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August 7/01 7:13 am - Northumberland Challenge Mens Results

Posted by Editor on 08/7/01 Northumberland Challenge
Courtesy organizer

Stage 1 - 16km Proform Time Trial
Stage 2 - 40km Coca-Cola Criterium
Stage 3 - 75km Ontario Insulation Road Race
Stage 4 - 17km Time Trial
Stage 5 - Bicycles Plus 50km Road Race


Stage 1
PlaceNumberRider TeamCategoryTimePoints
143Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A23.5350
244Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A23.5546
349James BrooksIndependentMaster A24.0144
448Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A24.2543
530Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 24.2642
652Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 24.2642
747Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A24.3140
837Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 324.3339
926Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A24.3638
1056Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A24.3937
118Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 324.4336
1242Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A24.5935
131Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C2534
1413Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A25.0433
1511Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A25.132
1658David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 325.132
1716Garnett AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A25.1330
1815Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 325.1629
192Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A25.1928
2028Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 25.2827
2112Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A25.3526
226Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A25.3625
2310Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A25.4124
2457Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 325.4423
2524Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 25.4722
2639Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 325.521
2722Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster A25.5120
2851Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C25.5519
2920Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 326.0718
3034Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B 26.1417
3129Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 26.2616
3246David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B 26.2616
334Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 326.2814
3454Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A26.3113
3531Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 26.3712
3618Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 26.4111
377Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A26.510
3840James TaylorMississauga Senior 326.510
3953Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 327.0110
4055Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 327.1310
4119Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 327.1710
4214Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A27.3210
4323Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A27.3410
445Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 327.4810
4536Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 327.5210
463Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster A28.2110
4717Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 28.2610
4859Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B 28.4210
4833Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 30.0210
5038Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A30.1710
519Shawn BenardIndependentSenior 3DNS
Stage 2
PlaceNumberRiderTeamCategoryPointsBonus Total
161Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMaster C4040
26Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A36642
310Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A34640
48Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 3331346
556Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A3232
630Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 3131
726Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A30333
854Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A29130
916Garnett AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A28432
1015Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 327229
1128Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 2626
1240James TaylorMississauga Senior 32525
1331Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 2424
1413Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A232043
1547Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A22123
1624Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 2121
1711Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A20121
1842Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A2020
197Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A2020
2034Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B 2020
2152Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 2020
2239Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 32020
234Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 32020
242Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A2020
2529Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 2020
2636Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 32020
2748Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A20323
2857Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 32020
2922Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster A2020
3037Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 32020
3146David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B 2020
3253Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 32020
333Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster A2020
3459Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B 2020
3512Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A2020
3644Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A2020
3743Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A2020
3818Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 2020
3919Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 32020
4049James BrooksIndependentMaster A2020
4133Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 2020
4214Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A2020
4320Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 32020
4423Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A2020
451Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C2020
4651Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C2020
4714Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A2020
4858David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 32020
5Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 31010
17Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 1010
38Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A1010
55Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 31010
Stage 3
PlaceNumberRider TeamCategoryPointsBonus Total
18Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 350757
216Garnett AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A46248
347Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A44347
413Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A431053
539Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 343245
637Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 34242
749James BrooksIndependentMaster A411051
831Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 4040
944Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A39443
1030Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 3838
1126Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A371350
1228Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 3636
1342Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A3535
1456Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A3434
1511Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A3333
1622Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster A3232
1757Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 33131
1815Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 330737
194Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 33030
2040James TaylorMississauga Senior 33030
2110Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A3030
2252Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 3030
2353Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 33030
2424Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 3030
2555Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 33030
2634Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B 3030
2743Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A30434
2854Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A3030
2958David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 33030
3048Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A30232
3112Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A3030
322Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A3030
336Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A3030
3433Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 3030
351Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C3030
3619Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 31010
375Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 31010
3820Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 31010
3914Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A1010
4023Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A1010
