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July 2/02 10:30 am - Ontario Results, Whistler Event, O-Cup #4

Posted by Editor on 07/2/02

International Friendship Festival
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Results of the July 1, 2002 road race

Senior 1/2 (101 km) 39.7kph
1. Jason Skalski (Schickluna BBC) 22:32:54
2. Michael Luther (Handlebars) 1s.t.
3. Joe Giuliano (Jet Fuel/Sympatico) 1at 1:48
4. Mike Moore (Gears Racing) 1at 1':52
5. Paul Rego (Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta) 1at 2:49
6. Todd Scheske (Handlebars) 1
7. Peter Morse (Midweek C.C.) 1both s.t.
8. Simon Small (Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta) 14:37
9. Greg Jansen (Handlebars) 1
10. Mark Pozniak (St. Catharines C.C.) J
11. Allan Worozbyt (St. Catharines C.C.) 2all s.t.
12. Antoine Varghese (Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta) 113:07
13. Buck Miller (Jet Fuel/Sympatico) 1
14. Bruce Krip (Midweek C.C.) 2
15. Tyler Holtzman (St. Catharines C.C.) 1all s.t.
16. David Fry (Midweek C.C.) 2at 13:09
17. Andrew Pinfold (Atlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta) 1at 13:10
32 starters
Senior 3 (15 laps)
1. Brian Truman (MBRC) S3
2. Mustafa Imam (Buffalo Bike) S3
3. Eric Stock (St. Catharines C.C.) S3
4. Shane Lavell (North Ryder) S3
5. Rob Hiscock (1 day) S3
6. James Cowle (Galyans) S3
13 starters
Masters B/C/D (56km) 37.8 kph
1. Wayne Luther (Buffalo Bike) MB1:28:49
3. Wally Pozniak (Independent) MB1:32:05
4. Kevin Csikos (St. Catharines C.C.) MC1:33:02
5. Larry Reade (Buffalo Bike) MBat 1 lap
2. Steve Toorongian (Buffalo Bike) MDs.t.
5 starters
Junior (34 KM) 36.4 KPH
1. Mike Neal (NMBRA) J56-00
2. Brenden Hurley (Midweek C.C.) J57-55
3. Chris Osburn (NMBRA) Js.t.
4. Stuart Knight (Independent) J1:00:05
5. Tim Osburn (NMBRA) J1:00:03
6. Craig Stockavas (Independent) J1:04:02
7. Bryan Smith (Pista Elite) Jat 1 lap
8. Eric Fairfax (Pista Elite) Jat 1 lap
9. Jeremy Smith (Pista Elite) Jat 1 lap
10 starters
Master A (84 km)
1. Russell Jones (I day) MAoverall pos.
2. Craig Doucet (LCW- Racer Sportif -London) MB?1
3. Duncan Salisbury (HRT) MA3
4. Desi Desrochers (Hamilton C.C.) MC4
5. Jacques Guenette (St. Catharines C.C.) MA5
6. Antonio Liokossis (lcw Racer Sportif London) MA6
7. Mark Cartilloux (Buffalo Bike) MA7
8. Derek Christiensen (St. Catharines C.C.) MA8
9. Phillip Moore (Midweek C.C.(! day)) MA14
10. Joe Tersioni (Newmarket Eagles) MA15
15 starters16
1. Merrill Collins (Cervelo) W
2. Linda Simonsen (Mountain Velo) W2
3. Janel Bedard (Buffalo Bike) W9
4. Kathy Finnegan (Queen City) W10
Rosie Coleman (Terry Precision) W11
Lesley Honsbrooke (St. Catharines C.C.) W
Pam Mudar (BBE) W
7 starters

