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April 6/02 10:19 am - Ronde Van Wind-Del Stage 1 & ITT Start List

Posted by Editor on 04/6/02

Ronde Van Wind-Del - Ontario
Courtesy Organizer

Results of the stage 1, 93 kilometre road race. This is a points event, so GC is based on points. Stage 2 ITT start list posted below results.

1Aaron FilionMidweek Club12
2Michael MooreGears10
3Piers DavidgeGears8
4Jeff HansenAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta7
5Peter MorseMidweek Club6
6Greg RothInd5
7Paul HornakGears4
8Greg ReainGears3
9Jason SweersInd2
10Scott WoodPeterborough1
11Robert MannKHS
12Simon SmallAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta
13Jeffery BakalMulti Laser
14Michael LutherMercy
15Craig DeVeerGears
16Robert WestSt. Catharines
17Kieren AndrewsPeterborough
18Denis MichaelGears
19David WoolleyHamilton
20Mark PozniakSt Catharines
Lap 3Lee FraserMulti-Laser3
Jeff HansenAtlas Col/Ital Pasta2
Chris PatonGears1
Lap 6Jeff HansenAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta3
Paul HornakGears2
Michael MooreGears1
GC after Stage One
1Aaron FilionMidweek Club12 pts
Jeff HansenAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta12
3Michael MooreGears11
4Piers DavidgeGears8
5Peter MorseMidweek Club6
6Paul HornakGears6
7Greg RothInd5
8Greg ReainGears3
9Lee FraserMulti Laser3
10Jason SweersInd2
11Scott WoodPeterborough1
12Chris PatonGears1
Stage 2 ITT Start
Race #NameTeam/ClubStart Time
76Francois BeaupreMulti Laser10:01
79Jim LairdMulti Laser10:02
77Stephen AlexanderMulti Laser10:03
74Sandi BruffMulti Laser10:04
73Chris GrangerMulti Laser10:05
71Mirek MazurHamilton10:06
70Dave JohnstonWaterloo10:07
69Neil SauveBianci10:08
59Julia BradleyOpus10:09
56David WoodvinePeterborough10:10
53Jamie SprullsPeterborough10:11
50Craig DoucetLCW10:12
45Rhys SpencerInd10:13
44Shane LavellNorth Ryder10:14
43Ryan De BoerMississauga BA10:15
41Brendan HurleyMidweek Club10:16
40Sean BernardSt. Catharines10:17
28Richard DarleyInd10:18
27Matt ParnellPeterborough10:19
26Noel SavagePeterborough10:20
24Matt PatersonBay Cycle10:21
23Kurt SchreiterInd10:22
22Mark DaviesCervelo10:23
21Andrew StewartCervelo10:24
20Lorne CluncliffeCervelo10:25
19Cary MorettiCervelo10:26
18Sue TrimbleGears10:27
17Greg CushingPeterborough10:28
15Garnet AbbeyHamilton10:29
11Steve HeadInd10:30
7Attila HajduRacer Sportif10:31
6Bob SteerRacer Sportif10:32
4Matthew KingsGears10:33
1Greg AndrushkoInd10:34
16Pierre PerrinMississauga BA10:35
60Ann TurrinMississauga BA10:36
67Patrick SheaAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta10:38
39Roderick SmitInd10:39
80Axel BergmanMississauga BA10:40
57Chri KiziakHalton10:41
82Paul RegoAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta10:42
37Andrew DobleHardwood10:43
58Fred PepperHamilton10:44
64Jim ElzingaInd10:45
54Andrew HickmanGears10:46
25Keith PeckWaterloo10:47
32Stirling McArthurGears10:48
96Vencent VerkerkInd.10:49
65Jeffery TenkLCW10:50
52Henry DudcoHamilton10:51
10Michael DenisGears10:52
5Andrew KierenPeterborough10:53
84Robert WestSt. Catharines10:54
3Craig DeveerGears10:55
86Michael LutherMercy10:56
72Jeffery BakalMulti Laser10:57
83Simon SmallAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta10:58
91Robert MannKHS10:59
14Chris PatonGears11:00
55Scott WoodPeterborough11:01
46Jason SweersInd11:02
78Lee FraserMulti Laser11:03
61Greg ReainGears11:04
35Paul HornakGears11:05
66Greg RothInd11:06
31Peter MorseMidweek Club11:07
13Piers DavidgeGears11:08
9Michael MooreGears11:09
81Jeff HansenAtlas Cold/Ital Pasta11:10
42Aaron FilionMidweek Club11:11


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