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December 10/16 11:44 am - Tripleshot Cycling Launches Performance Program with Olympic Coach Kurt Innes

Posted by Editoress on 12/10/16

Tripleshot Cycling Club is launching a Victoria-based performance coaching program for athletes aiming for provincial and national teams for the 2017 season. Coaching will be led by two-time Olympic coach and GVVA FastTrack youth coach Kurt Innes, and assisted by TS head youth coach and FastTrack coach, Lister Farrar.

The program is being offered to 6-8 athletes. Athletes can apply for selection immediately, with a deadline of December 15th. The program will offer coaching, a dedicated strength and spin training facility at Maria Montessori Academy, training camp and race support, personal online training program and diary, as well as a supportive training group that Tripleshot youth cycling is known for.

"I've thought for several years that the Tripleshot youth program needed a next step from our U17 program for talented riders ready and wanting to make a commitment to the next level," said TS youth coach, Lister Farrar. "And we especially wanted that to be a supportive, healthy environment that I would want for my own kids, but with every opportunity to succeed. That means technical and sport expertise, but also recognizing that athletes needs for school and community must be accommodated. In fact, we believe this combination is essential for young people to achieve their potential."

The program is designed to accommodate academic demands whether riders are high school or post-secondary students, with most group workouts being outside the school day.

A supportive training environment is key, so riders are expected to commit to group sessions. Training will be largely group-based, to provide the supportive peers that we know are essential for healthy development, complimented by additional personalized training.

Program fees of $300 per month will primarily pay coaches who deliver the program. Sponsors are welcome to provide bursaries to pay or subsidize the fees, and can appear on rider's TS uniforms among other recognition. A subsidy is available to riders with economic constraints.

In the future the program will include a race team, and we are currently working with potential sponsors towards this for the 2017 racing season. In the meantime, we welcome riders based in Victoria racing with any team or club for the 2017 season.

Riders accepted in the program must meet the following minimum requirements:

1. Have at least two years of racing at the provincial level in BC or higher
2. Aspire to international or professional competition
3. Live in the Greater Victoria Region
4. Commit to attending group training and support their peers in the program
5. Commit to following and documenting a personal training program
6. Commit to notifying the coach before leaving to join another program
7. Coach (with pay) at TS youth program sessions as personal schedule allows

Features of the program include:

• Performance coach Kurt Innes, who will design and direct the program, attend winter Teams of BC camps and U17/U19 track nationals. Kurt will direct the TSP on a part-time basis, attending two practises per week in the Daily Training Environment, with other training sessions supported by other TS coaches.
• Personal training program with workouts specific to the athlete, but with group workouts for the majority of sessions, adjusted for the age and stage of the athlete.
• Track, road, cyclocross and mountain bike training to create a well-rounded athlete consistent with their long term goals.
• Dedicated strength and spin facility at program sponsor, Maria Montessori Academy, a Victoria private school.
• Logistical and coaching support for the Teams of BC track camps in Burnaby.
• Logistical and coaching support at the National Championships *
• Logistical and coaching support at provincial road, track, MTB and cyclocross championships and trials

*athletes will be responsible for their accommodation and food costs at events; the team will work to keep these costs down by being seeking sponsorship and shared travel and accommodation

Lister Farrar, Tripleshot Cycling
250 882 5420

Download an application Here


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