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May 19/02 5:19 am - FBD Milk Ras: Stage 1

Posted by Editoress on 05/19/02

FBD Milk Ras

Stage was dedicated to the memory of Noel McGuill

1. Newton, Chris (GBR) Great Britain3:36:04
2. Power, Ciaran (IRL) Team Ireland Stena Lineat 0:20
3. Swithenbank, Neil (LMK) Lancs M.K. Cycles Bianchi
4. Bojsen, Lars (DEN) Denmark Distrikt Jylland-Fyn
5. Tanner, John (LCG) Lancaster Compensation Group
6. Pritchard, Huw (WAL) Wales
7. Brooks, Ben (NWE) NW England Cycle Centre RT
8. Hojgaard, Ari (DEN) Denmark Distrikt Jylland-Fyn
9. McLeod, Ian (RSA) South Africa Team HSBC
10. Dodd, Gary (SUR) Surrey League
11. Laursen, Michael (DEN) Denmark Distrikt Jylland-Fyn
12. Nowak, Hubert (POL) Poland Team Legia
13. Urquhart, Duncan (SCO) Scotland-Visit Scotland
14. Menad, Hichem (FRA) France VC La Pomme
15. Butler, Gethin (SUR) Surrey League
16. Randell, Andrew (CAN) Canada Team Sympatico
17. Cummings, Steve (GBR) Great Britain
18. Mifsud, Stephen (FRA) France VC La Pomme
19. Lovatt, Mark (LCG) Lancaster Compensation Group
20. Clarke, Raymond (LEE) Meath Lee Strand Cycleways
21. Hoy, Justin (SUR) Surrey League
22. Dawson, Kevin (LCG) Lancaster Compensation Group
23. Buckle, Tim (GBR) Great Britain
24. MacDonald, Neil (RSA) South Africa Team HSBC
25. O'Loughlin, David (MAY) Mayo Connacht Gold
26. Spence, Daniel (RSA) South Africa Team HSBC
27. Laroche, Jean-Francois (CAN) Canada Team Sympaticoall s.t.
28. Hall, Josh (CAN) Canada Team Sympatico6:54
29. Donnellan, Andrew (IAR) Dublin Iarnrod Eireann
30. Blazej, Marek (POL) Poland Team Legia
31. Sheppard, Paul (WAL) Walesall s.t.
32. Zoledziowski, Grzegorz (POL) Poland Team Legia7:20
33. Rudnicki, Dariusz (POL) Poland Team Legia7:22
34. Green, Rodney (RSA) South Africa Team HSBC
35. Wiedenroth, Thorsten (STE) Germany Team Stevens-Jeantex
36. Rollin, Dominique (CAN) Canada Team Sympatico
37. Smyth, David (FIG) Kildare Team Fig Roll
38. Healion, Paul (USH) Dublin Usher Insulation
39. Steel, Bryan (GBR) Great Britain
40. Miller, Buck (CAN) Canada Team Sympatico
41. Welniak, Jaroslaw (POL) Poland Team Legia
42. Bracken, Colm (USH) Dublin Usher Insulation
43. Roche, Greg (NWE) NW England Cycle Centre RT
44. Byrne, William (IAR) Dublin Iarnrod Eireann
45. Belsham, Chris (NEE) Nth East England
46. Melville, Matthew (SOU) Southend www.Sdeals.Com
47. Manning, Paul (GBR) Great Britain
48. Tsuji, Takamitsu (JPN) Japan Cycleways
49. Hashimoto, Takeshi (JPN) Japan Cycleways
50. Kay, Alastair (SCO) Scotland-Visit Scotland
51. Baxter, Elliot (IOM) Isle Of Man
52. Mulcahy, Michael (TIP) Tipperary Dan Morrissey
53. Winn, Julian (WAL) Wales
54. Rodenbeck, Jurgen (HAM) Germany Team Hameln-Pyrmont
55. Malarczyk, Anthony (WAL) Wales
56. Davies, Tim (WAL) Wales
57. Suzuki, Taichi (JPN) Japan Cycleways
