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July 9/02 11:04 am - Elgin, Quebec-Montreal, Prairie Steamer, TdF Photos

Posted by Editor on 07/9/02

Four Bridges of Elgin USA, July 7, 2002

106 km

1. Viktor Repinski (Blr) Team Saturn 2:29:11
2. Jonathan Erdelyi (USA) C-bike:com at 0:05
3. Shawn Milne (USA) Wheelworks/Mengoni
4. Adam Bergman (USA) Team Mack
5. Jean François Laroche (Can) Team VW Trek
6. Conor Hurley (USA) Team Turin
7. Mark Fitzergald (USA) USA Team
8. Dominique Rollin (Can) Team Quebec
9. Chad Hartley (USA) C-bike:com
10. Frank Dierking (USA) Team Mack all s.t.
11. Martin Gilbert (Can) Team VW Trek 0:50
17. François Parisien (Can) Team VWTrek 0:52
18. Peter Sanowar (Can) Team Ontario/Gears Racing
22. Jean-Francois Racine (Can) Team Quebec
26. Jordan Roessingh (Can) ISCorp Cycling Team
29. Jean Sébastien Maheu (Can) Team VW Trek
31. Chris Isaac (Can) Team Ontario/Gears Racing
33. Martin St-Laurent (Can) Team VW Trek
43. Philippe Viau-Dupuis (Can) Team Quebec all s.t.

54e Classique cycliste Montréal-Québec Le dimanche 18 août 2002
Courtesy Louis Garneau Sports

Louis Garneau fait revivre la plus ancienne et la plus longue course cycliste en Amérique du Nord

C'est avec grand plaisir que Louis Garneau, Président designer de Louis Garneau sport inc, annonce qu'il fera revivre la plus ancienne mais aussi la plus longue course cycliste d' Amérique du nord.

N'ayant pas eu lieu depuis 1999, cette prestigieuse course fût organisée pour la première fois en 1931 par Louis Quillicot qui en a été l'organisateur jusqu'en 1953. Plusieurs organisateurs se sont succédés au fil des ans, de 1954 à 1972 René Paquin, de 1988 à 1997 Federico Cornelli et la dernière édition, organisée par le Groupe Impact, a eu lieu en 1999 et a été remporté par Charles Dionne.

D'une longueur de 250 km, la Classique Québec Montréal s'effectuera cette année de Montréal vers Québec. Elle portera désormais le nom de "Classique Montréal-Québec Louis Garneau" Le départ aura lieu devant l'aréna Maurice Richard et se terminera, après une montée de 2 km sur le chemin du Roy, face à l'usine Louis Garneau à Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures. Cette montée en fin de parcours, pouvant atteindre les 15 degrés, donnera sans doute lieu à un fin de course des plus spectaculaires. Cette épreuve étant habituellement remportée par les meilleurs rouleurs et sprinters , donnera cette fois-ci un avantage aux bons grimpeurs. Il faut donc s'attendre à d'importantes surprises en fin de parcours.

Toute la population est invitée à venir aux abords de la route 138 encourager les coureurs qui viendront de partout au Canada et aux états-Unis pour prendre part à cette 54e édition de la plus longue course amateur en Amérique du nord.

Pour information :
Marie-Hélène Godbout
Louis Garneau Sports

54th Montreal-Quebec Classic Bike Race Sunday, August 18, 2002

Louis Garneau revives the oldest and longest bike race in North America

It is with much pleasure that Louis Garneau, President Designer of Louis Garneau Sports Inc., announces that he will revive the oldest and longest bike race in North America.

This famous race, which stopped in 2000, was organized for the first time in 1931 by Louis Quillicot who kept it going until 1954. As the years went by, others took over like René Paquin from 1954 to 1972, Federico Cornelli from 1988 to 1997 and, in 1999, the Impact Group organized the last race which was won by Charles Dionne.

The 250 km long Quebec-Montreal Classic will be held this year from Montreal to Quebec and will be called the "Montreal-Quebec Louis-Garneau Classic", from now on. It will start in front of the Maurice-Richard Arena and will end, after a 2 km 15-degree climb on Chemin du Roy Road, in front of Louis Garneau's factory in St-Augustin-de-Desmaures. This finish promises to be a spectacular one. In the past, this race was won by the best performers on the flat and sprinters . This year however, with the steep hill at the end, the best climbers will have the advantage. A surprising finish is expected !

Bikers from everywhere in Canada and the United States will participate in the 54th edition of the longest amateur bike race in North America. Come in droves on Route 138 to watch and cheer them !

For more information :
Marie-Hélène Godbout
Louis Garneau Sports Inc.

Prairie Steamer Road Race and Time TrialCalgary on Saturday, July 6
Andy Holmwood, Alberta Bicycle Association

The Prairie Steamer event, brainchild of organizer cp Walsh, combined a road race over beautiful, rolling terrain in the foothills west of Calgary with 1 Kilometre (Men) and 500m (Women) Time Trials contested on road bikes at the Glenmore Velodrome. (No, no crashes on the track.) Omnium standings for the event counted points, based on finishing position, from both races.

