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July 17/01 10:41 am - Abitibi Stage 2 Preliminary

Posted by Editor on 07/17/01

Tour de l'Abitibi - Quebec

Stage 2 - Criterium Val d'Or, 55 km / 22 laps

National Team Coach Jacques Landry has just let us know that British Columbia's Cam Evans has won the second stage criterium after a perfectly timed attacked with 7 laps to go. There were numerous attacks earlier in the stage, but the leading Dutch and Danish squads shut everything down.

Evans attacked solo and was joined 2 laps later by 2 other riders. The trio finished approximately 10 seconds in front of the peloton, with Evans taking the three-up sprint. Evans started the stage 3:37 down, and with a winner's time bonus should move up.

Results to follow.

Stage 1 - La Corne to Val d'Or TTT 40.4 km

1HARMS, JosHollande47:58
2MAASKANT, MartynHollande
3VEELERS, TomHollande
4SCHEUNEMAN, NielsHollande
5MEERKERK, NormanHollande
6POELS, NorbertHollandeall s.t.
7BRESCHEL, MattiDanemark/Finlandeat 0:07
8PEDERSEN, MartinDanemark/Finlande
9VASTARANTA, JukkaDanemark/Finlande
10LARSEN, KasperDanemark/Finlande
11KRISTENSEN, MichaelDanemark/Finlande
12BOCHMANN, LasseDanemark/Finlandeall s.t.
13ILESIC, AldoSlovenie2:03
14ROZMAN, DavidSlovenie
15ROZMAN, JanezSlovenie
16KEBELJ, AlexSlovenie
17KRAKER, MihaSlovenieall s.t.
18ALDER, RaphaelSuisse2:07
19ANDRES, RomanSuisse
20SCHMIDIG, MarkusSuisse
21ZAUGG, PascalSuisse
22MORABITO, SteveSuisse
23GASSMANN, PatrickSuisseall s.t.
24WILCOX, CraigU.S.A. Saturn Team2:19
25MAGNELL, SterlingU.S.A. Saturn Team
26BISKNER, NiekoU.S.A. Saturn Team
27STILER-COTE OlivierU.S.A. Saturn Team
28WAGNER, KyleU.S.A. Saturn Teamall s.t.
29WILLEMSE, ChrisAfrique du Sud2:33
30PIETERSE, MartinAfrique du Sud
31BERGH, EckardAfrique du Sud
32PRETORIUS, Jean-ClaudeAfrique du Sud
33FURSTENBERG, EricAfrique du Sud
34PAVLOV, AlexAfrique du Sudall s.t.
35MATKO, GorazdSlovenie2:48
36FRANCHEQUIN, RegisFrance2:58
37VUILLIER, AdrienFrance
38CHATELAIN, LocFrance
39ARASSUS, DavidFrance
40CASTIGLIONI, RenaudFranceall s.t.
41SARABIA DIAZ, IgnacioMexique3:03
43LUNA MENESES, Jo AntonioMexique
45ZAMORA CERDA, ErnestoMexique
46SALAS VASQUEZ, DanielMexiqueall s.t.
47VIVES, MaximeQuébec3:14
48MILLETTE, FrdricQuébec
49MARION, Jean-PhilippeQuébec
50MAHEUX, Jean-SebastienQuébec
51ROY, MathieuQuébecall s.t.
52KETCHELL, RobbieNarjet Team/Eastern 3:20
53POWELL, CodyNarjet Team/Eastern
54GERWIRT, JoshuaNarjet Team/Eastern
55WOLFSON, DanielNarjet Team/Eastern
56THOMAS, DarbyNarjet Team/Eastern all s.t.
57GAVIN, DuncanColombie-Britanique3:37
58EVANS, CameronColombie-Britanique
59GARNETT, TerryColombie-Britanique
60CARTWRIGHT, AndrewColombie-Britaniqueall s.t.
61BOMHOF, MarcAlberta4:25
62WALLACE, CoryAlberta
63HEGEDUS, GergeleyAlberta
64STEENAERTS, PeterAlbertaall s.t.
65VEIT, MoritzAllemagne4:31
66SCHARZENBACH, RaphaelAllemagne
67DIER, MarkusAllemagne
68SONNENSTDT, BjrnAllemagneall s.t.
69JANKOWIAK, DaneArizona Select Team4:38
70PAGE, NathanArizona Select Team
71MITCHELL, NathanArizona Select Team
72KIRCHNER, MatthewArizona Select Teamall s.t.
73CAFIERO, IginoTexas4:46
74HUFFSTETTER, AnutheeTexas
75WRIGHT, ErickTexas
76KORZEKWA, JohnathanTexas
77HAGNER, TravisTexas
78PAYNE, NickTexasall s.t.
79HALE, JustinMidwest4:50
80RAISIN, SaulMidwest
81MANART, AndrewMidwest
82HOUSE, MichaelMidwest
83BRADLEY, DavisMidwest
84TOUSSAINT, AlexMidwestall s.t.
85DEMATTEIS, MiculaItalie5:00
86GARELLO, LucaItalie
87CAVALLERO, DavideItalie
88BOVETTI, PaoloItalieall s.t.
89BATES, AndrewTeam Nova5:08
90REISTAD, NicholasTeam Nova
91KILAWEE, ChadTeam Nova
92LANGE, MichaelTeam Novaall s.t.
93BETTINGER, AndrewTeam Nova5:13
94ODELL, AndrewTeam Novas.t.
95SAKURAI, ToruJapon5:14
96KOBAYASHI, AkioJapon
97ASATO, KatsunoriJapon
98TANIGAKI, YukiJapon
99KOIWA, DaisukeJaponall s.t.
100BROCHET, AlexSte-Foy5:39
101TREMPE, OlivierSte-Foy
102TREMBLAY, EricSte-Foy
103SZTUKE, Jean-CharlesSte-Foyall s.t.
104PITTMAN, KeirAlberta5:43
105RGNIER-BOURQUE, DavidSte-Foy5:49
106ROY, FelipEspoirs de Laval5:52
107ROY, WilliamEspoirs de Laval
108ST-AMAND, SimonEspoirs de Laval
109TETREAULT, PascalEspoirs de Lavalall s.t.
110HANSON, JohnNorth Atlantic6:07
111TORRE, BartNorth Atlantic
112CUMMINGS, JasonNorth Atlantic
113PANTANELLA, VincentNorth Atlantic
114CHARLES, AidanNorth Atlanticall s.t.
115CICCONE, CameronNarjet Team/Eastern 6:08
116ADACHI, ShohgoJapon6:36
117FAVRET, SebastienFrance7:18
118TILBROOK, WarrenOntario7:44
119ROTH, RyanOntario
120ZANDSTRA, DerekOntario
121DEBOER, RyanOntarioall s.t.
122CLARKE, DanielOntario7:48
123LAVOIE, ThierrySte-Foy7:49
124PARRISH, JonathanArizona Select Team8:15
125JENSEN, RonArizona Select Team8:34
126CHERKIS, DanielNorth Atlantic9:04
127SIGSTON, BenjaminColombie-Britanique9:05
128WEST, TylerColombie-Britaniques.t.
129DAVIDSON, AndrewAlberta9:17
130FIORITO, DiegoItalie9:37
131TOSCO, MarcoItalies.t.
132HYGELUND, JohnU.S.A. Saturn Team12:04
133LAPOINTE, HuguesQuébec13:20
134LABELLE, JonathanEspoirs de Laval13:46
135LAVOIE, Jean-SebastienEspoirs de Lavals.t.
136JEMSA, JariOntario14:20
137DIEMER, BenjaminAllemagne15:06


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