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March 25/01 11:40 am - Sea Otter Classic: Results from Men's XC

Posted by Editor on 03/25/01

Sea Otter Classic, California

There are major problems with the results from the women's race. So, there will be no official results tonight.

Men's Cross Country

1Green, RolandCan2:09:45.6
2Brentjens, BartNeds.t.
3Van Dooren, BasNed0:02
4Hesjedal, RyderCan0:23
5Evans, CadelAus0:25
6Hoydahl, RuneNor4:15
7Rowney, PaulAus4:28
8Leuchs, KashiNzl4:58
8Spark, HenrikAuss.t.
10Killeen, LiamGBr5:10
11Larsen, SteveUSA5:20
12Paulissen, RoelBel5:51
13Andersen, PeterDen7:03
14McGrath, SeamusCan7:04
15Molday, KirkUSAs.t.
16Fleming, JoshAus7:22
17Hestler, AndreasCan7:53
18Cherkasov, PavelRus8:31
19Toulouse, MathieuCan8:35
20Wilkinson, IanGBr8:42
21Gullickson, MarcUSA10:52
22Juarez, DavidUSA11:12
23Kabush, GeoffCan11:34
24Craig, AdamUSAs.t.
25Dupouey, ChristopheFra11:37
26Sheppard, ChrisCan11:53
27Brown, TravisUSA11:59
28Horgan-Kobelski, JeremyUSA12:30
29Tonkin, Erik12:44
30Prechtl, Derek12:45
31Henry, Jay13:26
32Ramerez, FedericoCR13:28
33Killen, JimiUSA14:00
34Jones, Erics.t.
35Crawforth, JodyGBrs.t.
36Robinson, Justin14:01
37Hochstrasser, ThomasSuis.t.
38Sauser, ChristophSuis.t.
39Mapel, FrankUSA14:33
40Adrian Bonil, JoseCR14:54
41Brenneman, Cameron14:59
42Ross, Schnell15:52
43Hubregtse, MennoCan15:53
44Bowen, Barton15:54
45Jenkins, Charles16:53
46Swindlehurst, Burke17:26
47Schnelder, Jed17:27
48Finkbeiner, Max18:03
49Kopper, Samuel18:03
50Reid, Andy18:17
51Decore, MatthewCan18:21
52Hovey, CarterCan18:52
53Eatough, Chriss.t.
54Randolph, GregUSA19:48
55Reain, GregCan20:11
56Elzinga, AdrianCan20:12
57Bowman, Dan21:22
58Swenson, CarlUSAs.t.
59Federau, RickyCan21:25
60Matter, Brian21:27
61Vertican, Garnet21:59
62Syne, Lionel22:06
63Hine, JulianCan22:09
64Laiho, Brian22:24
65Dwight, Brandon23:15
66Wiens, DaveUSA23:15
67Bakker, OsmondCan23:52
68Broderick, Michael23:58
69Roone, Colin24:14
70Obye, Alan24:20
71Brown, Jon24:25
72Wyandt, David24:26
73Busching, Phil24:30
74Macdonald, DanielCan24:54
75Bly, David24:55
76Bishop, Jeremiah24:57
76Roberts, Stephens.t.
78Francisco, Luis28:02
79Hawkins, Matthew28:53
80Easter, Michaels.t.
81Shirley, Neil29:31
82Dennis, Michael30:12
82Keim, Eric30:56
84Swenson, Peter31:10
85Myers, Jonathan31:14
86Jacques-Maynes, Andy32:32
87MacInnis, JeffCan33:40
88Wallace, KevinCan35:33
89Savoy, RyanCan37:30


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