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May 23/02 10:41 am - BC Summer Games: Contacts & Qualification Information

Posted by Editoress on 05/23/02

BC Summer Games - Cycling
Nanaimo, BC: August 1 - 4, 2002

Zone Contacts & Qualification Races

The following races will be used as qualifying races. To be considered for the BC Summer Games, many Zones require interested participants to contact the Zone Coach, and participate in all events.

An Athlete Registration Fee of $50.00 for each athlete will be assessed for the Games. This fee includes travel to and from the Games, food and accommodations.

All athletes must be Cycling BC members, or become affiliated club members ($13.50).

Zone 1 - Kootenays
Stephen Schnare
Nelson, BC
Cellular: 604.908.9987

Please contact Stephen Schnare for Qualifying events and registration information.

Zone 2 - Thompson/Okanagan
Patrick J. Buchanan
Penticton, B.C.
(250) 493.2167

Mountain Bike (Cross-Country)
May 19 Action Quest
June 22/23 Revelstoke
July 13/14 Silver Star

Thursday Night Criterium Races (Kelowna)
Tuesday Night Time Trials Races (Kelowna)
June 2 SISU BC Cup #2 - Atomic Road Race

Please contact zone coach Pat Buchanon at to let him know that you are interested in being considered for the BC Summer Games. You are also responsible for forwarding your results by June 5th in order to be considered.

Zone 3 - Fraser Valley
Jeff Tvergyak
Port Coquitlam, BC

Athletes must participate in either race 2 or 4(mtb), and must participate in race 7 (road), unless other arrangements have been made with Zone coach.

Race #1 Mudflow #1 Buntzen Lake May 11th Mtb
Race #2 BC School Mtb Champs May 25th Mtb
Race #3 Pheonix Velo Mission May 29th Road Bruce Wenting 604 826-1411
Race #4 BC Cup #3 Mission June 1 Mtb
Race #5 Wentings Mission June 12th Road Bruce Wenting 604 826-1411
Race #6 Mudflow #2 Buntzen Lake June 16th Mtb
Race #7 Tour de Moody Port Moody June 22/23 Road

Please contact zone coach Jeff Tvergyak at to let him know that you are interested in being considered for the BC Summer Games. You are also responsible for forwarding your results.

Zone 4 - Fraser River/Delta
Jonathan Wornell
3359 West 26th Ave.
Vancouver, BC
V6S 1N4
(604) 836-9993

BC Open School Championship MTB Race - May 25th - Camp Brick, Seymour Demonstration Forest.
Tuesday Night Criterium - Date TBD (End of May) - UBC
Atomic Road Race - June 2nd - Langley

Please contact zone coach Jonathan Wornell at, or (604) 836-9993 to let him know that you are interested in being considered for the BC Summer Games.

Zone 5 - Vancouver/Squamish
Peter Bant
West Vancouver

Qualifying Events:
1. Any of the North Shore / Alice Lake BC High School races.
2. Any of the 2002 BC CUP Mountain Bike Races, up to June 14th.
3. BC Open School Championship Mountain Bike Race - May 25th.
4. Atomic Road Race -June 2nd Langley

Final team selection based on points and on coach/ manager selection will be carried out by no later than June 16th.

Please contact by email or phone 604-921-9474 for information, or if you are interested in being considered for the team.

Zone 6 - Vancouver Island
Dan MacDonald
Victoria, BC
(250) 595-2862

May 12 _ Gary Lund Classic, Sooke BC
May 25 _ Bastion Square Cycling Festival, Mt. Tolmie Road Race, Victoria BC

Off-Road Cross County:
May 4 - Hammerfest, Parksville BC
May 11 - Buntzen Lake, North Shore BC

Please contact Dan by email or phone (250) 595-2862 for information or if you are interested in being considered for the team.

Zone 7 - North West
Mike Christensen
Terrace, BC
(250) 635-5225

Please contact Mike by email or phone (250) 635-5225 for information or if you are interested in being considered for the team.

Zone 8 - Cariboo/North East
Phil Evanson
Prince George, BC
(250) 563-7445

Please contact Phil by phone (250) 563-7445 for information or if you are interested in being considered for the team.

Games Information

Age - Under 17
Males and Females 13 - 16 years of age. Athletes must be a minimum of 13 and a maximum of 16 years old by December 31, 2002.

Road events will be held south of Nanaimo, at Cedar, and off-road events will be held north of Nanaimo, at Dumont.

Eligibility Requirement
All competitors must hold a 2002 racing licence. Zone reps and/or coaches will be required to present a valid cycling licence for each of their athletes at the Games on August 1, 2002. Competitors and coaches must be members of Cycling BC or the BC Blind Sports and Recreation Association by June 1, 2002.

Please note, Cycling BC has One-Event licences competitors may purchase ($13.50) should they note be current licence holders.

Events & Categories

Females: 13 - 14
Males: 13 - 14

Females: 15 - 16
Males: 15 - 16

(visually impaired)

Road Race:
20km (13 - 14 y.o.)
40km (15 - 16 y.o.)
40km (Tandem)

Off-Road Cross-Country:
45 minutes (13 - 14 y.o.)
1 hour (15 - 16 y.o.)

Tandem Road Time Trial:
Optional, up to 10km.

Composed of all zone members, plus a tandem for each zone. (Note: there is no longer 'backfilling' of incomplete zones with riders from other zones).

All equipment must meet the parameters and specifications outlines in the UCI And Canadian Cycling Associations Rule Books.

Competitors should note, mountain bikes fitted with road slicks may be used in the road race events of the Games.

There will be three medals awarded for each event, and each category.

Zone Team Composition
Maximum of 8 competitors per zone, 4 males, 4 females. Each zone is requested to strive to fill male and female athletes from each age group.

In addition to the allocation per zone, 8 wild card (4 male and 4 female) spots will be available to a maximum of 4 competitors for the sport. Wildcard spots to be determined and allocated by the provincial advisor.

Coaches/Managers and Chaperones
Each zone may also send one coach and one manager. The coach and manager may not be the same gender so they can act as chaperone in accommodation dorms. (check section v-9 of the Rules for specific Chaperone requirements).

Cycling BC states that all coaches must be certified NCCP level 1 theory and technical. Please note the roles of the coach and manager at the BC Games include traveling to and from the host Games community with your team/Zone and residing with your Team/Zone in Games accommodations.


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