58. McLeavey, Mark (SKP) Dublin Skip Hire
59. Hilliard, John Paul (SKP) Dublin Skip Hire
60. Lacey, Sean (KER) Ciarrai Earl Of Desmond
61. Hinrichsen, Arne (STE) Germany Team Stevens-Jeantex
62. Wolk, Timo (STE) Germany Team Stevens-Jeantex
63. Knudsen, Nikolas (DEN) Denmark Distrikt Jylland-Fyn
64. Kelly, Mark (IOM) Isle Of Man
65. White, Nicolas (RSA) South Africa Team HSBC
66. Muir, Ross (SCO) Scotland-Visit Scotland
67. Lane, Alan (UCD) Dublin UCD
68. Eastham, Richard (NEE) Nth East England
69. Hodnett, James (MAY) Mayo Connacht Gold
70. Gleeson, Vincent (MAY) Mayo Connacht Gold
71. Yates, Andrew (LMK) Lancs M.K. Cycles Bianchi
72. Moriarty, Patrick (SKP) Dublin Skip Hire
73. Roche, Andrew (IOM) Isle Of Man
74. Finegan, Philip (FIG) Kildare Team Fig Roll
75. Hey, Peter (NWE) NW England Cycle Centre RT
76. Hogan, Thomas (CRK) Cork Stafford Fuels
77. O'Leary, Frank (USH) Dublin Usher Insulation
78. Tashiro, Yasutaka (FRA) France VC La Pomme
79. Griffin, Paul (IRL) Team Ireland Stena Line
80. Hatcher, Graeme (IOM) Isle Of Man
81. Cassidy, Philip (LEE) Meath Lee Strand Cycleways
82. Power, Mark (TIP) Tipperary Dan Morrissey
83. Peelo, David (USH) Dublin Usher Insulation
84. Fenlon, Joe (FIG) Kildare Team Fig Roll
85. Jones, Gareth (NWE) NW England Cycle Centre RT
86. Charlesworth, John (NEE) Nth East England
87. Morgan, Roger (SUR) Surrey League
88. Farrell, Sean (IAR) Dublin Iarnrod Eireann
89. Easton, Denis (AVN) Meath Avonmore
90. Farrell, Colm (AVN) Meath Avonmore
91. Barry, Tim (IRL) Team Ireland Stena Line
92. Murdoch, Peter (SCO) Scotland-Visit Scotland
93. Looby, Robert (NEW) Kildare Newbridge Cutlery
94. Hedderman, Adrian (LEE) Meath Lee Strand Cycleways
95. Nally, Dermot (IRL) Team Ireland Stena Line
96. Graham, Thomas (RVW) Dublin Ravens West
97. McMahon, Kieran (KER) Ciarrai Earl Of Desmond
98. Horgan, John (CRK) Cork Stafford Fuels
99. Brondberg, Carl Henning (DEN) Denmark Distrikt Jylland-Fyn
100. Ahern, Tim (UCD) Dublin UCD
101. Kelly, Simon (CRK) Cork Stafford Fuels
102. Cahill, Richard (CRK) Cork Stafford Fuels
103. Ross, Alexander (SCO) Scotland-Visit Scotland
104. O'Connor, Kealan (KER) Ciarrai Earl Of Desmond
105. Holden, Rob (IOM) Isle Of Man
106. Howells, Stephen (SOU) Southend www.Sdeals.Com
107. Pedersoli, Frederic (FRA) France VC La Pomme
108. Lynch, Denis (FRA) France VC La Pomme
109. Gibson, Steve (NEE) Nth East England
110. O'Sullivan, Stephen (TIP) Tipperary Dan Morrissey
111. Crowley, Aidan (LEE) Meath Lee Strand Cycleways
112. Evans, Tommy (IRL) Team Ireland Stena Line
113. Moriarty, Eugene (LEE) Meath Lee Strand Cycleways
114. Watson, Paul (NEE) Nth East England
115. Wyley, Rory (SOU) Southend www.Sdeals.Comall s.t.
116. Maguire, Martin (BH) Dublin BH-Raleigh8:07
117. Hughes, Tom (DON) Meath M. Donnelly Team8:29
