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October 17/01 8:43 am - Ontario University Series, Alberta 'Cross

Posted by Editor on 10/17/01

Ontario University Cup #3 - Ganaraska Forest
Courtesy David Wright

Despite a little rain and some blowing wind there were lots of laughs and smiles at race #3 of the University Cup. Special thanks to the racers from Queen's and U of T who helped set the course on Saturday.

U of T came on strong on Sunday and swept the top place finishes. The series is all about having fun and doing a little racing. We may have broken a record for having the most students from various schools under a single 10X10 tent! Thanks to all the volunteers and racers!

Race #4 will be in London (Boler Mountain) this Saturday (October 20).

Men's A - Expert
1. Walt Bayless - University of Toronto
2. Paul Morin - University of Toronto
3. Adam Lucas - University of Toronto

Women's A - Expert
1. Celine Foreht - University of Toronto
2. Allison Lampi - Ottawa University
3. Cate Dmitriew - University of Toronto

Men's B - Sport
1. Ian Carswell - University of Toronto
2. Greg Kenwell - University of Western Ontario
3. Michael Vieira - Queen's University

Women's B - Sport
1. Carrie Cartmill - University of Toronto
2. Carla - Queen's University
3. K.J. Sadler - Waterloo

Complete results and school rankings can been found at

Diagnosis '01 Psychocrosser - Alberta
Courtesy Andy Holmwood - ABA

October 14, 2001
Canmore Nordic Center

Women 'cross
1.Marg FedynaTrek/Bow Cycle50:09
2.Lisa LicisSport Shack Croakersat 1 lap
3.Annette SvederusUnited Cycle 1 lap
4.Leslie SchlebachTeam Bike Shop 1 lap
5.Rachel MorrisBike 'n Board 1 lap
6.Jenn ReimerEurotech 1 lap
7.Annie SchroederPedalheadat 2 laps
8.Lenke HegedusCABC 2 laps
Open 'cross
1.Sean BarrVelocity57m35s
2.Roddi LegaGreen Mountain Cycleat 0:06
3.Stuart HughesBow Cycle 0:19
4.Mark WebsterDeadGoat Racing 0:33
5.Wade WallacePedalhead 0:57
6.Nick JendzjowskyJuventus 1:06
7.cp WalshEurotech 1:24
8.Kirk LobergJuvenutus 1:43
9.Jeff SmithBow Cycle 1:52
10.Mark FewsterJuventus 2:07
11.Spencer RoydsBow Cycle 2:53
12.Scott ManktelowJuventus 3:17
13.Rick ThiessenBicisport 3:50
14.Shawn TaylorHeadwindsat 1 lap
15.Andrew JohnstonPedalhead 1 lap
16.Brian KullmanEurotech 1 lap
dnfGuri RandhawaPedlahead
dnfBernie FagnanVelocity
dnfRyan RobinsonBow Cycle
dnfMike LawfordPedalhead
dnfPeter TothERTC/RVC
Junior 'cross
1.Jay AchesonSport Shack Croakers45:53
2.Andrew DavidsonOlympic Oval/The Bike Shopst
3.Eric HollandOlympic Oval/The Bike Shopat 0:52
4.James SparlingOlympic Oval/The Bike Shopst
5.Marty SchaefferCafé Racers 4:08
6.Damian StachuraSport Shack Croakers 5:49
7.Nathan KossRBW Ramblers 7:16
dnfJohn Hennessy-MooreIndependent
Master 'cross
1.Greg AchtemBow Cycle45:03
2.cp WalshEurotech
3.Clayton ParadisPedalhead
4.Rick ThiessenBicisport
5.Ted DahmsBow Cycle
6.Dan HunkaJuventus
7.Derrill ShuttleworthVelocity
8.Ian HoffmanHardcore
9.Kevin HaugjordVelocity
10.Brian KullmanEurotechat 1 lap
11.Troy DelfsEurotech 1 lap
12.Jeff ConroyBike Pedlars 1 lap
dnfDan BierdBicisport
dnfAndrew HarichEurotech
Mountain 'cross
1.Brent BittnerRebound Cycle47:47
2.Ross AndersenJuventusat 0:03
3.Bob McKerrellBow Cycle 1:16
4.Rob WirtzOffroad Syndicate 1:34
5.Brodie ChalmersEurotech 3:30
6.Chris SparlingOlympic Oval/The Bike Shopat 2 laps
Unlicensed 'cross
1.Andrew Platten30:22
2.Harry McKendrick at 0:28

Bicicross Grand Prix - Alberta
Courtesy Andy Holmwood - ABA

Date: October 21, 2001
Location: Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School
Hosted by Bicisport Calgary Bicycle Club
Organizer: Andrew Walker, Ph: 403.289.7102


Open 'cross
Women 'cross
Master 'cross
Mountain 'cross
Junior 'cross

- All racers must hold a valid UCI race license. Sorry no un-licensed riders.
- Cyclo-cross bikes ONLY will be allowed in the Open and Master Men categories.
- Mountain bikes will be permitted in the Junior 'cross, Mountain 'cross, and Women 'cross categories.

Race-day registration only
Entry Fee: $15.00

Registration & Sign-on 9:00-11:30am
Sign-on closes at 11:30 am.

Start Times:
Race A 10:30 start
Master 'cross
Junior 'cross (start 1 minute behind Masters)

Race B 11:45 start
Mountain 'cross
Women 'cross (start 1 minute behind Mountain)

Race C 1:00 start
Open 'cross

Course will be similar to the 2000 National Championships event.

Location Map:
The School is located 17 km south of the Calgary city limits and 15 km northwest of the Town of Okotoks. . Additional information available at the Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School web site:


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