4118Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 1010
4229Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 1010
4351Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C1010
4436Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 31010
457Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A1010
4617Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 1010
473Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster A1010
4838Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A1010
4959Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B 1010
DNF46David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B 0
DNS9Shawn BenardIndependentSenior 30
DNF61Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMaster C0
Stage 4
PlaceNumberRider TeamCategoryTimePoints
144Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A25.0750
230Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 25.1446
343Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A25.3144
456Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A25.3943
542Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A25.442
649James BrooksIndependentMaster A25.5141
747Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A25.5340
816Garnett AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A25.5539
952Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 25.5738
1037Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 326.0337
1126Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A26.1536
1257Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 326.235
132Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A26.2734
1411Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A26.3433
1548Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A26.3632
1615Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 326.3831
1758David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 326.3830
1810Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A26.429
191Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C26.429
208Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 326.4327
2139Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 326.5626
2213Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A26.5825
2328Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 27.0524
2424Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 27.0723
2551Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C27.0723
2640James TaylorMississauga Senior 327.1621
2755Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 327.2320
286Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A27.2320
2929Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 27.2518
3020Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 327.3817
3131Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 27.4216
3218Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 27.4715
3334Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B 27.5214
3412Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A28.2413
354Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 328.3412
365Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 328.3511
3736Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 328.5310
3853Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 329.0610
397Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A29.1610
4023Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A29.4910
4154Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A29.5110
4214Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A29.5210
4319Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 329.5610
4417Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 30.5210
4538Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A31.5110
4633Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 33.0410
4722Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster ADNS0
4861Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMaster CDNS0
4959Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B DNS0
5046David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B DNS0
513Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster ADNS0
529Shawn BenardIndependentSenior 3DNS0
Stage 5
PlaceNumberRider TeamCategoryPoints
137Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 350
244Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A46
347Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A44
48Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 343
530Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 42
626Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A41
713Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A40
849James BrooksIndependentMaster A39
915Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 338
1016Garnet AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A37
1148Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A36
1257Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 335
1356Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A34
142Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A33
154Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 332
1610Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A31
1729Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 30
1861Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMaster C30
1939Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 330
2042Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A30
2111Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A30
226Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A30
2352Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 30
2443Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A30
2512Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A30
2619Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 330
2728Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 30
2824Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 30
2955Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 330
3031Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 30
3120Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 330
3240James TaylorMississauga Senior 330
3333Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 30
3453Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 330
351Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C30
3654Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A30
3758David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 330
385Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 330
3951Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C30
4014Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A30
4136Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 310
4218Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 10
4323Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A10
447Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A10
4517Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 10
4638Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A10
DNS3Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster A
DNS9Shawn BenardIndependentSenior 3
DNS22Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster A
DNS34Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B
DNS46David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B
DNS59Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B
PlaceNumberRider TeamCatOverall
18Joe LepineBicycles PlusSenior 3209
244Chris GraingerMultilaserMaster A205
330Noel SavagePeterborough Senior 3 199
426Chris PatonGears RacingMaster A198
549James BrooksIndependentMaster A195
647Craig BurgeWest Quebec WheelersMaster A194
713Ed MakarchukHalton R&TMaster A194
837Jason MacLarenCollingwoodSenior 3188
916Garnett AbbeyHalton R & TMaster A186
1056Christopher ChisholmCornwall CCMaster A180
1143Lee FraserMultilaserMaster A178
1248Robert MannKHS BicyclesMaster A166
1315Brett MacCannellHalton Road and TrailSenior 3164
1442Mark DwyerMultilaserMaster A162
1552Scott ThomsonOwen Sound CCMasters B 160
1610Duncan SalisburyHalton R&TMaster A154
1711Greg CushingPeterboroughMaster A149
186Greg CavanaughOakville CyclepathMaster A147
192Chris KiziakHalton R&TMaster A145
2057Chris McNallyCornwall CCSenior 3144
211Gordon ClarkeNewmarket EaglesMaster C143
2228Craig DoucetL.C.W Masters B 143
2358David WoodfinePeterboroughSenior 3142
2439Benedict AysonMississauga Senior 3142
2524Eric KamekaHalton R&TSenior 3 126
2631Frank PrestonIndependentSenior 3 122
2712Paul WilkinsonPeterboroughMaster A119
2840James TaylorMississauga Senior 3116
2954Robin BolducVelo SommetMaster A113
304Ryan SmithKHS BicyclesSenior 3106
3151Keith SmithCornwall CCMaster C102
3255Francois BeaupreMultilaserSenior 3100
3353Tyrone SinghZiggysSenior 3100
3433Tim BuckleyNewmarket Masters B 100
3520Paul AmaralNewmarket Senior 395
3629Greg BordenMississauga Masters B 94
3734Allan StolarykBicycles PlusMasters B 81
3814Scott DoelNewmarket/KHS BicyclesMaster A80
3919Marcus PeronHalton Road and TrailSenior 380
4022Adrian GedyeSudbury C.CMaster A72
415Andrew MercerIndependentSenior 371
4261Aubrey BryceD'OrnellasMaster C70
4318Pierre Perrinbrampton ccMasters B 66
4436Matt ParnellPeterboroughSenior 360
457Malcolm EadeD'OrnellasMaster A60
4623Phill Vermette JuventusMaster A60
4717Tim PorterIndependentMasters D 50
4838Philip PixleyIndependentMaster A50
493Fulvio CubelloRacer SportifMaster A40
5059Carlo BerardiSudbury C.CMasters B 40
5146David WolleyHalton R&TMasters B 36
529Shawn BenardIndependentSenior 30
PlaceTeamStage 1Stage 2Stage 3Stage 4Stage 5Overall
2Halton R&T9289119104117521
6KHS Bicycles6760705496347


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