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May 10/01 8:45 am - Mississauga Midweek, Quebec Kids Series

Posted by Editor on 05/10/01

LaBicicletta Midweek Series 2001
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Event #4 01/05/09 Handicap 23 laps 47.15 km
Time: (Scratch Group) 1-03-24, 44.6 Kph
Hershey Centre

1. Josh Hall Sympatico 1:03:24 12 points
2. Enrico Traini Toronto C.C. s.t. 11
3. Barry Reid Maple Leaf s.t. 10
4. David Fry RNH at 0:13 9
5. Marcel Zierfuss Racer Sportif s.t. 8
6. Heath Cockburn Jet Fuel Sympatico s.t. 7
7. Peter Morse GO s.t. 6
8. Michael Moore Gears s.t. 5
9. Jeff Hansen Ital Pasta s.t. 4
10. Rob Sule Chain Reaction s.t. 3

71 starters

In tonight's event, the groups stayed together a bit longer as the wind was somewhat less severe than usual but every corner still saw a couple of riders blown out the back door. Although the handicap group had almost a full lap advantage, nobody was able to bridge to the scratch group.

On a safety note: IF SOME RIDERS INSIST ON RIDING IN THE LANES RESERVED FOR CARS, WE ARE IN DANGER OF BEING SHUT DOWN! There were three police cruisers in the vicinity and all it needs is one complaint from another road user and we are toast. Just imagine that there's a smelly canal on the left of you. And keep well clear of it.

Faces seen for the first time this year: Michael Moore, Gears team mentor, Fernando Estavez, brother of rapid junior Alejandro, and master B sprinter, Aubrey Bryce.

Series Standings:

For the first time we have a tie for first place, with Heath working his way back up after losing the leader's jersey last week when he DNF'd. This year's competition is shaping up to be the closest since the series began 5 years ago!

Heath Cockburn Jet Fuel Sympatico Cat. 1 33 points
Jeff Hansen Ital Pasta Cat. 1 33
Peter Morse GO Cat. 1 32
Marcel Zierfuss Racer Sportif Cat. 3 30
Enrico Traini Toronto C.C. Cat. 1 29
Barry Reid Maple Leaf Cat. 1 21
Paul Hornak Gears Cat. 2 17
Andrew Randall Sevcn Cat. 1 16
Josh Hall Sympatico Cat. 1 15
Paul Rego Ital Pasta Cat. 1 15
Roy Zucchetto Pavan Masters B 14

Thanks again to our regular marshall, Peter Hurley.


Coupe du Môme - Quebec
Courtesy Josée Robitaille

The second race the Quebec kids series. The weather was pretty nice this time and the number of participants has increased. Please note that the next race will be Wednesday, May 16th at 7 pm (instead of 6:30pm).

Bibittes boys - 1.2 km

1er Alex Van Den Eynde 2min 32 (Volkswagen Les Ailes)
2nd Francis Lussier Courtemanche 2m33 (Brossard)
3rd Marc Olivier Verreault 2m38 (Volkswagen Les AIles)

Pee wee girls 3.2km

1rst Lysanne Fratelli 5min51 la Prairie
Anne Marie Côté 6m25 Brossard

Pee wee boys 3.2km

1rst Thomas Fortin 6min20 Volkswagen Les Ailes
2nd Yaroslave Zems 6min22 Espoirs de Laval
3rd Antoine Fortin 7min01 Volkswagen Les Ailes

Minimes boys 4km

1rst Alexandre Charest 7m32 Brossard
2nd Sebastien Nicolisi 7m32 Brossard
3rd Jordan Simard 7m34 Contrecoeur


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