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March 18/02 8:30 am - Redlands: Women's Stage 5 Results

Posted by Editoress on 03/18/02

Redlands Classic - California

Women's Stage 5 - Sunset Road Race: 99.5 km


1Judith Arndt GERSaturn2:33:16
2Lyne Bessette CANSaturnat 2:47
3Genevieve Jeanson CANRONAs.t.
4Alison Sydor CANTeam Canada5:29
5Tina Mayolo-Pic USADiet Rite
6Stacey Peters USABianchi Cannondale-USA
7Andrea Hannos CANRONA
8Sue Thomas GBRTotal Trainer
9Rhonda Quick USAHelens/Trek/VW
10Trish Choo USAHelens/Trek/VW
11Amy Jarvis CANRONA
12Cybil Diguistini CANDiet Rite
13Nicole DeMars CANBianchi Cannondale-USA
14Mari Holden USACannondale-USA
15Jennifer Wilson USABiogen
16Caroline AlexanderGBRTotal Trainer
17Susy Pryde NZLTalogoamerica Cycling
18Susan Palmer-KomarCANTalogoamerica Cycling
19Barbara Blatter SUITotal Trainer
20Belem Guererro AC Mexiquence
21Joan Wilson USATalogoamerica Cycling
22Lara Ruthven USACannondale-USA
23Kelli Emmett USALuna
24Kori Kelly USADiet Rite
25Kim Anderson USACannondale-USA
26Alison Dunlap USALunaall s.t.
27Manon Jutros CANRONA6:14
28Sue Haywood USA 12:45
29Lesley Tomlinson CANTeam Canada
30Gabriela Gonzales De FerratMEXAmoroso's HH Racing
31Katrina Berger USACannondale-USA
32Heather Cole CAN all s.t.
33Erin Carter CANTeam Canada15:40
34Cheryl Binney USADiet Rites.t.
35Giselle Trahan CANVoler1:00:00
36Catherine Powers USA
37Gail Longenecker USARONA
38Jenny Eyerman USABianchi Cannondale-USAall s.t.
39Erin Mirabella USAHelens/Trek/VW1:25:00
40Dotsie Cowden USACannondale-USA
41Maatje Benassi USA
42Kiara Bisaro CANTeam Canada
43Meredith Miller USATalogoamerica Cycling
44Deborah Durand USAHelens/Trek/VW
45Joanne KiesanowskiNZLDiet Rite
46Gina Hall USALuna
47Joy Shaffer USALos Gatos
48Mina Pizzini USADiet Rite
49Emma Davies GBRTotal Trainer
50Linda Biederman USA
51Gina Grain CANBianchi Cannondale-USA
52Kimberly Davidge CANSaturn
53Kirstin Fisher USAVoler
54Alexe Yeung HKGAmoroso's HH Racing
55Daphne Perry USABiogen
56Christine VardarosUSATotal Trainer
57Karen Dodge USAVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
58Jennifer Stevens USAPaa/Javelin
59Lenora Felker USAAmoroso's HH Racing
60Trish Sinclair CANTeam Canada
61Riley McAlpine USAHelens/Trek/VW
62Cynthia Mommsen USA
63Ivana Bisaro CANVoler
64Nicole Freedman USARONA
65April Henderson USAVoler
66Sally Warner USABiogen
67Lisa Hunt USA
68Cynthia Carroll USA
69Lauren Franges USAAmoroso's HH Racing
70Martha Meyer USA
71Patty Davis USALos Gatos
72Jennifer Petosa USAVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
73Maren Partridge-OsguthorpeUSABiogen
74Melissa Sanborn USAVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
75Marisol Ponciano MEXAC Mexiquence
76Lisa Milkavich USAVoler
77Jennifer Scott USAVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
78Dara Rogers USAHelens/Trek/VW
79Nicole Brandt USAPaa/Javelin
80Renee Eastman USAVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
81Desira Utzig USAPaa/Javelinall s.t.
82Patricia McKay USA 1:50:00
DNFPetra Rossner GERSaturn
DNFSuzanne Sonye USASaturn
DNFIna Teutenberg GERSaturn
DNFAlison Littlefield USATotal Trainer
DNFLorraine Manning IRLVitamin Cottage Morgul Bismark
DNFMissy Thompson USACannondale-USA
DNFChrissy Redden CANTeam Canada
DNSSandra Kolb USALos Gatos
DNFPatricia Patencia MEXAC Mexiquence
DNFMonica Huerta MEXAC Mexiquence
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