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July 1/01 8:24 am - Fitchburg (incl. Juniors Stage 3), Women's Giro, Norba #3 DH, Quebec

Posted by Editor on 07/1/01

Fitchburg Team Report
Courtesy Navigators

The final, stage-4 Criterium of the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Stage Race was completed earlier today with another severe weather surprise. As the riders lined up for the 50mi. event on the .9mi. course that's been home to exciting races for the past 42 years, the skies suddenly turned from clear and sunny, to dark and threatening. With the race underway, the threatening clouds brought strong winds with them, as well as distant lightening. In the racing action, the 8-man strong Saturn was firmly placed on the front of the peloton to protect the 17-second lead that Eric Wohlberg held over Navigators' Adham Sbeih in the overall classification. The early attacks on the Leader's Jersey came from Navigators' Kirk O'Bee and Gord Fraser (Mercury). With a gap hovering at about 8-seconds, the pressure was on Saturn. After 4-laps of freedom, they finally reeled in the 2 escapees, which were quickly replaced by another attack by Navigators' Mark Walters. It was clear from the outset that the Navigators and Mercury squads were going to force the Saturn team to defend their position. As the attacks and small breakaways continued, the Saturn team held tough, but it was going to be a long day. With 27 of the 55 laps remaining, Navigators' Glen Mitchell and Mark Walters attacked with Derek Bouchard Hall (Mercury) and ramped up the speed and the pressure with a 12-second gap on the peloton. However, just as the racers saw the lap cards turn to 23-to-go, the sky finally turned black, the winds gusted and the lightening came close. As the hard rain pelted down and became horizontal, the race officials announced that the bell lap would be commencing as the riders came around for the next lap. The gap to the 3 leaders was bridged by Mercury's Baden Cooke as the riders heard the bell and the wind and rain blasted with force. With the break now 4 strong, they began to attack each other for the final lap, as the field was breathing down their necks. First Walters went, then Mitchell attacked as they made the left turn at the top of the course. With the wind and rain swirling around them, they drove toward the line, getting swallowed by the raging field. In the driving rain, and the sound and flashes from the lightening, Baden Cooke held on to hit the line first, followed by Ivan Dominguez (Saturn) and Kirk O'Bee in 3rd. Navigators' Walters came in 5th for the day. Before the last riders crossed the line, the road was completely flooded from the barrage of water and the strong winds had done its job in creating a dramatic finish and chaos around the course.

The overall classifications were neutralized, so Navigators' Adham Sbeih remained in 2nd place overall, 17-seconds behind Eric Wohlberg (Saturn). Scott Moninger (Mercury) finished in 3rd at 20-seconds behind.

Junior results and GC for Stage 3 of Fitchburg

1RAISIN SaulSBBC/Zero Wait16:22
2ANTHONY JesseSaturn Development Cat 1:05
3STILER COTE OliverSaturn Development C1:15
4BISKNER NiekoSaturn Development1:20
5GRABOWSKI ZakRed Rocks Velo1:20
6GEWIRTZ JoshuaNECSA/Fraysse1:28
7WOLFSON DanNEBC/Cycle Loft1:38
9WAGNER KyleSaturn Development C1:42
10ROTH RyanMississauga CC1:53
11RAND ArtCCB International1:56
12THOMAS DarbyNECSA/Fraysse's Spor1:56
13TORRE BartRed Rose Rockets1:56
14VIERA BradRed Rose Rockets1:56
16KETCHELL RobbyFraysse2:15
17GILLESPIE StuartCRCA/ Keith Haring2:29
18COFFEY ConorCCB/Volkswagen2:52
19GAUDET JaredYSG Racing / Ideal T2:56
20KELLER BreezeTeam Grimace3:02
21MUNROE TylerCCB3:10
23DRISCOLL JameyGMBC/Excite-smartFUE3:43
24LEBAS KonradCCB International5:51
28CICCONE CameronNECSA7:41
29WILCOX CraigSaturn Development7:41
30RABE MikeNECSA9:06
31PEDRAZZI JustinNEBC/Cycle Loft9:29
32VIA JeffreyTeam Snow Valley9:53
33SMITHWOOD BrandonNEBC/Cycle Loft10:04
34CRIPPEN DavidRed Rose Rockets10:34
36COLEMAN BenjaminNECSA13:00
37SHAFER BrendanNECSA13:07
38EMBRY-PELRINE Chrisunattached14:02
39NEIBAUER DaveFuture Champions Cyc15:14
40PANTANELLA VinceRed Rose Rockets19:15
41TAUFEN HansOpen Road19:35
42BRODOCK GrahamNECSA/Fraysse's25:53
43DRENNEN KyleTeam Grimace26:34
44CARLSEN KirkB.O.B33:24
45ROSE DavidNortheast Bicycle Cl??????
DNFCHERKIS DanielNECSA/Fraysse's spor
DNFWHITE MatthewState Line Cycles
DNFSCOTTO JamesTeam Snow Valley
DNSRILEY ThomsonNECSA/Fraysse's
1RAISIN Saul3:41:12
2GRABOWSKI Zakat 0:27
3ANTHONY Jesse0:28
4BISKNER Nieko1:00
5STILER COTE Oliver1:07
6THOMAS Darby1:21
7WAGNER Kyle2:00
8GEWIRTZ Joshua2:05
9WOLFSON Dan2:06
10VIERA Brad2:50
11KETCHELL Robby3:31
12GILLESPIE Stuart3:34
13RAND Art3:53
14TORRE Bart4:02
15KELLER Breeze4:12
16CHARLES Aidan4:15
17COFFEY Conor4:17
19GAUDET Jared4:59
20DRISCOLL Jamey5:17
21MUNROE Tyler6:00
22SCHUYLER Thomas6:24
23LEBAS Konrad7:35
24CICCONE Cameron9:56
25COUPE Tom10:04
26POWELL Cody10:48
27PEDRAZZI Justin12:34
28VIA Jeffrey12:55
29HANSON John13:34
30RABE Mike16:21
31ROTH Ryan16:26
32EMBRY-PELRINE Chris16:33
33SMITHWOOD Brandon16:44
34CRIPPEN David17:15
35COLEMAN Benjamin17:30
36CUMMINGS Jason18:07
37NEIBAUER Dave19:46
38TAUFEN Hans23:35
39WILCOX Craig25:07
40SHAFER Brendan25:27
41DRENNEN Kyle40:36
42PANTANELLA Vince41:04
43BRODOCK Graham42:01
44CARLSEN Kirk42:03
45ROSE David???????