Thanks to cp and his Synergy Racing team-mates for another excellent event. Prairie Steamer, by the way, is a fine beer produced by the "Brew Brothers" microbrewery.

Cat 1/2
Final Pos/Name/ClubRR PosRR TimeRR PointsTT PosTT TimeTT PointsFinal Pts
1. Jeff Bolstad Synergy Racing33:10:122911:12.813564
2. Dan Petersen Bow Cycle/CMC13:08:553531:13.862964
3. Mike Stickland Pedalhead43:10:122621:13.333258
4. Nick Jendzjowsky Juventus53:10:122341:14.032649
5. Mark Fewster Juventus23:09:183291:19.021547
6. Jere Hu Synergy Racing73:10:121971:16.791938
7. Stuart Hughes Bow Cycle/CMC63:10:122181:16.821738
8. Len Conlin Bicisport103:10:241351:14.292336
9. Mark Webster Bicisport93:10:241561:16.492136
10. Kirk Loberg Juventus83:10:2417dn17
Cat 3
1. Craig Good Synergy Racing23:10:123211:16.763567
2. Paul Macdonald Juventus13:10:123531:19.382964
3. Steven Elm Synergy Racing83:10:321721:18.753249
4. Taylor Little United Cycle43:10:122661:20.802147
5. Phillippe Abbott Olympic Oval73:10:241941:19.432645
6. Michael Johns CMC/Bow Cycle53:10:122391:23.331538
7. Sean Huggins-Chan Bicisport93:10:371571:22.531934
8. Guri Randhawa Pedalhead63:10:2421101:24.181334
9. Scott Manktelow Rundle Mountain 143:25:55751:20.412330
10. Per Strom Terrascape Racing103:10:431381:23.191730
11. Rich Wegerhoff Bicisport33:10:122912dn29
12. Tim Deschenes Velocity113:16:5511111:27.901122
13. David Watson Velocity123:16:55913dn9
14. Don Halliday CMC/Bow Cycle133:21:44814dn8
Conan Cooper GS Campionednfdn
1. Jessica DeMars GS Campione12:03:0535242.813267
2. Amy Woodward Olympic Oval32:04:5229142.113564
3. Nicole Lavoie Trailraiders42:04:5626343.562955
4. Samantha Nicholson CMC/Bow Cycle2st32946.061547
5. Silping Wong Pedalhead72:08:1819545.412342
6. Lisa Licis Hardcore Racing52:05:2023845.851740
7. Natasha Kuzmak Synergy Racing9st13443.832639
8. Kristin Campbell Pedalhead62:08:042111471132
9. Corrie Hamm Synergy Racing112:18:269645.492130
10. Debbie Proulx MBC/Tatonka82:08:43171046.911330
11. Rebecca Wilkinson Synergy Racing132:25:327745.841926
12. Rebecca Morris CMC/Bow Cycle92:08:51151247.95924
13. Janka Hegedus Juventus102:16:10111449.78718
14. Kim Churchill Pedalhead122:19:1381349.43816
Cat 5
1. Sandy Szabo CMC/Bow Cycle12:03:1735248.123267
2. Anthony Stadnyk Bicisport32:24:1029145.663564
3. Mel Storozynsky Soma Cycle22:12:3032dns32
Cat 4
1. Marco Albinus Bicisport11:52:453511:15.943570
2. Spencer Royds MBC/Tatonka31:52:452921:16.433261
3. Ryan Steenbergen Bow Cycle/CMC41:52:452631:17.682955
4. John Bence Independent21:52:4532121:22.50941
5. Bryan Donnelly Synergy Racing61:52:452171:18.651940
6. Jonathan Keats Pedalhead71:52:4519101:21.801332
7. Kevin Rokosh ERTC/River Valley51:52:4523131:22.67831
8. Jeff Sparling Olympic Oval141:52:45751:17.982330
9. Jean-Pierre Roy Synergy Racing101:52:451381:18.811730
10. Jason Yanota Bow Cycle/CMC181:53:35341:17.692629
11. David Jones Soma Cycle161:52:45561:18.592126
12. Kevin Bowser Olympic Oval91:52:4515111:21.851126
13. Neil Zaluski Moose Jaw Pavers131:52:45891:21.101523
14. Tommy Mak Crankmasters81:52:4517171:25.02421
15. Harley Desprey Velocity111:52:4511201:27.20112
16. Craig Borgland Bicisport121:52:459dn9
17. Andre Sutton Hardcore151:52:456191:25.8428
18. Antony Hetu Bicisportdnf141:22.6777
19. Brent Bittner Rundle Mountain191:53:582161:23.6457
20. Sean Kukura Revoluzione222:01:00151:23.1466
21. Brian Bain Bow Cycle/CMC201:56:411181:25.4534
22. Rory Sykes Revoluzione171:52:454dn4
23. Tim Vangilder Revoluzione212:00:46dn
23. Garth Patterson Cycledelia Saskatoon232:11:53dns

Tour de France: Stage 2

Photos from Stage 2

Peloton from above

Peloton across a field

Tail end of the peloton cross finishline

Oscar Freire waves from Podium


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