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December 3/16 17:15 pm - Athlete Services & Benefits Program (B.C.)

Posted by Editor on 12/3/16

By virtue of its status as a "targeted sport" within the British Columbia Integrated Performance System (IPS), Cycling BC is eligible to nominate selected athletes and their coaches for enhanced benefits, programs and services support through the Canadian Sport Institute and the network of regional centres in BC.

This is referred to as "Canadian Sport Institute/PacificSport Athlete and Coach Registration," which provides athletes at various levels with funding and resources to pursue excellence. The Canadian Sport Institute & PacificSport services are broken into levels, each with a slate of designated services, some of which are free and others of which are provided on a fee-for-service basis. Please click on Athlete and Coach for an outline of programs and services.

Targeted Cyclists and their coaches apply to Cycling BC to be considered. Applications are reviewed by Cycling BC's High Performance Coordinator, and those applicants who meet the criteria outlined below are then put forward to the Canadian Sport Institute.

Once you have been selected, you will be notified of your selection by the Cycling BC High Performance Coordinator, and will be provided with information on how to register with your local Canadian Sport Institute or Regional Centre.

Athletes and coaches must register with their local centre to initiate the process, which will provide them with their athlete or coach card, which in turn, enables them to take advantage of the programs and support services to which they are entitled. Athletes who do not register with their centre may forfeit their ability to be selected to receive enhanced benefits, programs and services the following year.

There are four different levels of athlete benefits, programs and services offered, for more information please click Here.

Applications are now open until January 20, 2017.

2017 Canadian Sport Institute/Cycling BC Athlete and Coach Criteria

2017 Canadian Sport Institute/Cycling BC Athlete and Coach Application


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