Giro d'Italia Femminile

Prologue - Capo d'Orlando ITT 5.3 km

1 Leontien Van Moorsel (Ned) Farm Frites Hartol 6:47:66
2 Mari Holden (USA) Alfa Lum at 0:08
3 Olga Zebelinskaja (Rus) Carpe Diem - Itera 0:20
4 Marcia Eicher (Sui) Carpe Diem - Itera 0:27
5 Zinaida Stahurskaia (Blr) GAS Sport Team 0:30
6 Gabriella Pregnolato (Ita) GAS Sport Team 0:35
7 Svetlana Samokhvalova (Rus) Carpe Diem - Itera 0:37
8 Daniela Veronesi (Smr) Alfa Lum 0:40
9 Kym Shirley (Aus) AIS Australia 0:42
10 Irina Chuzhynova (Ukr) 0:44

Norba Downhill #3 - Park City, Utah

1. Steve Peat (GBR) GT 3:40.67
2. Nicolas Vouilloz (Fra) Vouilloz Racing 3:43.36
3. Chris Kovarik (Aus) 3:45.40
4. John Kirkcaldie (NZL) Maxxis Tires 3:48.94
5. Todd Leduc (USA) Foes-Azonic 3:52.91
6. Eric Carter (USA) Mongoose-Hyundai 3:53.54
7. Michael Ronning (Aus) Intense 3:53.70
8. Shaums March (USA) Chumba Wumba 3:53.84
9. Gary Houseman (USA) Tomac 3:55.69
10. Jared Rando (USA) Foes-Azonic, 3:56.22

1. Missy Giove (USA) Global 4:23.5
2. Elke Brutsaert (USA) Schwinn 4:26.85
3. Leigh Donovan (USA) Schwinn 4:31.15
4. Kathy Pruitt, Dirt Works, 4:34.48
5. Katja Repo (Fra) GT 4:36.07
6. Marla Streb (USA) Foes-Azonic 4:38.53
7. Melissa Buhl (USA) ODI-KHS 4:28.29
8. Tara Llanes (USA) Yeti-Pearl Izumi 4:49.45
9. Lisa Sher (USA) Chumba Wumba 4:53.36
10. Cheri Elliott (USA) ODI-Azonic 4:56.99

Overall Standings

1. Kovarik 504 points
2. Kirkcaldie 440
3. Rando 434
4. Leduc, 422
5. Peat 400

1. Giove 586 points
2. Streb 514
3. Donovan 500
4. April Lawyer (USA) Maxxis 454
5. Llanes 446

Un, deux, trois et quatre pour l'équipe Volkswagen ˆ Les Ailes à la Coupe Val des Neiges
Courtesy l'équipe Volkswagen - Les Ailes

Mont Ste-Anne, Québec ˆ 1er juillet 2001. Tout comme la veille, les membres de la formation Volkswagen ˆ Les Ailes ont animé la seconde tranche de la Coupe Val des Neiges qui se tenait dimanche, à Mont Ste-Anne. Au classement de l'étape, Martin Nuckle (troisième samedi) a devancé dans l'ordre ses coéquipiers François Parisien, Alexandre Cloutier et Martin Gilbert.

" Notre but aujourd'hui (dimanche) était d'avoir un podium orange (la couleur des maillots de l'équipe) ", a indiqué d'emblée le vainqueur de l' étape. Conscient que la qualité du peloton était réduite en raison de l' absence de Czeslaw Lukaszewicz et Dominique Perras, qui étaient présents samedi, Nuckle a quand même mentionné qu'il n'a pas pris la course à la légère.

" C'est dommage que les gars (Lukaszewicz et Perras) ne soient pas là pour la dernière course, a-t-il mentionné. Malgré tout, nous n'avons pas roulé relax jusqu'à la fin, même si j'étais avec trois de mes coéquipiers. "

Le gagnant au classement général, Martin Gilbert, abondait dans le même sens que son partenaire Nuckle : " Cette échappée a été un bon entraînement et même une pratique pour notre contre la montre par équipe en vue du Grand Prix de Beauce de l'an prochain ", a-t-il ajouté, faisant référence à la mauvaise prestation de son équipe à au contre la montre beauceron, il y a à peine deux semaines.

Au classement général final de la Coupe Val des Neiges, Martin Gilbert termine en position de tête. Suivent dans l'ordre, Martin Nuckle, François Parisien et Alexandre Cloutier, tous membres de la formation Volkswagen ˆ Les Ailes.


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