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April 16/02 9:59 am - Mississauga Midweek Novice Results, Paris Ancaster Update

Posted by Editoress on 04/16/02

Midweek Novice Results
Courtesy Amit Ghosh and Peter Morse

Event #1 Apr. 16, 2002 Hershey Centre 32 km
Sponsored by La Bicicletta

1. Travis Joyce         Mississauga BRC         51'20 (37.4 km/h)
2. Wayne Henry          Madonna Wheelers        st.
3. Doug Chisholm        Newmarket Eagles        st.
4. Steve Hamilton       Madonna Wheelers        st.
5. Bruce Camacho        D'Ornellas              st.
6. Roger Partington     D'Ornellas              st.
7. Chris Ainsworth (?)  Mississauga BRC         st.
8. Phil Moore           Midweek CC              st.
9. Hank Verhoeven       Madonna Wheelers        st.
10.Peter Rodrigues      Mississauga BRC         st.
11.Dan Holloway         Midweek CC              st.
12.Noel Ramsey          D'Ornellas              st.
13.Mike Ibanez          Mississauga BRC         st.
14.Hugh Carter          Madonna Wheelers        a 20"
15.Jason Eagan          Chain Reaction          a 53"
16.Domenic Rocca        Ind.                    a 1'29" (1 lap)
17.Kate Archibald       Midweek CC              st.
18.Alan Lo              Ind.                    st.
19.Jeff Kielly          Midweek CC              st.     
20.Colin Sloss          Ind.                    st.
21.Terry Dolson         Ind.                    st.
22.Chris Balestri       Ind.                    st.

Paris Ancaster Update

The Early Bird Registrations will close today at 10pm. To be eligible for the draws please be sure to meet the deadline.

The online registration for this weekend's Paris Ancaster will close on Friday April 19th at noon.

It appears the Paris Ancaster is going to have a record number of entries this year. So, to deal with the inevitable large number of day of entries, we urge anyone who can come to the Saturday night registration to do so. We will be taking registrations from 6 to 8pm at the Syl Apps arena on William St (at Elm St.).


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