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April 30/01 4:13 am - Canadian Results in Europe

Posted by Editor on 04/30/01

Paris-Mantes, France

1 PINEAU Jerome (Fra) Vendee U 4:01:09
2 KRIVSTOV Yuriy (Ukr) Nantes 44 Cyclisme s.t
3 BODNAR Lukasz (Pol) Kortrijk Groeninge Spurters at 0:17
4 KOSLOV Alexandre (Blr) VC Roubaix 0:25
5 ROULSTON Haydan (NZL) Bressuire AC 0:39

14 LANGE Cory (Can) Canada s.t

Race Report

After a predrive of the whole Paris-Mantes race circuit and riding the last 60 kms it was determined that this race would be one of good positioning... Surprise, surprise! With 190 riders on narrow roads and numerous climbs the deduction of staying well positioned was an easy one.

As the peloton rolled out at 8:15 AM the sun was present for the first time in a few weeks. The pace was hard but sustained from the start due to a KOM at the 1.5 kms mark. Once that KOM done, the pack settled in and it wasn't until the 20 km mark that a break occurred with 15 riders and Cory Lange present in that move. The break would eventually make up to 1min30 over a couple dozen kms.

Meanwhile in the back there was action with numerous attacks and crashes. Dominique Rollin was one of the unlucky ones in the race as he crashed twice while being in the front third. Dominique's second crash would prove to be one that would sprain his right hand and therefor disturb his bike handling a fair bit.

As riders from the main group were fighting to get away, the break was up to 1min at the 80km. That minute lead would prove to be just enough cushion for one of the toughest hills coming up. On the climb, the leaders in the main group took it up a notch and managed to crest with only a 15 second deficit with breakaway. At the feed zone the break was caught and all eased off for about 5 kms.

Once the action started up again the main bunch was split up into 3 groups and a small break of 5 strong. Once again, Cory made it into the 40 man main group as Bruno Langlois was fighting to bring the second group back with 30 others. Dominique and Greg Sieniewicz were back in the 3rd group.

For Cory the tactic was to stay hidden for a while in order for him to regain composure from the previous break effort. Anyway, the 30 riders were riding well for the moment and leaving the rest behind. So no cause for alarm.

With 1h of racing left, it was time for Cory to get back into the game and start covering moves as action was starting up again. Nothing really happened until the 30 to go sign where the groups usually break-up. As expected the group got cut into 3 groups with Cory still in the lead 15.

With 10 to go, with 2 riders still away, it was time for Cory to start thinking of planning an attack while the 4 man strong Roubaix team was trying to bring back the 15 second lead that the 2 riders had. At the 4 to go sign Cory attacked but was immediately shut down by the remainder of the field. Cory then waited for a small rise at the 3 to go marker and once again was denied.

With only 1.5 to go a Russian attacked in a U turn and stayed clear as he chased the two leader down; Cory tried attacking with 700M to go but it was too late and so most all of the 13 riders breakaway riders passed him on the line.

Although Cory made some tactical mistakes towards the end of the race he did ride a very smart one while being conservative when time was right.

As for the others, not much to say; only Bruno Langlois and Dominique Rollin finished.

Tomorrow, Liège Bastogne Liège Espoir. The predrive proved to be enlightening!!!

Jacques Landry
National development coach

GP des Granits de La Balme, France

1 SALVETAT Maryline VSLL Castres 2:30:55
2 THOMAS Beatrice UCC Vivonne at 0:14
3 MARCOUYRE Helène VSLL Castres s.t
4 TONINI Delphine Eauze Olympique 7:10
5 CARRO Isabelle VC Narbonne s.t

10 FEDERSCHUCK Paula Canada 13:33
18 WHITE Katerine Canada 24:19

Flèche Gasconne, France

Stage 1 - Pavie (92 km)
1 BRAVO-SOBA Rosa Bik Toscany - Iturriaga 2:45:30
2 TONINI Delphine Eauze Olympique
3 CARRO Isabelle VS Narbonne
4 MONCASSIN Cathy Lavaur VC
5 MARTINEZ-GOMEZ Ruth Junkers - Noja - San Benedetto

20 DI GUISTINI Cybil CA Mantes la Ville
25 WILLOCK Erinne Canada all s.t.
28 HUTSEBAUT Julie Canada at 7:03
30 MULDER Tara Canada 11:30
32 FEDIRCHUCK Paula Canada s.t.
45 WHITE Katherine Canada 16:09

Stage 2 - Pavie ITT
1 BRAVO-SOBA Rosa Bik Toscany - Iturriaga 11:04
2 MONCASSIN Cathy Lavaur VC at 0:05
3 RUANO-SANCHON Teodora Junkers - Noja - San Benedetto 0:12
4 SALVETAT Maryline VSLL Castres 0:19
5 ITURRIAGA Eneritz Bik Toscany - Iturriaga 0:32

7 DI GUISTINI Cybil CA Mantes la Ville 0:41
13 WILLOCK Erinne Canada 0:54

1 BRAVO-SOBA Rosa Bik Toscany - Iturriaga 2:56:34
2 MONCASSIN Cathy Lavaur VC at 0:05
3 RUANO-SANCHON Teodora Junkers - Noja - San Benedetto 0:12
4 SALVETAT Maryline VSLL Castres 0:19
5 ITURRIAGA Eneritz Bik Toscany - Iturriaga 0:32

7 DI GUISTINI Cybil CA Mantes la Ville 0:41
13 WILLOCK Erinne Canada 0:54
28 HUTSEBAUT Julie Canada 8:25


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