Guelph Road Race
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

Results of the June 30, 2002 road race

Senior 1/2 Men1.75 hours + 3 laps
1Joe GiulianoGiulianoAtlas Cold Storage/Ital PastaCat. 1
2Don ZuckZuckPavan LindebergCat. 2
3Dejan SmaicSmaicGS Velonews, Boulder CO1
4Darko FickoFickoCervelo1
5Ed MasetMasetPavan Lindeberg2
6Peter MorseMorseMidweek C.C.1
7Adam BaskinBaskinOrlando Velo/Team Bike Doc.1
8Michael DennisDennisGears Racing2
9Paul HornakHornakGears Racing1
10Bruce KripKripMidweek C.C.2
11Andrew HickmanHickmanGears Racing2
12Chris AtkinsAtkinsMBRC2
13Roy ZucchettoZucchettoPavan Lindeberg2
14Noel SavageSavagePeterborough R.C.2
15Matt BoinBoinMaple Leaf C.C.2
16Maurice RuellandRuellandMaple Leaf C.C.1
17Stirling McArthurMcArthurGears Racing2
18Rino LapiccirellaLapiccirellaPavan Lindeberg2
19Daver BritnellBritnellHummingbirds International2
DNFPiers DavidgeDavidgeGears Racing1
DNFPatrick SheaSheaAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta1
DNFPaul RegoRegoAtlas Cold Storage/Ital Pasta1
DNFStan AmbisAmbisSt. Catharines C.,C.1
DNFRobert LeeLeeBayside Velo Inc.2
Women1.5 hours + 3 laps
1Merrill CollinsCollinsCerveloCat. W2
2Linda SimonsenSimonsenMountain VeloWA
3Maogosha PyjorPyjorIndependentW3
Cadet Women1 hour + 3 laps
1Emily BattyBattyBay Cycle
Cadet Men1 hour + 3 laps
1Mark BattyBattyBay Cycle
Master B/C/D Men1.5 hours + 3 laps
1Marc PolsinelliPolsinelliPavan LindebergMB
2Desi DesrochersDesrochersHamilton C.C.MC
3Chris FordFordWaterloo F.D.MB
4Paul GammonGammonPeterborough R. C.MB
5Jacques GuenetteGuenetteSt. Catharines C.C.MB
6Dave WooleyWooleyHamilton C.C.MB
7Mike VielVielPavan LindebergMB
8David Lee SheeLee SheeIndependentMC
9Greg BordenBordenMBRCMB
10Douglas HutcheonHutcheonBicycles PlusMC
11Chris KiriakopoulosKiriakopoulosHamilton C.C.MB
12Jan KocembaKocembaIndependentMC
13Rob GoodGoodWaterloo F.D.MB
14Mauro MartiniMartiniPavan LindebergMB
Junior Men1.5 hours + 3 laps
1Brenden HurleyHurleyMidweek C.C.
2Douglas ShanklandShanklandZiggy's C.C.
3Andrew WilsonWilsonMidweek C.C.
Senior 3 Men1.5 hours + 3 laps
1Jeff SchillerSchillerLCW Racer Sportif
2Robert KlinshawKlinshawHandlebars (USA)
3Fernando BascanoBascanoIndependent
4Bryan TrumanTrumanMBRC
5Chris GruberGruberIndependent
6Tyrone SinghSinghZiggy's C.C.
7Amit GhoshGhoshMidweek C.C.
8Kurt SchreiterSchreiterIndependent
9Duncan JacksonJacksonMidweek C.C.
10Kevin LehmanLehmanIndependent
11Shawn CranwellCranwellPierek's Cycles
12Hank verhoevenverhoevenMadonna Wheelers
DNFMike PraughtPraughtZiggy's C.C.
Master A Men
1Brad NicholNicholLCW Racer Sportif (London)MA
2Chris HelwigHelwigLCW Racer Sportif (London)MA
3Duncan SalisburySalisburyHalton Road & TrailMA
4Geoff SkeudingSkeudingLCW Racer Sportif (London)MA
5Ian FisherFisherCyclepath/Oakville C.C.MA
6Craig VedovaVedovaLCW Racer Sportif (London)MA
7Douglas ChisholmChisholmNewmarket EaglesMA
8Gary CluettCluettIndependentMA
9Brian PriebePriebeWaterloo FDMA
DNFJoe TersigniTersigniNewmarket EaglesMC
???Jim HenningHenningIndependentMA

Whistler Blackcomb Announces Another World Class Mountain Biking Event

As if a high caliber Bikercross and last minute Air Downhill were not enough, the Whistler Mountain Bike Park just announced yet another world class mountain bike event. The Glacier Shop Super Hit Contest will be added to the action packed calendar of events to be held in the park from July 3 - 5 , 2002.

The Super Hit Contest is an invitation only, athlete judged, winner-take-all, dirt jump competition. Athletes will be given 45 minutes to take as many runs as they want on the Glacier Shop Big Air Booters, at the base of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. During that time, the athlete who performs the best single aerial maneuver will walk away with the $1,000 cash prize. The event will take place at the end of the Air Downhill competition, which is expected to conclude at 5:30 pm on Friday July 5th.

The Glacier Shop Super Hit Contest will provide a fitting conclusion to three days of high level mountain bike competition. The Joyride Bikercross takes place on Wednesday, the Air Downhill will go off during the day on Friday, and in total, over $17,000 is up for grabs.

At this time, the list of competitors has not been finalized; however, event organizers are expecting a truly world class field. "Considering the caliber of athlete here for the Joyride Bikercross and the Air Downhill, we anticipate that some of the sport's rock stars will be airing it out on Friday afternoon" said Jason Roe, Whistler Mountain Bike Park Manager.

For further information, visit, or call 1.800.766.0449 or locally 604.932.3434.

Ontario Track League
Courtesy Rob Good

The Ontario Track League continues this Saturday Morning July 6th, at the Velodrome In Windell Centre, just outside Delhi Ontario. Many of the Developmental events are scheduled including; Mass start races covering 500m, 2000m, 4000m, Devil & Unknown Distance. Points will be continued to accumulate for the Year End Trophies Sponsored by North American Bici. Categories include Senior, Junior, Women, Masters.

There will be spare bikes available for any one to try the demanding 250m track, Just bring your pedal shoes & racing gear. Warm-ups begin at 9:30am Racing at 10:30am.

This series is a great tune-up for Nationals & Provincials later this month.

For more information Contact Vern Hutchison 1-416-321-2450

Ontario Cup #4

Heights of Horseshoe will play host to the fourth stop on the Bonham & Co. Ontario Cup Series. Ogre has been hard at work resurrecting the ancient trail system at Horseshoe that has played host to so many championship mountain bike events over the last 15 years. Pre-registration for the downhill on Saturday or the x-country on Sunday closes this Thursday. For more info visit


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