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November 29/19 9:43 am - Day 2 Hong Kong Track World Cup

Posted by Editoress on 11/29/19

Men Team Pursuit
First Round
Heat 1
1 Canada (Derek Gee/Evan Burtnik/Chris Ernst/Jay Lamoureux) 3:56.127
2 Team Bridgestone Cycling (Shunsuke Imamura/Kazushige Kuboki/
    Ryo Chikatani/Keitaro Sawada)
Heat 2
1 Switzerland (Thery Schir/Valere Thiebaud/Cyrille Thiery/Alex Vogel) 3:53.904 QB
2 Denmark (Matias Gunnar Malmberg/William Blume Levy/Rasmus Christian Quaade/
   Robin Juel Skivild)
Heat 3
1 New Zealand (Campbell Stewart/Dylan Kennett/Ivan Smirnov/Kiril Svensnikov) 3:51.628 QG
2 Russia (Nikita Bersenev/Lev Gonov/Ivan Smirnov/Kirill Sveshnikov) 3:55.013
Heat 4
1 Germany (Felix Gross/Theo Reinhardt/Leon Rohde/Domenic Weinstein) 3:51.298 QG
2 Italy (Liam Bertazzo/Francesco Lamon/Davide Plebani/Michele Scartezzini) 3:54.808 QB
The winners of heats 3 and 4 in the First round ride the final for the gold and silver medals.
The remaining six teams will be ranked by their times in the First round and will be paired as follows:
The two fastest teams ride the final for the bronze medal.

Day 1 Hong Kong Track World Cup


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