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August 13/01 5:44 am - Canada Summer Games: Complete Results from Men's ITT

Posted by Editoress on 08/13/01

Canada Summer Games: Men's ITT Results

1Parisien, FrancoisQuebec31:42.28
2McKnight, CameronAlberta31:46.15
3Condron, IanBritish Columbia31:50.34
4Gilbert, MartinQuebec31:54.72
5Rollin, DominiqueQuebec32:19.28
6Carter, MurrayManitoba32:29.47
7Béliveau, MathieuQuebec32:36.53
8Bomhof, MarcAlberta32:46.78
9de Gier, CraigNova Scotia33:02.41
10Miller, BuckOntario33:04.15
11Tichelaar, PaulAlberta33:06.88
12Sanowar, PeterOntario33:14.69
13Elgar, AndrewOntario33:18.22
14Stevens, ScottYukon33:21.34
15Boily, Pierre-OlivierQuebec33:53.62
16Lamb, JamieNova Scotia33:58.69
17Gorman, CharlieOntario34:02.12
18Boucher, CabrelManitoba34:03.44
19Jay, CoryPrince Edward Island34:05.18
20Hiltz, CFlaytonBritish Columbia34:17.00
21Price, ChrisNova Scotia34:21.72
22MacBurnie, DustinNova Scotia34:23.34
23Cortes, PhillipNew Brunswick34:35.47
24Pittman, KeirAlberta34:36.44
25Foster, MarkNova Scotia34:37.12
26Odegaard, PeterBritish Columbia34:39.84
27Lawrence, MichaelNova Scotia34:42.22
28Wallace, CoryAlberta34:45.91
29Reid, ChrisOntario34:51.09
30McLeod, LeithManitoba34:56.12
31Moffatt, BryanBritish Columbia34:57.84
32Smit, RodOntario35:02.00
33McMaster, DerekSaskatchewan35:08.62
34Crawford, JordanNew Brunswick35:17.41
35Scott, AndrewPrince Edward Island35:36.31
36Beauchemin, EmmanuelQuebec35:41.88
37Blanchette, EdmondManitoba35:48.18
38Belliveau, RémiNew Brunswick35:50.15
39Hegedus, GergleyAlberta35:56.94
40Sigston, BenBritish Columbia36:00.69
41Routley, WillBritish Columbia36:06.53
42Bunnin, ShawnSaskatchewan36:09.67
43Pilote, Jean-LucNew Brunswick36:15.69
44Beaton, CraigPrince Edward Island36:33.56
45Case, IanManitoba36:33.88
46Richard, BrunoNew Brunswick36:43.94
47Gemmel, MattManitoba36:44.62
48Simmons, StephenNewfoundland37:02.75
49Oneschuk, JimmySaskatchewan37:22.12
50Coates, AdamSaskatchewan37:26.41
51Rodd, TylerPrince Edward Island38:00.41
52Léger, LucNew Brunswick38:03.88
53Coleman, NicklasNewfoundland38:11.03
54Power, GeoffNewfoundland38:11.18
55Holloway, IsaacYukon38:27.34
56Tomczak, DanielSaskatchewan38:39.56
57Deibel, ScottNewfoundland39:08.84
58McDonald, EwanYukon39:13.59
59Tkachuk, GrahamSaskatchewan39:28.38
60Crook-Hanna, BenPrince Edward Island39:59.97
61Ollerhead, PeterNewfoundland40:00.47
62Beck, TrevorNewfoundland40:17.09
63Owen, MartinYukon40:38.06
64Ernst, PatrickYukon)43:35.88


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