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May 5/02 6:17 am - Tour of the Gila Stage 5 Men

Posted by Editor on 05/5/02

Tour of the Gila - Arizona
Courtesy the Organizer

Results of the men's final fifth stage, the 170 kilometre 'Gila Monster'.

1Wherry, ChrisMercury4:33:55
2Pate, DannyPrime Allianceat 0:03
3Mesa, UbaldoTecos Turbo0:06
4Moninger, ScottMercury0:09
5Swenson, CarlRLX1:05
6Lieswyn, John7-UP/Nutra Fig
7Bajadali, AndrewExcel Sports
8Danielson, TomSobe/Cannondaleall s.t.
9Wohlberg, EricSaturn3:07
10Repinski, ViktorSaturn
11Decanio, MattPrime Alliance
12Murphy, EricMercy Cycling Team
13Horner, ChrisPrime Alliance
14Stoyanov, PlamenMercury
15Grajales, CesarChoco Andean Eco C
16Zarate, JesusMercury
17Price, ScottLandis/Trek/VW
18Lam, ArquimidesTecos Turboall s.t.
19Dionne, Charles7-UP/Nutra Fig5:36
20Lechuga, ErineJelly Belly
21Ramos, FlorencioTecos Turboboth s.t.
22Ley, MikeChoco Andean Eco C7:10
23Hughes, CameronPharmacia8:43
24Zajicek, PhilMercury
25Friel, DirkChoco Andean Eco C
26Allan, CalvinBob's/Lost River C
27McGovern, ChristopJelly Belly
28Brennan, ChrisFCRC / Trek VW
29Weiss, ScottieGomart/CMG Inc.all s.t.
30Southard, MarkFCRC / TREK VW9:29
31Alamillo, JoelTecos Turbo10:32
32Buckem, RyanZia Velo13:27
33Farrell, ColbyOfoto-Lombardi Spo15:16
34Vogels, HenkMercury
35Abrams, EricTeam Rhino
36Waite, Cody--
37Peters, JohnPrime Alliance
38Guay, RyanNavitgators
39Stevenson, RussellPrime Alliance
40Nicol, KevinRio Grande/Monsoon
41Saul, BradleyChoco Andean Eco C
42Erker, JacobPharmacia
43Tuft, SveinPrime Alliance
44Pullen, AlexanderTeam Rhino
45Tibbitts, StevenFirst Endurance/Co
46Baker, PeterGomart/CMG Inc.
47Lontscharitsch, JoTecos Turboall s.t.
48Coyle, Chuck7-UP/Nutra Fig17:02
49Tarkington, JonVITAMIN COTTAGE/ M17:49
50Albers, KirkJelly Belly20:39
51Campbell, NatVitamin Cottage/Mo
52Hartley, ChadChoco Andean Eco C
53Osguthorpe, JohnLogan Race Cluball s.t.
54Janelle, MikeTokyo Joe's24:29
55Salomon, DavidTelcel-Speedbikes24:37
56Doornbos, DanielZia Velo25:16
57Luther, MichaelMercy Cycling Team26:20
58Van Heel, JohnOfoto-Lombardi Spo26:20
59Clark, AndrewMonsoon26:20
60McCormack, FrankSaturn27:41
61McCormack, MarkSaturn27:41
62Rives, TrentRage Racing/Titus29:57
63Dille, IanMercy Cycling Team30:36
64Hilger, EddyMercy Cycling Team30:36
65Bourque, GregoryKB Home30:36
66Smith, AdamMorgan Stanley Cyc32:55
67Applegate, AndyGo Mart32:55
68Heidemann, JonMonsoon33:04
69Aschwanden, DavidFCRC/Trek VW40:34
70Hamby, RussellOfoto-Lombardi Spo40:39
71Travis, JasonFirst Endurance/Co44:02
72Jackson, GardieFirst Endurance/Co47:09
73Carolan, TimothyNature Valley47:19
