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May 31/01 10:28 am - Mississauga Midweek, Alberta Track Weekend, 8 Hour Team Relay (Ontario)

Posted by Editoress on 05/31/01

LaBicicletta Midweek Event #7, Downsview Park
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

scratch, 46.2 km (42 laps of 1.1km circuit

Jeff HansenItal Pasta11-12-2212
Peter MorseGO1s.t.11
Patrick SheaItal Pasta1At 4‰10
Jason CrookhamJet Fuel Sympatico1s.t.9
Kevin SpeachtGO1At 41‰8
Ed. MakarchukHRTMAs.t.7
Mike YbanezInd.1s.t.6
Barry >ReidMaple Leaf1s.t.5
Hans UlsrudInd.MAs.t.4
Greg CavanaghOakville / Cyclepath2s.t.3
Tony AbramaviciusRacer SportifMBs.t.2

Another first class race! Right from the start, given by Downsview head honcho Tony Genco, Go‚s rapid duo of Kevin Speacht and Peter Morse broke from the bunch and quickly established a 15 second lead. At firat no-one seemed interested in chasing, although the line of death along the finishing straight showed that all were working hard.

By the fifth lap of the seven cornered course, the GO team had about thirty seconds on the pack, with several of the weaker riders being shot out the back every lap. At this point Dave Fry, RNH and Ital Pasta‚s Jeff Hansen started to chase but Fry soon returned to the pack, leaving Hansen to try bridging to the lead pair. Within two laps, he had closed the gap to seventeen seconds and it took him seventeen laps to finally get up to the front.

Meanwhile, the strong north west wind was taking its toll and the remaining riders had Split up into four groups and a multitude of stragglers. The only riders still in contention were a group of five including Jason Crookham and Ed Makarchuk, Ital Pasta, Barry Reid , Maple City, RNH‚s Mike Ybanez and Independent, Hans Ulsrud. They were about forty seconds down on the leaders, with a second group of seven about twenty seconds further back.

This order stayed pretty much the same until lap 34, when Kevin Speacht lost contact with the leaders and drifted back to thew first chase group, where he managed to sit in.Jason Crookham tried several times to break from this group and finally got away with about four laps left. Pat Shea also broke free and, after catching Crookham, the two made a last ditch effert to bring in Morse and Hansen. They almost made it with Shea just edging out Crookham for third, only four seconds behind Hansen who had found one last ounce of energy to outsprint Morse for a well-deserved win. This indeed was Jeff‚s race ˆ an outstandingeffort on a very hard evening.

Thanks to Peter Hurley and Tina Mayberry for doing registration, to Mark ? for sweeping, marshalling and keeping the electronic compound gate open, to all those who donated cans etc. for the food bank and to Tony Genco and Carol Doerr of Downsview Park Administration for allowing access to the circuit.

Series Standings to date:
HeathCockburnJet Fuel Sympatico156
JeffHansenItal Pasta156
BarryReidMaple Leaf140
MarcelZierfussRacer Sportif334
EnricoTrainiToronto C.C.131
PaulRegoItal Pasta129
GregCavanaghOakville / Cyclepath217
PaulGreeneChain ReactionMA17

Bikeshevik Grand Prix - Calgary
Courtesy Kurt Innes

2-3 June 2001

Thursday, 31 May, 1830 - 2030,Glenmore velodrome (see cp)
Saturday, 2 June, 0815 - 0845, Glenmore velodrome categories
"aristos" (open category)
"clerics" (cat. 3,4)
"dubfives" (women, cat. 5)
"serfs" (cbtl-registered riders)

$36* cash or cheque payable to Synergy Racing *serfs: please add $5 for ABA-insurance. ($1/entry to David Suzuki Foundation)

number plate preferred, otherwise left hip and left shoulder

Omnium event
points awarded per event. most points wins.
1st - 10, 2nd - 7, 3rd - 5, 4th - 3, 5th - 2, 6th - 1

estimated prizes
aristos: 1st - $150, 2nd - $100, 3rd - $75, 4th - $50, 5th - $35, 6th - $20
clerics: 1st - $125, 2nd - $85, 3rd - $60, 4th - $40, 5th - $35, 6th - $20
dubfives: 1st - $125, 2nd - $85, 3rd - $60, 4th - $40, 5th - $35, 6th - $20
serfs: 1st - $50, 2nd - $40, 3rd - $25
* all cash and draw prizes to be awarded following sunday's session.

Session #1 Saturday, 2 June - 0900
200m (and Sprint Qualification) ˆ all categories - Top 8 Advance
Open Track - 10-minutes
4000m Final - aristos
10-lap Scratch - serfs, dub5s, aristos, clerics
Open Track - 5-minutes
Sprint Round 1 ˆ 4 x 2, best of 3 - aristos, clerics, dub5s
Lunch - 45-minutes
3000m Final - dub5s, clerics
2000m Final - serfs
Devil - aristos, clerics, dub5s, serfs
Open Track - 5-minutes
Sprint Round 2 ˆ 2 x 2, best of 3 - aristos, clerics, dub5s
Open Track - 5-minutes
Sprint 5-8 - aristos, clerics, dub5s

Session #2 Sunday, 3 June, 0900
1000m Final - aristos, clerics
Open Track - 5-minutes
500m Final - serfs, dub5s
8km (20-lap) Points Race - serfs
Open Track - 8-minutes
Sprint Final - aristos, clerics, dub 5s
10km (25-lap) Points Race - clerics
Open Track - 8-minutes
10km (25-lap) Points Race - dubfives
Open Track - 8-minutes
16km (40-lap) Points Race - aristos
please be mindful of the event order. barring major gliches, we will not sway.

Email: or call cp @ 289-2664

8 Hours Multiple Sclerosis MTB Team Relay

The Brantford Cyclepath Bicycle Club invites you to the 2nd Annual 8 Hours Multiple Sclerosis MTB Team Relay held on Suday, September 16th 2001, at Paris Lion's Park, Paris, Ontario.
Pre-Registration open for all Categories: Solo, 2-person, 4-person in Male, Female & Co-ed divisions.

For more information:
Brantford Cyclepath B.C.
P.O. Box 28058
North Park Plaza P.O.
Brantford On N3R 7X5

Phone: 519-753-6668
Fax: 519-751-7524

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