118. Roche, Laurence (BH) Dublin BH-Raleigh10:55
119. Taaffe, Brian (UCD) Dublin UCD
120. Shimizu, Miyataka (JPN) Japan Cyclewaysboth s.t.
121. Rothe, Stefan (HAM) Germany Team Hameln-Pyrmont12:41
122. O'Donnell, Mick (SKP) Dublin Skip Hire13:20
123. Suzuki, Kenichi (JPN) Japan Cycleways14:08
124. Kelly, Ciaran (IAR) Dublin Iarnrod Eireann
125. Wartemann, Nils (STE) Germany Team Stevens-Jeantexboth s.t.
126. Peppard, John (IAR) Dublin Iarnrod Eireann14:38
127. Furniss, Ian (LCG) Lancaster Compensation Group21:57
128. Sweeney, Paddy (AVN) Meath Avonmore
129. Sheehan, Gary (KER) Ciarrai Earl Of Desmond
130. McNamara, Chris (SUR) Surrey Leagueall s.t.
131. Lane, David (UCD) Dublin UCD23:30
132. Moore, Robert (DON) Meath M. Donnelly Team26:11
133. Kelly, Fergal (STG) Dublin Stagg Cycles
134. Elson, David (BH) Dublin BH-Raleigh
135. Lynch, Brian (CRK) Cork Stafford Fuels
136. Hammond, Brian (RVW) Dublin Ravens West
137. Sharples, Julian (LMK) Lancs M.K. Cycles Bianchi
138. Murtagh, Eugene (RVN) Dublin Ravens North
139. King, Derek (RVW) Dublin Ravens West
140. Sweetman, Craig (DON) Meath M. Donnelly Team
141. Malone, Jonathan (NEW) Kildare Newbridge Cutlery
142. Ennis, Francis (NEW) Kildare Newbridge Cutleryall s.t.
143. McCormack, Fintan (NEW) Kildare Newbridge Cutlery26:25
144. Lepine, Steve (SOU) Southend www.Sdeals.Com34:30
145. Kennealy, Pat (UCD) Dublin UCD
146. Dillon, John (RVN) Dublin Ravens Northboth s.t.
147. Ryan, Dave (STG) Dublin Stagg Cycles37:08
148. Whelan, Fergus (STG) Dublin Stagg Cycles
149. Gallagher, Stephen (KER) Ciarrai Earl Of Desmondboth s.t.
150. Maguire, Jim (STG) Dublin Stagg Cycles37:14
151. Byrne, David (USH) Dublin Usher Insulation
152. O'Louglin, Martin (TIP) Tipperary Dan Morrissey
153. Harnish, Christopher (USA) USA Peoples Cycling Team
154. Johnson, Boyd (USA) USA Peoples Cycling Team
155. Bock, Moritz (STE) Germany Team Stevens-Jeantex
156. Teahan, Paul (FIG) Kildare Team Fig Roll
157. Wall, John (BH) Dublin BH-Raleigh
158. Small, Stefen (LMK) Lancs M.K. Cycles Bianchi
159. Healy, Dermot (SKP) Dublin Skip Hire
160. Moran, Anto (RVN) Dublin Ravens North
161. Kenneally, Brian (TIP) Tipperary Dan Morrissey
162. Walsh, Dave (RVN) Dublin Ravens Northall s.t.
163. Quinlan, Niall (FIG) Kildare Team Fig Roll45:22
164. McGowan, Tommy (RVW) Dublin Ravens West
165. Hennen, Jake (NWE) NW England Cycle Centre RT
166. Austin, Jeff (USA) USA Peoples Cycling Team
167. Holt, Daniel (USA) USA Peoples Cycling Team
168. Reid, Paul (RVW) Dublin Ravens Westall s.t.
169. Roche, Emmett (AVN) Meath Avonmore47:15
170. O'Toole, Tom (MAY) Mayo Connacht Gold51:35
171. Rees, Garth (SOU) Southend www.Sdeals.Com53:15
172. Duffin, Andrew (RVN) Dublin Ravens Norths.t.


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