 4:33
40. VONCKX Vanja (BEL) 6:09
41. OKI Miho (JPN) 6:09
42. SLIOUSSAREVA Olga (RUS) 6:56
43. HUGHES Clara (CAN) 10:18
44. SAINTAGNE Claudia (BRA) 17:48
45. CHEN Chiung-Yi (TPE) 21:29
46. PEREZ Dania (CUB) 21:57
47. FREEDMAN Nicole (USA) 21:57
48. CAGIGAS AMED Mercedes (ESP) 21:58
49. SILVA Janildes (BRA) 28:41
DNF. NETZLER Bianca Jane (SAM)


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