74Whatley, FredF2 Consulting47:28
Final GC
1Wherry, ChrisMercury14:02:50
2Moninger, ScottMercuryat 1:05
3Pate, DannyPrime Alliance2:32
4Lieswyn, John7-UP/Nutra Fig3:55
5Mesa, UbaldoTecos Turbo4:22
6Bajadali, AndrewExcel Sports4:48
7Wohlberg, EricSaturn4:55
8Danielson, TomSobe/Cannondale4:59
9Horner, ChrisPrime Alliance6:07
10Price, ScottLandis/Trek/VW6:24
11Repinski, ViktorSaturn7:36
12Swenson, CarlRLX8:20
13Stoyanov, PlamenMercury11:38
14Grajales, CesarChoco Andean Eco C11:43
15Ley, MikeChoco Andean Eco C11:55
16Lam, ArquimidesTecos Turbo13:11
17Weiss, ScottieGomart/CMG Inc.14:44
18Zarate, JesusMercury14:49
19Ramos, FlorencioTecos Turbo14:56
20Lechuga, ErineJelly Belly16:05
21McGovern, ChristopJelly Belly16:28
22Hughes, CameronPharmacia17:44
23Dionne, Charles7-UP/Nutra Fig18:19
24Allan, CalvinBob's/Lost River C18:25
25Alamillo, JoelTecos Turbo18:55
26Zajicek, PhilMercury18:56
27Southard, MarkFCRC / TREK VW19:16
28Brennan, ChrisFCRC / Trek VW19:34
29Buckem, RyanZia Velo20:42
30Tuft, SveinPrime Alliance21:22
31Saul, BradleyChoco Andean Eco C22:30
32Guay, RyanNavitgators24:00
33Erker, JacobPharmacia24:08
34Farrell, ColbyOfoto-Lombardi Spo27:09
35Waite, Cody--27:12
36Abrams, EricTeam Rhino27:20
37Nicol, KevinRio Grande/Monsoon28:11
38Decanio, MattPrime Alliance28:35
39Peters, JohnPrime Alliance30:02
40Tibbitts, StevenFirst Endurance/Co30:20
41Lontscharitsch, JoTecos Turbo31:14
42Pullen, AlexanderTeam Rhino31:28
43Stevenson, RussellPrime Alliance32:07
44Hartley, ChadChoco Andean Eco C32:11
45Salomon, DavidTelcel-Speedbikes32:47
46Friel, DirkChoco Andean Eco C33:04
47Tarkington, JonVITAMIN COTTAGE/ M33:05
48Osguthorpe, JohnLogan Race Club33:29
49Vogels, HenkMercury33:34
50Campbell, NatVitamin Cottage/Mo33:56
51Janelle, MikeTokyo Joe's34:26
52Murphy, EricMercy Cycling Team35:31
53Coyle, Chuck7-UP/Nutra Fig37:44
54Albers, KirkJelly Belly38:26
55Rives, TrentRage Racing/Titus41:41
56Hilger, EddyMercy Cycling Team43:32
57Clark, AndrewMonsoon44:13
58Van Heel, JohnOfoto-Lombardi Spo44:28
59Baker, PeterGomart/CMG Inc.44:28
60McCormack, MarkSaturn44:32
61Doornbos, DanielZia Velo45:07
62McCormack, FrankSaturn45:46
63Dille, IanMercy Cycling Team48:31
64Heidemann, JonMonsoon50:20
65Smith, AdamMorgan Stanley Cyc58:31
66Aschwanden, DavidFCRC/Trek VW58:49
67Bourque, GregoryKB Home1:00:30
68Applegate, AndyGo Mart1:01:01
69Jackson, GardieFirst Endurance/Co1:06:12
70Travis, JasonFirst Endurance/Co1:09:00
71Hamby, RussellOfoto-Lombardi Spo1:09:20
72Luther, MichaelMercy Cycling Team1:10:52
73Carolan, TimothyNature Valley1:17:35
74Whatley, FredF2 Consulting1:35:39


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