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May 27/01 4:42 am - Milk Ras Final Stage & Standings, Wedge Report

Posted by Editor on 05/27/01

Milk Ras - Ireland

Stage 8 - Dublin City Centre Criterium

1Kopp,DavidTELGermany Deutsche Telecom57:17
2Ekstrom,NiclasMALSweden Malerengi
3Lange,MalcolmHSBSouth Africa HSBC
4Greipel,AndreTELGermany Deutsche Telecom
5Moriarty,EugeneCYCMeath Cycleways
6Oldin,HenrikMALSweden Malerengi
7De Jager,FrancisKENHolland B.R.C. Kennemerlan
8West,PhilipGBRGreat Britain
9Evans,ThomasIRLIreland Shannon Oaks Hotel
10O'Donoghue,EdwardCARCarlow Dan Morrissey
11Perras,DominiqueFICSwitzerland G.S. Ficonseils
12Crookham, Fuel Coffee
18Wedge, Fuel Coffee
40Hall, Fuel Coffee
65Cameron, Fuel Coffeeall s.t.
113Giuliano, Fuel Coffeeat 2:25
Final GC
1Manning,PaulGBRGreat Britain25:52:31
2White,NicholasHSBSouth Africa HSBCat 0:41
3Knees,ChristianTELGermany Deutsche Telecom1:08
4Chassot,DavidFICSwitzerland G.S. Ficonseils1:15
5Crookham, Fuel Coffees.t.
6Welniak,JaroslawLEGPoland Legia - Bazyliszek1:36
7McKenzie,DavidFICSwitzerland G.S. Ficonseils1:41
8O'Loughlin,DavidMAYMayo Connacht Gold1:44
9Griffin,PaulIEDublin Iarnrod Eireann1:49
10Wedge, Fuel Coffees.t.
16Perras,DominiqueFICSwitzerland G.S. Ficonseils2:30
32Hall, Fuel Coffee4:42
47Giuliano, Fuel Coffee12:05
67Cameron, Fuel Coffee21:44
Team GC
1Poland Legia - Bazyliszek77:41:39
2Switzerland G.S. Ficonseilsat 1:20 Fuel Coffee3:40
4South Africa HSBC5:03
5Southend www.sdeals.com8:11

Wedge Report

Stage 8; Dublin Circuit Race 45km

Darn it! No rain. Oh well. The Brits did a bang up job defending their jersey. Turns out they are the Olympic Bronze medal pursuit team from last year, and they went to the front and kept it at 46km/hr, so no one could get off the front in the wind. The Germans took the sprint, Bluesky (Jason Crookham) and I were in the top 20, and managed to keep our places on GC, 5th and 10th respectively. It was a cool stage, and thousands of people came out to watch in the heart of Dublin. All in all it was a great trip, all the guys did a great job, considering out lack of racing this year, and the fact that it was our first team race together. Can't wait to get home, er, well, to my truck, no, wait, the Toronto airport, and do, uh, something. Oh yeah, get my mountain bike and go to Big Bear.

Peter Wedge


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