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July 11/02 8:37 am - La Bicicletta Midweek Points Criterium

Posted by Editoress on 07/11/02

La Bicicletta Midweek Points Criterium June 10
Courtesy Peter McCaffery

There was a really good turnout Wednesday evening for this latest race in the Midweek C.C. series. The cooler weather and a straightforward course without the usual technical tour of the parking lot meant that most of the handicap group managed to stay with the 1/2's once they were caught.

Midweek's Peter Morse and welcome stranger Nat Faulkner both accumulated a raft of points over the early sprints and then left it to a couple of breakaway groups to try and eat into their early lead. With the final double points sprint still to go, it was anyone's race, with no les than five possible winners but at the line, MBRC's Irish import, Bryan Truman, surprised everyone by crossing the line first.

A welcome site was ex Jet Fuel strong man and the only rider to win the Midweek series twice,Heath Cockburn, testing his racinglegsafter a season -long absence. Good to see you back Heath.

1. Peter Morse (Midweek Club ) S115 points
2. Ed Makarchuk (HRT) MA14
3. Nat Faulkner. S112
4. Tim Oliver (Independent) S211
5. Mike Rutledge (Pavan Lindenerg) MA11
6. Bryan Truman (MBRC) S210
7. Brent Aquino (Pavan Lindeberg) S27
8. Scott Buschlen (Brampton C.C.) MB7
9. Paul Skafel (Gears Racing) S23
10. Mark Shaw (Independent) MA1
11. Derek Koops (MBRC) MA1
12. Kevin Speacht (Midweek C.C.) S11
13. Paul Greene (Cahin Reaction) MA5 (at 1 lap)
Overall series points:
1. Peter Morse (Midweek C.C.) S1120 points
2. Darko Ficko (Cervelo) S1119 points

I guess Peter will have to start riding La Bicicletta Time trials on Thursday to stay ahead of Darko.


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